Our 10 Best Restaurants Near Brookyn's Barclays Center

7. Walter Foods - Branch of a respected gastropub in Williamsburg, Walter's is closer to the stadium than you think, and you can dine there in a relatively relaxed fashion with views of Ft. Greene Park and the Prison Martyr's Monument (look it up right now). Lots of agreeable bar snacks, including a version of L.A.'s famous roast beef French dip, with exemplary fries. 166 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-488-7800

6. Woodland - At newcomer and partial successor to the East Village's Vandaag, there's little Teutonic food to be had here, just nicely proportioned apps, mains, and bar munchies -- which would make a pretty good meal by themselves, including fried baby artichokes, homemade bratwurst, and oysters raw or grilled. Show above: Riesling-braised rabbit with spatzle and lardons. 242 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-398-7700

5. Junior's - What better place to unite the old and the new in Brooklyn than Junior's and the Barclays Center? Of course, you must be careful what you order at this historic spot, which was founded in 1950 and looks it, with the snaking lunch counter and comfy, well-lit dining rooms. Any deli meats (including the darling pair of baby onion rolls with pastrami and corned beef, show above) are fab, or go with toasted cheese, burgers, or breakfasts. And then there's the cheesecake. 386 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-852-5257

Location Info

No. 7

7 Greene Ave., Brooklyn, NY

Category: Restaurant

Buffalo Boss

554 Fulton St., Brooklyn, NY

Category: Restaurant

Walter Foods

166 Dekalb Ave., New York, NY

Category: Restaurant


242 Flatbush Ave., New York, NY

Category: Restaurant


386 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn, NY

Category: Restaurant

Bark Hot Dogs

474 Bergen St., Brooklyn, NY

Category: Restaurant

Not Ray's Pizza

690 Fulton St., New York, NY

Category: Restaurant

Chick P

490 Bergen St., New York, NY

Category: Restaurant

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@Chef_Jay Good to know! I'll have to check these places out!


@damienadupont These are confusing and not my faves!