Top 6 Food Memes of 2012: #LiteraryRestaurants and Guys with Fries

Categories: Absurdity


Everything was a meme this year. Olympic gold winners were not impressed. Capitol Hill got some very mean girls. There was a ridiculously photogenic man and a ridiculously photogenic corgi. Let's not even discuss election season. But food memes had some gems this year too. Check out the six that got us making mostly grossed out noises.

The One Direction Carrot Joke
It all started with a video diary, as it never does. Louis from One Direction told X Factor fans that he liked girls who eat carrots. Fans began throwing, sending, and slobbering all over the phallic orange veggies. Louis, however, has had enough.


Guys With Fries
Guys With Fries is simple. Replace the selfie-taking camera with McDonald's fries. Hilarity ensues.


How I Order
Guy in a pink shirt doesn't know what to order and has an internal dialogue with himself.


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