Top 6 Food Memes of 2012: #LiteraryRestaurants and Guys with Fries

Categories: Absurdity

Puns are traditionally the lowest best form of humor and Stephen Elliott, author and Rumpus founder, started a Twitter trend earlier this year: #literaryrestaurants.

Honey Boo Boo's Go-Go Juice
Honey Boo Boo kind of changed the world this year. Redneckognize became part of our vernacular and viewers learned that butter and ketchup are pretty good substitutes for tomato sauce. But little Alana's Go-Go Juice, a somewhat horrifying combination of Mountain Dew and Red Bull, reminded us that there's definitely such a thing as too much caffeine.

Pink Slime
Pink slime is all the beef trimmings that should have been thrown out but instead are processed and made to look like ground beef. The mixture is usually cleaned with ammonia, and is objectively pretty gross. Jamie Oliver drew attention to pink slime on Food Revolution in 2011. Then the Internet took over. Pink slime became a first world problem and part of Willy Wonka. But really it just looks like this:


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