Great Eats on 41st Street Near the NYPL

At Mai Sushi, the pigfoot (tonkotsu) ramen is about half the price of Ippudo's.

This week Counter Culture breezes into four (now three) fast food spots on East 41st Street in Midtown, the block running east of the New York Public Library's main branch, constituting a kind of open-air Japanese food court. Here are some suggestions for the best things to try on the block.

Read the full Counter Culture review here.

Almost unbelievably, this pristine sushi assortment will set you back only $6.50, at Mai Sushi.

And how can this collection of three sandwiches (tuna salad, egg salad, and fried chicken cutlet) cost only $6.50 at Cafe Zaiya? (Share it with two friends for a cheap-eats miracle.)

The very fine katsudon at Sunrise Mart mires a pork cutlet in egg and caramelized onion, for sweetness, and places it tenderly over a bowl of white rice -- the ultimate Japanese lunchtime dish.

One of Cafe Zaiya's healthy and beguiling bentos, packaged for carryout and including a small plank of broiled salmon, pickles, edamame, nori rice, tiny tofu mix-up, and -- odd man out -- cupcake holder of American potato salad.

Location Info

Mai Sushi

16 E. 41st St., New York, NY

Category: Restaurant

Cafe Zaiya

18 E. 41st St., New York, NY

Category: Restaurant

Sunrise Mart

12 E. 41st St., New York, NY

Category: General

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What percentage of those sandwiches is mayonnaise? 

I dig the presence of edamame on the rice though, reminds of (better) times in convenience stores in Japan.



Mai Sushi is owned & operated by hard working Chinese immigrants. The quality is very good. The Japanese owned places are such rip offs and full of themselves. The Japanese are extremely prejudice towards other Asians and have a superiority complex towards fellow Asians while ASSKISSING White people. No Lie. I found good quality prepared Sushi  in Chinatown, who get fish fresh daily from the Chinese fishmongers. I also found good Sushi in Koreatown as well. Flushing Queens has a good variety of Sushi places owned by Chinese immigrants who combine it with hot heaping bowls of seafood noodles. Kissena Blvd is a bountiful place with Northern Chinese Korean barbecue  and stewed meat organ  restaurants.


@nikkoman @Nikko  Not really ironic. A couple of the high end French restaurants in NYC have Chinese chefs. Zagat & Michelin Stars awared to restaurant. It would shock you. Here's another tip Millennium Hotels & Resorts Worldwide is owned by a Chinese Conglomerate featuring Chinese chefs cooking French,Italian and Japanese cusine . The "Front House" of establishments is usually attractive White Staff.This might interest you. Sushi Samba chain restaurants in NYC are chefs by Latinos.