Hanukkah Face-Off: We Have a Winner!

Hanukkah collage.jpg

Hanukkah is nearing an end and it's time that I grudgingly admit defeat to my Sephardic challenger. Though they fought to win, matzo ball soup, blintzes, and brisket just didn't have the same plucky spirit of tender Sephardic lamb kebabs and spicy shakshouka. Congratulations to Robert and the glorious culinary stylings of the Sephardim!

Keep reading to see how our Ashkenazi vs. Sephardic face-off unfolded.

Day 1: Cafe Mogador's Mezze vs. The Meatball Shop's Tzimmis

day 1.jpg
Sietsema/ The Meatball Shop

Day 2: Taste of Persia's Aash Rechte vs. Veselka's Matzo Ball Soup

day 2.jpg
Sietsema/flickr: carbzombie

Day 3 Testaccio's Roman Artichokes vs. Kutsher's Latkes

day 3.jpg
Sietsema/ Evan Sung for Kutsher's

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