Ben Scorah of Bill's Food and Drink on Classic Cocktails, Car Bombs, and Hanky Panky

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We're pretty heavy into the holiday season right now. What are the essentials components of a solid winter bar?

I know, it's great! I love the strong drinks in the winter to take that chill off: Apple cider is great with a touch of whiskey or tequila and topped off with some boiling hot water and maybe a cheeky dash of honey. Also try a hot buttered rum, sounds weird but is so tasty!! Use amazing butter with all the great holiday spices -- cinnamon, nutmeg, all spice, cloves, vanilla -- add Jamaican rum some hot water and a little salt, bitters, and demerara sugar and you're ready for a day by the fireplace!

A little while back you were named one of GQ's "inspired bartenders." What would you say is your greatest muse?

It's crazy inspiring being in New York and London with so many talented drinks people. I always love the bartenders who make your day better and make you and your friends feel welcome whatever the circumstances. I love the bartenders who dedicate there life to making their customers happy with great conversation and wicked cocktails and the guys who dedicate there lives to making the perfect cocktail or the most perfectly balanced gin or the most delicious blended Scotch. I wish i could have that dedication for my whole life!

Answer this question: "The one cocktail I'll never drink again is..."
Oh my god, A CAR BOMB. That's horrible.

And now, let's suppose it's the morning of January 1st. What's the best drink to cure a hangover?

A small glass of Glenmorangie 18 (my favorite scotch). Start the year as you mean it to go on.

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