Nargis Cafe: 5 Must-Try Dishes

How 'bout a little suzma on your salad?

Today Counter Culture skates in to Nargis Cafe, a jewel in Coney Island Avenue's culinary crown, and just about the only Uzbek restaurant in town where you can sashay in and be seated at peak hours--without being a banquet, that is. The fare hits all the Silk Road high points, from charcoal kebabs, to huge manti dumplings, to composed salads. Here are five favorite dishes.

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5. Scallions, Cucumber, Radish, and Herb Salad (top of page) -- Crunchy with radishes and cucumbers, with an over-the-top herb component that makes dill and scallions the center of attention, this delightful salad is dressed with suzma, a sour-milk dressing that works better on greens than buttermilk.

4. Sea Bass Kebabs -- Chunks of fatty fish get way smoky over charcoal, and pungent sliced onions are the perfect foil.

3. Khonim -- Steamed in a Chinese steamer, this free-form lasagna layers potatoes and onions between its noodles to make a starchy vegetarian delight. Spoon on the whipped sour cream!

2. Tashkent Salad -- Named after Uzbekistan's capital, this salad of shredded lamb and daikon is dressed with mayonnaise and topped with fried onion rings. Delish!

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Nargis Cafe

2818 Coney Island Ave., New York, NY

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