10 NYC Restaurant Trends for 2013

Barbecue will get even bigger: the hot links and pork ribs at Fletcher's (#6).

6. You think the city's got lots of good barbecues already? Ones that serve good, smoky meat with no liquid smoke, and sometimes with no sauce? Well, you're going to see more, partly because the Paleolithic Diet and barbecue are almost one and the same thing.

7. Breakfast service will be added at many restaurants, but only a few will succeed in making any money at it. Menus will skew either too adventuresome or too dull. Do you really want bone marrow for breakfast? Or a three-egg omelet for that matter?

8. Udon and soba will finally have their revenge on ramen.

9. One restaurateur somewhere will decide to reinvent table utensils, following through with sporks, fifes, and soupoons incorporated into their table settings.

10. New front-of-the-house models, and models of the relationship between kitchen and dining room, will be experimented with, as is happening already. So will new point-of-purchase ordering systems, whereby you examine a list of pretty color pictures and place your own order. Placing an order at a counter, then having a runner bring a dish to the table with no intervention by waiters will be a popular new formulation. But we probably won't see waiters going back into the kitchen, putting on aprons, and cooking your food for you. Still, it could happen.

Udon has its revenge at Mai Sushi (#8).

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