Fatburger, Joey Tribbiani, and the Village Voice

As it turns out, LeBlanc got his New York apartment (and probably his hamburger flipping job, too) in the Voice classifieds. He mentioned this in an interview in which he confirms that he once worked at Fatburger in New York, as told to Katie Couric in 2004, just as Friends was wrapping up (find the entire interview on the Dateline NBC website):

LeBlanc: "I answered an ad in the Village Voice. I hope they see this-- this will be funny. I answered an ad in the Village Voice, you know, looking for a roommate and it was these two English stewardesses that flew for Saudi Arabian, of all airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines. And they shared one bedroom and there was the other bedroom for rent. And I told them I had this three grand, right? I told them I was a trust fund kid and money wasn't-- I just absolutely bold bull-blanked my way into it."

Starting out in commercials

He didn't need sweet-talk to get gigs. Pretty soon, everyone from Coca Cola to Fruit and Fiber came calling.

LeBlanc: "Yeah, that was a cool part of my life. I was doing commercials auditions during the day and worked in a restaurant at night. I worked in a--"

Couric: "What restaurant?"

LeBlanc: "Fat Burger. There's one in New York. And I think I single handedly put it out of business."

Little did he know he'd be working with condiments again when he got his big break - a Heinz ketchup commercial.

And here's a shocker -- Matt LeBlanc starring in an Alanis Morissette video, "Walk Away" (1991), shot soon after he left his fry cook job, and when she was a would-be disco queen, way before the release of her revolutionary 1995 Jagged Little Pill. He was 24, she was 17.

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