Happy National Milk Day: 5 Absurd Ways to Celebrate

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In the calendar of absurd but totally necessary holidays, today is National Milk Day. There are many ways to celebrate the existence of dairy, but let's pay homage by reminiscing about all the great times Fork in the Road has had with milk. Oh the memories.

Eric Sundermann

Sriracha Ice Cream Shake
Not a whole lot can go wrong when you combine ice cream, vodka, Sriracha and just a splash of milk.

Camel Milk Does Exist!
Who knew that camel's milk is lower in fat than cow's milk? Well, someone in Saudi Arabia found out and started producing milk from our humpy animal friend.

Clarissa Wei
Black Sesame Milkshake from Baoguette Cafe
For $4 this delicious dairy treat uses vanilla ice cream as a base and adds sesame flavors, Oreos, and of course milk.

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Bethanne Cross
Bethanne Cross

I am surprised this publication would promote Milk, with the cruel practices of the dairy industry! How about almond milk? anyone ever try that? Its got more protein, a lot less fat, lots of minerals, it tastes great!! especially on cereal, I dare you to tell the difference! After using almond m,ilk, regular milk tastes "bloody" to me. Experiment and see for yourself!! Love a sentient cow and cut down on ALL dairy products... for your health and for the health of those awesome sentient creatures!

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