10 Best Restaurants for Vegetarian Food in New York (Even if You're Not a Vegetarian!), 2013 Edition

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Thomas Schauer

Blue Hill

Dan Barber's West Village restaurant serves some of the most elegant vegetarian dishes in the city, with a menu that changes every night (5 course/$85; 7 courses/$125). At the moment, all sorts of winter produce is getting the VIP treatment -- a recent menu included parsnips cut and cooked to mimic risotto, and sweet celery root noodles garnished with shavings of cured "immature" eggs. The kitchen has a way with vegetables. 75 Washington Place 212-539-1776

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Dirt Candy
Amanda Cohen's little restaurant in the East Village is as smart and fun as it is delicious. Vegetables (a.k.a. dirt candy) are the stars of the menu, and you'll find them presented in unexpected ways, even brightening up the desserts (eggplant in the tiramisu!). Cohen's kitchen stands out with its strong, unique point of view, and it's a must-visit for food lovers in New York -- even the ones who aren't over that whole pork belly thing. 430 East Ninth Street, 212-228-7732

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Ryota Ueshima has been running the kitchen at this East Village gem for about a year, continuing the restaurant's tradition of Shojin, the elegant, vegan Japanese cuisine that evolved in the country's Buddhist monasteries. Ueshima changes the menu each month as his predecessor did, to show us seasons within the seasons. January's menu features beautifully prepared arrowhead, burdock, and lotus roots, snow peas, golden beets, and chayote, to name a few. It's ideal for a special occasion (8 courses/$80) or a quiet, life-affirming dinner (4 courses/$50). 414 East 9th Street 212-228-4873

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Maimonide of Brooklyn

525 Atlantic Ave., New York, NY

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37 Kenmare St., New York, NY

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200 Fifth Ave., New York, NY

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222 Waverly Place, New York, NY

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103 W. 77th St., New York, NY

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346 W. 52nd St., New York, NY

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Blue Hill

75 Washington Place, New York, NY

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Dirt Candy

430 E. Ninth St., New York, NY

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