10 Best Romantic Wine Bars, for Valentine's Day Drinking That Won't Suck

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Lauren Mowery

Lela Bar
Serious wine aficionados bring dates to Lela Bar to sample the stunning collection of bottles and by the glass offerings. No matter what day of the year it is, the long oval bar is crowded with canoodlers. The chance to supplement your bottle with nibbles like oysters, chocolate, meat and cheese, leaves you only one responsibility: Flirting. 422 Hudson Street, 212-206-0594

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Lauren Mowery

DOC Wine Bar Brooklyn
Ever wonder why Italy ranks at the top of every romantic destination chart? They have wine bars like DOC. Feeling as authentic as Williamsburg-meets-Italy is gonna get, DOC is filled with small, candlelit tables, far enough apart for couples to actually hear each other rather than their neighbors. If you're not there to talk, the wine list runs up and down the Italian provinces, and the menu covers plenty of territory if you're inclined to graze while gazing. 83 North 7th Street, 718-963-1925

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Lauren Mowery

Experimental Cocktail Club
I'm bending the rules a little by adding this bar, since the focus at ECC is on cocktails not wine. However, their finely tuned seasonal list, crafted by Parisian bartender Nicolas de Soto, features several wine-based ingredients growing in mixed-drink popularity: Sherry and vermouth. Plus they serve Champagne by the bottle, the classic drink for wooing a V-Day date, which you can drink in one of the many romantic nooks. Reservations by email. 191 Chrystie Street, madameandmonsieur@experimentalcocktailclubny.com

Lauren Mowery is a wine and travel writer. She writes the Unscrewed column for Fork in the Road and blogs at Chasing the Vine.

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117 Perry St., New York, NY

Category: Music

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83 N. Seventh St., Brooklyn, NY

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Experimental Cocktail Club

191 Chrystie St., New York, NY

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