Oregon Bakery Refuses Same-Sex Couple's Wedding Cake Request

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Here's some seriously un-sweet news: Sweet Cakes, an Oregon-based bakery, declined the offer to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple last week. Husband and wife owners, Aaron and Melissa Klein, told their local ABC News affiliate KATU-TV that their religious beliefs did not justify same-sex marriage and that they "did not mean to hurt anybody."

But, of course, they did hurt people. And one of the dismissed brides is seeking legal action (according to the 2007 Oregon Equality Act, businesses are prohibited from "discriminating against people based on their sexual orientation and gender identity").

The Oregon Department of Justice is currently looking into the allegation. In the meantime, thank you Big Gay Ice Cream Shop. [ABC News]

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The Dylan
The Dylan

I have to say refusing to bake a cake doesn't hurt anybody.  It might hurt your feelings.  It may offend my penchant for inclusivity & tolerance.  But no one's rights are violated.  Americans are supposed to believe in freedom of association & just as we are free to take our business to a bakery not run by small-minded bigots, these folks are free to decline a lucrative opportunity to bake a wedding cake.  The simple answer is to vote with your feet rather than trying to coerce anyone.  Why not take your money to someone who shares your values?  Clearly some folks have not yet mastered the art of "live and let live". 


So now they get publicity and become Jesus' favorite bakery? If a bakery doesn't want to make your wedding cake... go to another bakery. Don't take it upon yourself to be a victim. I don't think I'd want a cake made by them anyway.