Kinder Egg-Style Chocolate Now Legal in the U.S.

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Molto Bene!
Kinder Surprise Eggs, the Italian-made, toy-filled chocolate Easter candy that was banned in the United States since it was first produced in the 1970s, has suddenly been legalized -- or, at least, an American version has. ABC News reports that New Jersey sweets entrepreneur Kevin Glass received FDA approval to sell Choco Treasure, a Kinder-inspired egg, throughout the country. The contraband candy (deemed a "choking hazard" for children) have caused much controversy in the past -- so much so, in fact, that one Canadian woman was fined $300 for trying to smuggle a few chocolates into the U.S. Now being sold just in time for Easter, Choco Treasure can be purchased online for $1 - $1.49. Grazie mille, New Jersey. [ABC News]

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Those terroristic and socialistic Kinder Egg has invade the US shore once again and will wreak havoc on unsupervised children everywhere, just wait until Rush Limbaugh, nation's narcissistic president of himself, get hold of this news.Eeeek, like a sissy girl, not because of the Kinder Egg but Rush Limbaugh!   The sequestration is behind it.  This is intended to be humorous and not taken seriously. 

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