The World's Hottest Peppers Will (Almost) Kill You

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Robert Sietsema
It's a good day for fans of seriously spicy food. According an article in the Wall Street Journal, the global chile-growing industry is booming as more farmers compete to create the world's hottest peppers. So just how hot are they? One grower -- who says his secret ingredient is "worm poop" -- tells the paper that his varietals have caused people to sweat, vomit, convulse, and seek hospitalization. Another farmer says that ingesting one of his peppers is like "tasting the surface of the sun," but that no one has died (yet) from eating chiles. [WSJ]

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It seems like refining flavors would be more important than making them hotter. I love peppers but I don't think the point is to have convulsions. This seems like trying to make a beer with more alcohol in in but with no other considerations.

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