Behind the Scenes at Autumn Stanford's Brooklyn Kolache Shop

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Robert Sietsema
At Fork in the Road, we love kolaches -- the delicious Eastern European pastries that landed in Texas via the state's Czech immigrants and eventually made their way out to Brooklyn. And we're not the only ones! A new Smithsonian video features Autumn Stanford, owner of Brooklyn Kolache Co., who recently served her excellent sausage- and cheese-stuffed versions at Choice Eats.

Watch the video after the jump.

And for more on kolaches, read Robert's sweet ode to the pastry here.

Location Info

Brooklyn Kolache Co.

520 Dekalb Ave., New York, NY

Category: Restaurant

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Not so sure about the "hipsters want to make it cool" comment.  If my Czech grandmother heard you were putting Polish kielbasa, much less JALAPENO into a kolache, she would roll over in her grave.  I'm kinda rolling over in my chair.  You've clearly already taken extensive liberties, so how is using Manchego somehow going too far?