How to Make Insects Look Good Enough to Eat

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Ento via Fast Company

Bugs are an ideal food source--high in protein and easy to farm in huge quantities without hurting the environment. Though they're snacked on all over the world, and occasionally in the U.S., the biggest problem here has always been one of marketing. So, how do you convince an insect-averse culture to eat crickets and mealworms?

Over on Fast Company, Patrick James draws our attention to Ento, a new project from four London-based graduate students who aim to process and redesign bugs-as-food to make them more approachable and maybe even mainstream.

Here's more on their plan to open an Ento restaurant, launch packaged meals, and move our food culture past bug fear:


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My main issue with the insects I've had so far was the legs and other appendages getting stuck in my teeth. The cubes look promising in that regard does veganism.