Chocolate Salami: A Look at Lafayette's New Saucisson au Chocolat

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Looks like a salami

Andrew Carmellini's newest restaurant, Lafayette, opened on Monday and though we're giving the restaurant a little time before we stop in for dinner, we couldn't resist an early visit to the pâtisserie up front, where Jennifer Yee's tiny canelés (three for $4) and colorful macarons lured us in.

But take a closer look

The saucisson au chocolat ($14) was a particularly delightful find--a tasty trompe l'oeil that's neatly constructed to look like a salami, from its presentation in a net of string right down to a dusting of powdered sugar. But slice the saucisson and it reveals itself to be a buttery dark chocolate ganache, studded with pistachios, big pieces of salty pretzels, soft Amarena cherries, and chewy pockets of miniature marshmallows.

Lafayette, 380 Lafayette Street; 212-533-3000

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380 Lafayette St., New York, NY

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