At Least Our Robot Overlords Will Get Us Drunk

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Lucas Werthein
The Makr Shakr at work

They may not have the same handsome waistcoats or knowledge of hard shake theory as their human counterparts, but robot bartenders can make up for what they lack in style with, hmm, with a digital design system that "monitors alcohol consumption and blood alcohol levels by inputting basic physical data."

The Makr Shakr is a robotic bartender that takes drink orders via an app. It was developed by engineers at MIT's Senseable City Lab (in collaboration with Coca-Cola and Bacardi), and made its debut during Milan Design Week. Watch a couple in action below.

[via Fast Company]

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Weiner Roast
Weiner Roast

No! Bartenders will never be replaced! Multi-skilled job. Too many nuances.

Jamie White
Jamie White

Detached laziness and escapism has no bounds - be human.