Wylie Dufresne Opens Alder in East Village; Desnuda Opens in South Williamsburg

Sarah DiGregorio
Find Desnuda's ceviche in South Williamsburg

Wylie Dufresne has caused quite a stir with the opening of Alder, his new restaurant on Second Avenue. The hotspot opened last Thursday and was the newest East Village restaurant to warrant waiting lines around the block. Dufresne told Flo Fab, "It's not meant to be a destination, like wd-50." Instead, he hopes diners will stop by for casual bites of rye pasta with pastrami, a Caesar nigiri with egg yolk and Parmesan, or fried cauliflower with lardo and cocoa. 157 Second Avenue; 212-539-1900

A re-vamped Franny's will open on Monday, April 8, down the street from its original location on Flatbush Avenue. The new outpost features more seating, private dining, and large-party reservations for those who just can't wait for the pizza joint's famed clam pies. 348 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn; 718-230-0221

The Chelsea Market outpost of The Lobster Place reopens Thursday, April 4, after having been closed for renovations since January. The updated space will include a sushi bar, an oyster bar, and separate selections for cooked and fresh lobster. Diners will also be able to enjoy beer and sake for lunch and dinner. 75 Ninth Avenue; 212-255-5672

Ravi DeRossi's Desnuda opened a second location in South Williamsburg last week, Grub Street reports. The menu from Dominic Martinez includes ceviches, raw shucked oysters, and a cocktail menu from mixologist Chaim Dauermann. 221 S. 1st Street, Brooklyn; 718-387-0563

Sushi Sushi opened over the weekend at Tiemann Place in Harlem, Harlem Bespoke learned. The casual Japanese eatery offers delivery, takeout, and a handful of classic sushi rolls and cooked appetizers. 54 Tiemann Place; 212-866-10027


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This is a place not only Dufresniacs will love, but any fan of creative plates, interesting dishes, and "freaking awesome" food. Not a single dish is over $25, plus the wait, despite the restaurant's size (56 seats) wasn't a bad one. Try it this weekend!


What a concept to turn away customers because they don't drink alcohol. Strange concept for Ravi Derossi to bring to Brooklyn. I am a recovering alcoholic and just tried to sit down to eat some oysters at Desnuda. However after ordering I was told that if I didn purchase alcohol they could'nt serve me. I am proud of being in recovery from alcoholism but encountering a place that discriminates a person for not drinking because it is "not good business" to them makes me feel angry. This is totally inappropriate.