New York's Churro Vendors in Quotations and Pictures

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"My family depends on me, you know--you work to provide for them. Because you are the vehicle that supports them," says Ernesto.

"To come to this country is to arrive and be born anew, for those of us who came from other countries," says Ernesto.

Ernesto waits for a customer
"If you have a license [to sell churros], and you get arrested, they pull your license and the fines are $2,000, $3,000, $5,000. If someone doesn't have a license, they just arrest you, you lose one day of work, and that's it: You can go back to work. For that reason, they don't get licenses," says Julio, who makes 2,000 to 3,000 churros daily in East Harlem and sells them to the vendors in bulk.

"Here in the winter, there are seven vendors right here. Right now they are outside, selling mangos and ices," says Maria, another vendor, who has been selling for five years.

Read more about New York's underground churro vendors in this week's Village Voice.

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