Food Porn: Our 100 Favorite Dishes So Far

Shopsin's breakfast nachos
We're gearing up for our Best of NYC issue this fall, and so we've been eating our way through the city, documenting our favorite dishes from all over the boroughs. We're now just over half-way through, and so we've pulled together the first 50 into a set so you can see them all side-by-side.

Take a gander at some of the highlights here, and then head on over to our slide show, where you'll find every dish, from 100 on down to 50.

Cookie Monster ice cream from Malu

Uncle Boons
Uncle Boons' khao soi

Distilled's duck waffles

El Chivito de Oro's skirt steak

Thumbnail image for doughdoughnut.jpg
Dough via Facebook
Dough's doughnut

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