Tweet About Pie Face, Eat a Free BBQ Pork Pie (DEAL)

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Courtesy Pie Face
Have a smartphone and willing to exchange space on one of your social media feeds for food? Then you'll want to ready your thumbs and head on over to one of the five NYC locations of Pie Face sometime between noon and midnight today.

The Aussie meat pie mini-chain is doling out a free bbq pork pie to each person who tosses a tweet, Facebook post, or Instagram photo into the social network ether--and there are no stipulations for what to say so long as you tag @PieFaceUSA or post directly onto the company's Facebook page.

Once you've crafted your 140-character masterpiece, show the post to a Pie Face employee, and he or she will hook you up with your free meal.

Location Info

Pie Face

1691 Broadway, New York, NY

Category: Restaurant

Pie Face

509 3rd Ave., New York, NY

Category: General

Pie Face

469 7th Ave., New York, NY

Category: General

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