Rooftop Farming at Brooklyn Grange (PHOTOS)

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All photos by Hannah Palmer Egan
Atop the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Brooklyn Grange is taking rooftop agriculture to the next level.
A couple weeks ago, Brooklyn Grange managing partner Anastasia Cole-Plakias showed me around Brooklyn Grange's Navy Yard rooftop farm. Though it was the very height of the July heat wave, there was magic inherent to being on a rooftop, and that magic becomes transcendent when you're surrounded by neat rows of rich, dark soil producing bushels of food in the heart of New York City.

Check out my photos of the oasis here, and catch the full story of Brooklyn Grange in this week's Village Voice.

As dusk falls on a hot-hot Friday, a Brooklyn Grange farmer heads to the field for a snack.

Rows of greens build to a fantastic Manhattan view...

... And on the north side of the garden, sunflowers stand tall in the heat.

This basil has different flavors along the length of its leaves...

... But despite its good looks, this calico lettuce is past prime: gone to seed and unsaleable.

Here and there, compost heaps... And Cole-Plakias to the right.

These Black Cherry tomatoes are not quite ripe here but may be ready now, sweet and steak-y, despite their small size.

Eggplant babies catch a few final rays...

... And lemon cucumbers are bright yellow and zingier than your average cuke.

Hit the next page for more photos of the Brooklyn Grange bounty.

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