Broadway Bites: A Pre-Holiday Pause from the Midtown Lunch (or Dinner!) [PHOTOS]

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All photos by Hannah Palmer Egan
Broadway Bites is open from 11am until 9pm daily thorough November 24
On Monday, Urbanspace NYC opened Broadway Bites, a new street fair in Herald Square (Sixth Avenue and 34th Street). With 25 vendors serving everything from pizza (yes, it's Roberta's) to lobster rolls (Red Hook Lobster Pound) to gluten-free vegetarian fare (Two Tablespoons), the market is giving midtowners a respite from the regular desk lunch.

And through the evening until 9 p.m., hungry would-be diners lined up to order even as the tents struggled to close for the night. Urbanspace press rep Rachel Van Dolsen says it's been this busy since Monday: "It was packed during the lunch rush, it was packed after dinner time, even during off hours, like around 3 p.m., there were still plenty of people milling around. People are really loving it."

The fair is a dual project between Urbanspace and the 34th Street Partnership, who Van Dolsen says is looking to "activate the space a little more." And, aside from providing fresh eats to corporate lunchers, the idea is to show off New York's artisan food scene: "Urbanspace loves bringing quality artisans and chefs to areas of Manhattan that aren't necessarily full of those creative people ... There are a lot of chains in Midtown, so this is a great way to give local people who are small business owners a chance to get in front of this amazing audience."

So far, Midtown is embracing a chance to get out and try something new: "It's blown us away," Van Dolsen says. "We had one of those, 'If you build it, will they come?' moments, but it's been fantastic." And a beer garden in Greeley Square Park can't hurt, because who doesn't enjoy a midday or after-work drink?

Fork stopped by yesterday evening to taste a few of the offerings.

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Except most of the vendors aren't part of the New York artisan food scene and these are the same vendors from all their other markets. So nothing new here.


@Letsbereal Can we get a hand for the wet blanket everyone!?  Thank you!