Food Porn From Fritzl's Lunch Box, This Week's Review

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All photos by Bradley Hawks
Fork in the Road has previously bestowed love on the burger and patio at Fritzl's Lunch Box (173 Irving Avenue, Brooklyn, 929-210-9531), but for this week's review, Hannah Palmer Egan heads out to the Irving Avenue restaurant to get the full picture. And she finds a spot less concerned with pushing gastronomic limits than honing in on quality. "[Dan] Ross-Leutwyler isn't trying to push taste to its molecular limit," she writes. "'The idea is to make things accessible, make dishes that people are intuitively familiar with; change people's perceptions through the quality of the food rather than the food itself,' the chef says."

Photographer Bradley Hawks shot stunning photos of those dishes. Feast your eyes on this food porn, then head over to read the rest of Hannah Palmer Egan's review of Fritzl's Lunch Box.





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Fritzl's Lunch Box

173 Irving Ave., Brooklyn, NY

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