For Forthcoming Rotisserie Georgette, Georgette Farkas Draws on Lessons From Daniel Boulud

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Courtesy Rotisserie Georgette
Georgette Farkas and her chef David Malbequi
Finding the courage to say goodbye is often difficult to muster, but for Georgette Farkas, proprietor of the much-anticipated Rotisserie Georgette (14 East 60th Street), bidding adieu to superstar chef Daniel Boulud was the single hardest thing she's ever done.

Even now, Farkas continues to feel guilty. After 18 years as Boulud's right-hand woman in marketing-communications, she is finally pursuing her dream of setting up her own shop in the heart of Manhattan's Upper East Side, a 90-seater with high-ceilings in a 1903 building that formerly housed Copacabana. "My whole adult life I've worked [for Boulud], and he's been so loyal to me," Farkas said. "I wasn't scared that he'd be angry or upset--he's the most nurturing person I know--I just felt immensely guilty of leaving."

Still Farkas knew in her heart that she had to make a move. After a career services forum at Harvard, where she played panelist to undergrads interested in the culinary scene, the spark ignited. "I knew that I couldn't wake up another day working for someone else."

And when she finally broke the news to him, Boulud's reaction was shockingly positive. "He said, 'How can I help you?'" Farkas recalled. "He is the kindest, most generous person I know, well, aside from my mother."

That generosity has been instrumental in Farkas' career.

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