The Windsor's Honey Sriracha Wings Win at Wingfest (RECIPE)

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Courtesy of The Windsor
Chef Kristine Mana-ay's chicken wings with honey sriracha sauce, the winner of this year's NYC Wingfest
Food and sports go hand in hand. But if you're a local football fan, this season has been exceptionally hard to watch. While the Jets hover around mediocrity, the Giants have yet to win a single game. Yet each and every week, fans descend upon the sports bars of this fine city to cheer on New York--even if it means having to buy rounds of beer for our rivals from Boston and Philadelphia. But at least you can take solace in a seasonal staple, especially if you head to The Windsor: wings.

Buffalo earned its spot on the culinary globe because of the spicy sauce a bar there created to slather over the poultry pieces. Men and women have tested the outer limits of their lips to scarf them down, and for Windsor chef Kristine Mana-ay, the beauty of the dish is that almost as soon it's placed on a table, it pulls a vanishing act.

Maybe because she makes the best in the city: On October 12th, the New York City Wing Fest staged a wing cook-off among several spots in NYC and Mana-ay's honey sriracha combination took first place.

Courtesy of The Windsor
The West Village location of The Windsor, which also has an outpost at 420 Park Avenue South

"When I came to wing fest, it was more to let them know about The Windsor," says Mana-ay. "We are a sports bar. We get to have wings. People can see we are serving food and try it." Then her wings were declared the winners, joining the ranks of Dinosaur Bar-B-Que and Duke's, each of which has held the title in the past.

And with the victory, the wings have found a permanent place on the menu: "They're not going anywhere," Mana-ay says. Just like the Giants. But win, lose, or lose big, good food--and a few drinks--can always make a Sunday salvageable.

If you're interested in substituting honey sriracha wings if you prefer to watch the game in the comfort of your home, it the next page for chef Mana-ay's recipe.

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