A Few Choice Food Moments From the Mayoral Campaign

Who politicked over that burger?
We'd bet our last cronut that it'd be hard to find a New Yorker undecided in this election, but if you are a member of that elusive breed -- and you haven't been to the ballot box yet -- consider voting with your stomach.

Herewith, a few choice food- and drink-related moments from each campaign to help you today at the polls.

Joe Lhota

Lhota likes Tito's vodka.
Asked his favorite drink by New York magazine, Lhota divulged that he sips vodka on the rocks. Grey Goose before, but Tito's now because it's made in this country. Just not while he's running for mayor, because he has to be "as alert as possible."

Lhota eats sausage and omelets for breakfast every day.
Including during Hurricane Sandy, according to the Observer, who quoted him saying: "Even in the middle of the storm, I had what I always have -- an omelet with two sausage patties. It's what I eat every morning." Would that be a cheese omelet? the Observer asked. "Is there any other kind?" Lhota continued. "I don't put shit in them. Who needs onions in the morning? It's all protein, no carbs for breakfast, and that's the only thing I eat until dinnertime."

Lhota greeted Russian voters outside of Brighton Beach night club and restaurant Tatiana.
Though whether he ate there yesterday is unclear, the Republican did say he hangs out at Tatiana's all the time.

Lhota made the rounds at Donovan's, a Bayside grill with a pretty good burger.
Just a little politicking over steak.

Lhota made an appearance at O'Neill's, a Maspeth bar and grill.
The GOP mayoral hopeful communed with union members in this spot, which just re-opened after a fire.

Lhota loves the buffalo chicken pizza at Aldo's in Jamaica.
"Best buffalo chicken pizza there is!" he declared, according to the Daily News.

Lhota drinks beer.
He also once fought for lower-priced beer. And, uh, this sort of contradicts that statement about not drinking during the campaign. Unless beer doesn't count?

Bill de Blasio's food moments up next.

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