Isaan Food Porn From Somtum Der

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All photos by Bradley Hawks
Zachary Feldman reviewed three recently opened Isaan eateries in this week's paper, examining the history of Thai food in the city along the way. "New York City's introduction to Thai food was predominantly through dishes from the country's interior, full of coconut milk, sumptuous curries, and umami-rich noodle stir-fries," he wrote. "The past decade has seen a rise in the prevalence of Isaan dishes around town that has only intensified: One of the world's spiciest cuisines is now one of the city's hottest."

Feldman made stops at Larb Ubol, Qi Esarn, and Somtum Der -- and photographer Bradley Hawks headed to the latter to bring back these stunning shots of typical Isaan fare. Page through the photos, and then read Feldman's full review.





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Somtum Der

85 Avenue A, New York, NY

Category: Restaurant

Qi Esarn Thai Kitchen

31 West 14th Street, ,

Category: Restaurant

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