Our Biggest Food Stories of 2013

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Sally M via Flickr
Happy New Year! Here's a look back at the best stories of 2013.
Just a few more hours before we ring in 2014. Already feeling nostalgic for 2013? Take a gander at some of our biggest food stories of the year, and relive the last 12 months.

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Di Fara via Facebook
Tripadvisor's declared that several cities -- including Boston -- bested New York City when it came to pizza. This counter-argument explains why the Big Apple is superior to all other towns in the pie realm.

Don Antonio by Starita
Speaking of which...The 10 best pizzas in NYC.

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Bradley Hawks
Fritzl's Lunch Box
And speaking of lists, check out some of our most read, including the 10 best burgers in NYC, the 10 best Italian restaurants in NYC, the 10 best breweries in NYC(-ish), and the 10 best wine stores in Manhattan.

Laura Shunk
Katz's pastrami sandwich
And speaking of superiority, the 10 things NYC does better than anywhere when it comes to dining and drinking.

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