Where to Buy Local on Cyber Monday

Courtesy Bacchanal Sauce LLC via Facebook
Need a hot stocking stuffer? Why not check out Brooklyn's own Bacchanal Sauce?
Fork in the Road is publishing a series of local gift guides this year -- one from each regular contributor. Up first, this list from Billy Lyons.

The time has come to secure your swivel chair, break open a browser, and spend the entirety of your lunch hour (and possibly more) clicking "buy item" without remorse. Though the idea of Cyber Monday may seem impersonal, it's actually the perfect chance to try out some amazing local products made right here in New York. Some you might want to read. Some you might want to use. And others? Well some gifts are just meant to be unwrapped and eaten immediately. Here's a look at five unique holiday gift purveyors I'll be patronizing this year -- each of which may make you think twice about going for that flat screen in the window.

Courtesy Pat LaFrieda
Pat LaFrieda's got plenty of sausage and burgers ready to go
Pat LaFrieda

The butcher with New York's most famous burger blend, LaFrieda has released a new line of sausages in collaboration with Food Network host Andrew Zimmern for those of you who know people who like to start off Christmas morning with breakfast in bed. Options include cheddar bratwurst, sweet Italian, chorizo jalapeno, and chicken apple sausage. All of the sausages come pre-cooked and range from $48 to $82 depending on how many pounds you're planning to eat -- er, gift. There's also a full line-up of dry-aged prime beef as well as burgers, with a Cyber Monday special on the original burger blend that nets you 16 five-ounce patties for $34.99.

Courtesy Bacchanal Sauce LLC via Facebook
A Caribbean hot pepper sauce should put you in a festive spirit
Bacchanal Pepper Sauce

Have friends and relatives that won't be heading to the islands for a post-Christmas holiday? Console them with Caribbean hot sauce. Bacchanal sauce, a hot pepper sauce that's popular throughout the islands, has made its way online courtesy of owner and Brooklyn chef Sonya Samuel; her mix is a combination of tamarind, ginger, pineapple, and plenty of hot peppers among other ingredients (all of which are 100 percent natural). A two-ounce bottle retails for $4.95, and a five-ounce bottle can be purchased for $10.95. Gift packages available could help you stock up on sauce -- or enter a lot of chili competitions in the new year.

Courtesy Mast Brothers via Facebook
The Mast brothers have a new cookbook out this season if you've got a baker in the family
Mast Brothers Chocolate

If the holidays are the only time of year you can get away with eating sweets, the Mast Brothers are offering something new this year in addition their artfully wrapped bars (though you can still pick up a gift set starting at $40. The bearded brothers have released their first cookbook, Mast Brothers Chocolate: A Family Cookbook, which details a variety of dishes you can make like pan-seared scallops with cocoa nibs. Get the book on Amazon, and take advantage of Cyber Monday discounts.

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