Sweet Deal: Five Points Offers a Lobster Dinner -- With Beer -- for $24

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This is not our official cheap eat of the day -- those have to ring in under $10 -- but if you're feeling festive, have a date, or want to treat yourself to a nice dinner with a glass of wine or a beer, it's worth knowing that Five Points (31 Great Jones Street, 212-253-5700) offers a sweet weekly deal on a lobster feast.

On Monday nights, $24 buys you a 1.25-pound lobster -- plus plenty of dipping butter -- a side of coleslaw, a twice-baked potato, a bowl of clam chowder, and a glass of house wine or pint of draft beer.

Consider it a nice way to capitalize on the savings restaurants are getting from lobster purveyors this season. Because of a glut in the supply, the crustacean is actually fairly cheap -- it's the luxury product designation that keeps prices up.

Location Info

Five Points Restaurant

31 Great Jones St., New York, NY

Category: Restaurant

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