Book Review: The Essential Scratch & Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert

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Lauren Mowery
Richard Betts, one of few Master Sommeliers in the world -- and one of even fewer to pass the rigorous exam on the first go-around -- has quite impressive credentials. So one might expect his literary efforts to produce something in the vein of a tome dedicated to the distinctions between Grand Cru Bordeaux, for example. Instead, however, his latest book represents a complete 180 in wine snobbery -- he's crafted a children's book for adults on how to smell your way to wine expertise.

Proving wine books by definition need not be boring, this coffee-table appropriate conversation starter utilizes clever scratch-and-sniff stickers adhered to the pages inside to guide your nose to a better understanding of what to expect from the stuff in your glass. The complementary prose provides an intelligent but easy-to-understand framework for navigating the seemingly subtle differences in grape variety, oak, and even cork taint. A helpful "map to your desires" features a wheel of likes and dislikes that purports to lead you to the promised vinous land of a better drinking experience.

Of course, you won't actually become a wine expert reading this book. To do that, you need proper coursework. But you wouldn't expect to extract a tooth without attending dental school first, either. For most people, becoming a wine professional isn't the goal; rather, a basic understanding of wine is. That's where this book succeeds: It breaks down concepts such as terroir, old world v. new world, or why wine smells funky or butter flavor shows up in Chardonnay, so that anybody can understand and ultimately have a more nuanced appreciation of the wines they taste and decide to drink. The book makes for an amusing, interactive gift, yet it also proselytizes Betts' more serious message: Wine isn't a luxury, it's a grocery, and it's only good if YOU like it. A vital message, indeed.

Lauren Mowery writes the Unscrewed column for Fork in the Road. Visit her blog, Chasing the Vine, for more on wine, drinks and travel.

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hogorina1 topcommenter

                                            THE MAKE OF A MAD MAN

 Eisenhower's death camps west of the Rhine were hundreds of thousands of christian  men, children and women. Encaged by barbed wire in open weather without food or water this son of a bitch made his mark as a mad-man. While he slept with a slut,  Faye summersby. This low-down bastard aided in the death of hundreds of white people in Dresden. This was known as fire bombing. This scoundrel was in full dimentia as president and no lady in the White House was safe around him. How in the world did this dog  ever had been born. America is now raising a race of yellow-bellied worms instead of men. I detest a coward that will not protect his family. No race of cowards has elevated elevated unto a christian civilization. The holocaust bunch can go straight to hell on my part. let the dead sleep.

hogorina1 topcommenter

                                                 ONE RAT UPON ANOTHER

J                                    JURIES SIT IN FOR LAWYERS AND SATAN;
after visiting and observing hay seeds culled from prospective civic
depots, to sit and judge their peers, the only conclusion was that
lawyers love to cross examine hay seeds in town, that came in on the
last hay wagon from the farm. Jury duty is highly questionable. In fact,
it is a joke. It is a shame for most of these clod busters in not
comprehending that innocent farmers are used as pawns, in doing the
dirty work for lawyers and slick politicians, of whom are tied to any
self-serving area of some city administration. Only misled yokels fail
to comprehend that jury is a rigging system forced upon people who have
been deceived into the line of thought that jury duty is a
responsibility for all citizens, specifically stump jumpers and fools.
Take a look st the Supreme Court gang. In all respects, wire pulled
robots in the hands of an unseen clan of the The National Bar
Nevertheless, most pea pickers wanting to leave picking cotton or following a mule’s behind for a compass showing up in town should visit a hearing before they might be arrested for spitting tobacco juice openly in some visited tourist trap. Wow, a shyster has a case for a client. For forty-five dollars a jury will decides to whether defendant Spit, Spat, or was vomiting.
Individually, not collectively, ask the court room bailiff if your honor is having a hang over. Find out if your honor is a political plant, or just another alcoholic headed for a future half-way house. As the late Clarence said, ” Never trust a lawyer .

hogorina1 topcommenter

                                                 THE BIG THREE BLOCKHEADS

NATO is a cover for international anti-social poliitical renegades, in the palms of a pseudo-religious occult operating under several global masters harboring shadowy perceptions of a future one-world state. Several Late Political upstarts, presidents, such as Harry Solomon ( know-nothing ) Truman, Teddy  ( big-stick ) Roosevelt, and  Woodrow ( sycophant ) Wilson. A thin-line of intelletual banditry ran through these posted cowards as reprentitives of our republic. The problem is to what lenghth will any man barter off a soul via political prostutution. America’s two-party philosophy has become fragile. The wiles and ways of national government in committing psychological warfare against true patriotic citizens is far beyond class idiotic consumption, in that pro-communist plants are boring from within in creating what is known as the County/ City, Management System. Yes,  past officialdom laid the ground work for the internal privatizing of vast properties,  in alliance with various states and alien cooperatives. The very root of this is progressive communism. To maintain this opponent of free capitalism national government must appear to be somew Chat destabalized. The fraudulent concept of in-house terror ( congress ), a masive police-state must be maintained. Conceptionally, we have a gang in office of whom rule in accordance with the Marxian, Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin anti-social engineering. Red Russia under Putin has been destroyed. This machine has found roots within the present frame-work as housed within Washinton, D.C.

   Bastards come and go but their gut feeling is supreme in supporting socialism because of spiritual conglemerations and oaths to maintain bloodline relations in reorganizing western civilization upon the Oriental religious functionaries--mainly the Near East. Here the benchmark of America’s NATO moves illegally as a usurper of alien lands. Our republic has been gangsterised through liberalism, of which is the hind-seat incipient socialism. Coupling this political manufacturing back to Teddy Roosevelt up to the present ties in with the late Krushcheve remark that America will be taken without firing a shot. With the late President, Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal operation an alliance was made with recognizing Communist Red Russia. There is a thin line between interest capitalism and stabalized communism.  As previously mentioned, the management system is naked enslavement patterened after Karl Marx’s Manefesto. Our republic is a staggering confederated of nations, ( states ), in the hands political idolatry. The Parasiticism of milking the treasury through religious or charitable mooching and foundtions is an affront to a free productive people. Free-loading pocket political racketeers are the rotten bastards encourage mob rule, and this is a ploy planned by the liberalized Reds in national and state governoring positions.

     Conclusively, the late presidential bastard was Eisenhower.

This man was the upmost traitor and dirtiest scoundrel in supporting the communist take over in eastern Europe during WW11.  This mad-man was a front for the Bolsheviki movement within national government. We construct monuments for pro-socialist traitors and down-grade great men of whom contributed to our

hogorina1 topcommenter


                           Why not a party for----and white girls?

The report in Time (5/25/36 ) of Mrs.Roosevelt’s garden party to “ sixty girls, mostly-----aged 14 to 21 “ stated that “ all have been thrice convicted, mostly for sex offenses. Twenty-six of the girls were syphilitic and practically all of them had gonorrhea” They were inmates of the National Training School for Girls, The District of Columbia’s lock-up for female delinguents.

        “ Twenty matrons and several  Secret Service men patrolled the South Lawn to keep the guest from escaping. footmen patrolled in livery served them ice cream, cake, lemonade---Mrs. Roosevelt received each and everyone with a warm handshake, and after an hour of cake-eating took them through the new White House kitchens and the State Chambers on the lower floor, gave them each a small engraved photograph of the White House.” It has been suggested that a party. End quote.  A private journalists  observed: Why not a party of-----and white virgins, this might have been a greater encouragement to national morality.

hogorina1 topcommenter

           ROOSEVELT     DIRTY BASTARDS   CHURCHILL                                       



“I struggled to run against the wind in the middle of the street . . . We . . . couldn’t go on across . . . because the asphalt had melted. There were people on the roadway, some already dead, some still lying alive but stuck in the asphalt. . . . They were on their hands and knees screaming.” ~19-year-old Kate Hoffmeister

“There were people down there being fried to death in melted asphalt in the roads, they were being burnt up and we were shuffling incendiary bombs into this holocaust. I felt terribly sorry for the people in that fire I was helping to stoke up.” ~RAF Crewman

This was Dresdan in 1945. Angles in Heaven most likely wept to watch women and children driven into melted ashpalt as the Royal Air force of England under Bomber Harris worked with

the agents of Satan in slaughtering Chrstian people. America is next in line. Communisim is a deadly game.

hogorina1 topcommenter


These words were spoken in the past in Jerusalem. It has always remained a mystery, as to what specific
nation was involved two thousands years in the past, because there were several nations living in Judea at
that time. So it must be compromised, that it must have been the powers that be, or a tribal element that was
afraid that the Roman officials might learn of some secretive system, that was contrary to well organised
governments. At that time, local and allied foreign banksters held the local population in physical and religious

bondage. All religions require money. Hundreds of years later we discover that gold is the master servant over
the near and far East, Europe, Asia, and the Americas. In fact. the unassumed and unreconized nation living in fear,
most likely have subtle ties to the hundreds of religious functionaries strewn across America.

The late William J. Bryan, related that America is being crucified upon a cross of gold. However, this is a mis-
nomer, for the Federal Reserve controls America. Well, actually, the Bank of England drives the nails into this
artficial coffer of gold, as it is the center from whence monetary global financial empire rules the world.
Once, It was a good man that walked the gutters of Jerusalem numbering years past, moving amongst pro-
ductive folks, of whom produced all real wealth. It was the local bankster that held the state’s populace through
an oppressive hierarchy of combinated nations, creating an open market for the merchants under police powers
in protecting an unjust interest system. The late Mark Twain, openly wrote that it was the bankers that slaughtered
a humble man that loved freedom, and justice for all nations of mankind. This grand but grave personality
claimed that He was doing the will of His Father.

From that day on, when an an invisible society made an alliance amongst them selves, it was resolved
that an oath be put forward that an octopus of a money-powered monster would expend it’s tentacles
over the face of the then known world. Hundreds of years later this octopus moved into Europe in setting
up an invisible society known as the ( nobles ), or noblese. This political outlet existed in the early eighteen
hundreds. Decades later, under the Concert of Europe. In earlier nineteen hundreds international finance moved
in alotting the money supply of specific nations that fell into the unversal web of financial master minding.

Hedging forward, The League of Nations took root and disappeared, as the banksters moved forward the United
Nations Organization became a tool and weapon for International finance in nourishing the seeds of Bolshevism.
Theodore Roosevelt and Winston Churchill were merely tools, puppets, leading America into moneytarie’s rule over
France, england, Germany and the Netherlands. America is at a junction of political whoredom’s abetting that
our nation’s super structure will better be served by Oriental fundamentalism’s ties to the Rothschild wealth
of which is approxamtely sixty-five percent of the earth’s riches. Here we have high treason for our so-called
representives. of whom serve that nation that had taken an oath to survive.

Extended research brings to light the ( Pilgrim Society ), a secret invention of the late Cecil Rhodes in England.
Rhodes wanted a ( One World) government. This man’s intentions run back to 1776, when Adam Weishaupt sat
up the Illuminata. another one-world order. And this goes on and on forever with such organizations running
throuout America. It is expiedient that our nation composing the original colonies wake up and know the enemy
within..the world bank of England and its ties to international finance, IF NOT, THEN IT SHALL BECOME EXHAUSTED,


hogorina1 topcommenter

Ernst F. Kriesner February 13, 2015 at 12:16 am

Imperishable pain, the suffering of our people from what was done to us after WWI when our [Heimat] Homeland, Danzig, was made a Free State. A Free State with a Harbour city to boot of 408000 pure German people completely disarmed but surrounded by 35 Million hungry Poles
armed to their teeth. Proud of our German heritage they called us Nazis, call us Nazis still, and that was good enough to destroy the City of Danzig totally and for good measure gave it to Poland even before WW2 had come to an end. The Poles then engaged in organized ethnic cleansing better known as Genocide of all the Free State of Danzig population much to the delight of War criminals Roosevelt and Churchill, both responsible for the mass killings of Dresden inhabitants. Evil has triumphed!

hogorina1 topcommenter


Murdering & Raping Civilians
“In the farmyard further down the road stood a cart, to which four naked women were nailed through their hands in a cruciform position. . . . Beyond . . . stood a barn and to each of its two doors a naked woman was nailed through the hands, in a crucified posture. In the dwellings we found a total of seventy-two women, including children, and one old man, 74, all dead . . . all murdered in a bestial manner, except only a few who had bullet holes in their necks. Some babies had their heads bashed in. In one room we found a woman, 84 years old, sitting on a sofa . . . half of whose head had been sheared off with an ax or a spade.” ~ A German witness

“Fear is always present. It flares into panic at tales of atrocities—mutilated nude bodies tossed by the wayside—a woman nailed spread-eagle to a cart and gang-raped while bleeding to death from her wounds—horrible diseases spread to their victims by sex-drunken Mongolians.” ~Young Regina Shelton

hogorina1 topcommenter


Financial socialist engineers  have finally accomplished an unnatural and long depressed disposition to drag America, our Republic, into the well lain fangs of an international monetary octopus, slivering among daily as serpent with coiled fangs hustling along being shielded as traitorous political panhandlers, professional sycophants, scheming as a front behind an ancient inbred hyphenated antisocial pathological liars as workers of iniquity, agents in the flesh in hock to Beelzebub and his family of devils. Satan’s agents never reveal the actual in depth capability the use of filthy lucre. Christ named gold as such. Down through the ages global religious empires, so slyly, or ignorantly, relied upon the good word so extensively, a self-implanted nature in ignorantly concealing just what money is other than a median of mercantile industries.

And now, it is established that specific global banking industries are all netted as one international syndicate such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, federal reserve with its ties to European reserve systems with limitations throughout the neat and far east Asiatic nations have a pig in the poke. This financial quagmire is the Bank of England and the US federal reserve.Theoretically, currency expressed through paper, silver or coupons,credit cards or gold is worthless other than commercial use. However,for thousands of years gold was the most precious in controlling various nations and societies. In fact. the power of currency, as to fueling the movement of goods and services worldwide is unique, in that world nations can be controlled through financial marketeers, of whom collaborate with the somewhat newly established International Monetary Fund, in conniving various international exchange rates weekly,in pricing gold, as professional swindlers, by being governed by severalfinancial agents, being subjected to agents of the Bank of England and the U.S. Federal Reserve. The International Monetary Fund is broke dealing with fiat currency. Too, our Federal Reserve has not a leg to stand upon. Satan’s gang is falling apart The safest hell on earth for these devils in the flesh will be a third WW. This gang is in deep trouble.This vast one-eyed Mongolian one-eyed cyclops of corporate unity keeps helpless souls in prevailing poverty via the interest ( USURY ) form of unproductive leeches.These professional loan sharks, through cashiering productive labor have modified their alien political entrenchment have covenanted another robbery scheme states, in erected the city/county mode of plunder, in order to loot and rob unconsciously, with an absolute artificial perception of counterfeit FIAT species. America is being crucified upon a literal cross of fiat tissue paper. These certified barbarians of lusting on others labors holdsour nation in financial bondage. Of course, any state under the management system is cemented with organized dictatorial gangsters in robbery by taxation of personal property. With pen and pencil, fiat moneys and gold has no ties when a gun offers up another’s wealth through plundering via uncontrolled taxation.

Reiterating that fiat moneys have no precious metal value at all, and theconclusion supposedly, backs American properties primarily, the globe’s gold supply,over all, rests in peace at Fort Knox, KN. Gold backs up the American And British empire, in renting out their military deployment worldwide. All countries accept goods and services in trading with various nations. Fiat moneys originated with our Congress and Britain's Parliament. Gold is being hoarded in both America and England via theRothschild banking networks. Together, both civilized nations have turned to imperialism. Rothschild is a pseudo paternal name. For sure,these collective revenue scavengers consider the above average individual, not in the house of their blood-sucking covey. to benothing less that ( cattle ). In cahoots with these conscienceless financiers ( usurers ), as all America is driven like one vast horde of wild animals under stress, to pay through the interest system,Organized usury.The banking system originated to control progressive civilizations through specific self-serving sycophants, in the field of political whoredom.Still, we are unable to establish when gold took over the ancient bartering nations of past millennials. But it is obvious ( FIAT ) money must be backed up. IT IS ! because citizens own homes and other property. Believe it or not, your fixed and fluid wealth is being stolen through outrageous taxation. This ownership is stolen from criminal taxation. It doesn’t take a robber to take property dishonestly, for tax collections are running them out of business. Any nation not falling in line with fiat currency is invaded and starved into submission.America has become a sewer for the globe’s humanoid istic revolutionary driftwood and from the pale of eastern Europe. The banking intelligentsia brings up the rear, in formatting ethnic dissension, and community solvency, through control of all and any press, or newsoutlet. We might say that the gold owners are forerunners of universal Bolshevism.This ancient pseudo religious movement basis its ineluctable determination to sit up a so called ONE WORLD government. In essence, gold is only a means to an end. Absolutely, money lenders correlate ethnic-metro tranquility, asa network for financial entrenchment,in setting up the so-called city and county manager system. Here citizens are merely mobs, ( CATTLE ), in the hands of socializing specific areas of America, in furthering incipient socialism, by bringing into poverty well established middle-class productive elements via taxes, with inflationary funds to keep such subservience, peons, gradually dragging any elevated class into a state that has ties to international finance.

The unlawful to tax is the power to destroy a nation. Gleaning back into the latter eighteen hundreds, we discover that the globe’s chief banksters met in Vienna, Austria. Here these agents of universal finance of global significance decided to bring Europe under the scope, in buying up France, Germany, the Netherlands and colonial assets of the British empire, in congealing the world’s gold supply.This gang brought America under its wings in the latter eighteen hundreds. And today, overtaxed Americans have their heads in the ground, by supporting usury in a mad rush to finally wind up in a future that heralds a homemade guillotine.

PS- Socialism is a bi-product used in the passive to appeal to blockheads of higher education, as a shield in showering Marxism’s intellectual schismatics.

hogorina1 topcommenter


felt so bad when you were going to bounce me from your site. As to my observation you are at the uppermost personality possessing a God given intelligence in comprehending what is what and who is who, in Israel’s present trek within our republic. Our Lord says do not let the left hand know what the right hand is doing, meaning of course, to beware of enemies. From years of hard study we gain knowledge, as to what our Lord went through as an advocate for innocent souls struggling through an earthly life, being driving to and fro, by Beelzebub and his family of devils. I will inform you right now; the closer to our Lord gaining spiritual truth the fewer friends you will have. Respectively, i am a loner, because i try do what is right most of the time. More than likely, you fall into this category-so be it ! I want to thank you for taking me on board.
Let me say in regards to nations. You are correct and quote scripture for assurance. This is where my knowledge wedge enters a questionable area of thought in who is a nation, and what is a nation. Nations are Gods children. God’s people live under governmental institutions; however, the term government is an abstract theory. there is no such viable credibility that any sort of actually government exists. This twist of thought has no equation other than subtly intelligence to survive on the lower infirmities of vast mankind, mentally unstable and mandated with the term physical slavery moving along to infinity, as mankind is pulled into its funnel. Christ spoke hardly anything of government, for he was not of this world. When in transfiguration he warned the apostles not to be of the this world. Well, Satan has worked an angle to enslave mankind not individually, but through collectivity. Naturally, man-made churches became a roosting hamlet for thought control. Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, as unauthorised sanctuaries, clergymen, not people, are whores of the world. When man was sent forth to live by the sweat of his brow, Satan was glorified. And as mankind labored for bread, being temples of God, evil agents, spirits of the prince of this world, moved in to destroy unsuspecting souls. Herein, government is always nothing but a hen in the fox house.

It is recorded that Cain killed Able. Too, that Seth replaced Able, Adam and eve had multiple children. Evidently, Seth must have been some sort of patriarch. Your and my thinking is parallel as to Japheth, Ham and Shem. Out of recorded Holy historical works we find no recorded history about this individual. We know that he was in a place east of Eden. No where is this place called a nation or government, Too, he found a wife. There is something strange about this man as to his race or color. Who really knows. There is much conjecture here. For some reason God promised his wrath against anyone harming Cain. No where in Holy writ was this personal charge leveled towards one individual. As Christianity accepts this divine intervention, then who is cain, or we left in the dark. Paralleling this gives us the only time that our saviour ever let out a personal epithet towards an individual. Christ called
King Herod a fox. We know that in Genesis God, singular, was the creator, but originally, it read Gods, and should have included Jesus too. we discover many riddles in scripture.
Speaking of Noah’s sons we know that, supposedly, that ham took a wife Canaanite lineage. Incidentally, if you were to study this situation Ham’s wife was named Egyptus. (?). This is where Egypt got its name, and the first Pharaoh was black. Pharaoh could not hold the Melchizedek Priesthood. The Hyksos were a semitic race that moved in and ruled for 13 hundred years. The Hebrews were in economic slavery for four hundred years, This is when Moses and his semitic entourage ruled after the overthrow of Pharaoh. If Moses, Abraham, or Joseph who was sold into slavery had married into the Canaanite none of the three could not hold the priesthood that Christ held. It must be assumed that the Canaanite race were not lost in the Great Deluge, If not, then ham found himself a wife. Ham’s blood line was not polluted, but his wife’s was. Now we pick up Esau and his tribe of which God actually hates for defiling a divine blood lineage, And that war continues today through that gang, which is in the Idumean contemporary rule of modern day Israel. They are a strain of Edomites right back to Esau. In the late president Herbert Hoover’s, a quaker, he mentions ancient Esau’s intermingling throughout American society.


hogorina1 topcommenter

Thank you for your enlightening view on subjects mentioned: All

religions are man-made.
Conspiracy: The conspiracy is that there is no such thing as a
conspiracy, when an actual fact is proven to exist. Zionism is not the
world’s problem. The globes underneath situation through mental antagonism
arises from ancient Edomites. These people were not of Jewish origin. In
fact, they are of Shemitic lineage ( Shem ), Noah’s son.

Judaism has nothing to do with Asiatics. These nations have their own
Gods and Judaism’s God has yet to come.: Most uninformed people do not
that Pearl Harbor attack was planned at least twenty years in advance. The
murderous attacks were agreed to through the State Department.
WW11 was fought to protect British interests in the Far East. Lord
Balfour, British Ambassador, father of the Balfourd Declaration, promised
the agents of zionism.a future state, 1948, a squat in Palestine. Eighty
million souls lost their souls because of a well-lain political plot.
Through the American banksters plotting with pro-zionist agencies world-
wide a new state was formed.
HITLER: was financed through the global banking industry-Rothschilds
and the Warburg banking house in Berlin. The Warburgs were of Jewish
extraction and they hated ( Bolshevism ), Communism. This same Warburg sat
up the Federal Reserve in 1913. He came from Berlin to do this. Not even a
citizen of the United States. The Federal Reserve is privately own and not
a part of the United States.

Concentration Camps: Have you ever wondered why FEMA, CIA, AND SWAT was
set up for? Well, take a look at pre-war Austria, France, Italy, and
Germany of the ( 1930s ). These nations had treaties in order to avoid
mud-sliders, commie invasions, from cross-mixed cultures, and the varied
languages. Sounds like America, huh! Did you ever hear of any country at
war not having concentration camps. Well. old army camps are being
for loyal citizens of whom oppose international socialism.

Racism? Are you ashamed as to who you are? Do you know that America is
only a chunk of rock, with no body of human flesh or blood or passions.
Self-hatred notates a masochistic aversion to latent repressed erotic
concealments. desires of repression of split personalities. If one by his
own admission falls into this line of reasoning the conclusion is that
do not know just who they are. Some times it is maddening for anyone to
conceal racial overtures, in hating to understand just who they are. Bob,
Do you know who you are? Me thanks that you are a fine personality
envisioning Karl Marx’s perception that ( MAN IS MAN ). Here Marx contends
that all mankind are the same with intelligence. Marx does not believe
intelligence differs. Can you name any civilization created without the
influence of a divine Creator’s influence? Hardly do!
have a nice day!
P.S. Too late for spell check and proper English…..u can do this!
Judaism has nothing to do with Asiatics. These nations have their own
Gods and Judaism’s God has yet to come.
Most uninformed people do not know that Pearl Harbor attack was known
at least twenty years in advance. The murderous attacks were agreed to
through the State Department. WW11 was fought to protect British interests
in the Far East. Lord Balfour, British ambassador, father of the Balfour
Declaration, promised the agents of Zionism.a future state, -1948, a squat
in Palestine. Eighty million souls lost their lives because of a well-lain
political plot. Through the American banksters plotting with pro-Zionist
agencie’s world wide a new state was formed.

hogorina1 topcommenter


The principle of political rule within our pseudo-democracy depends on the level

of one nationwide political benevolence of subtilbility to wrestle with inarticulate mob restlessness, Keeping in mind, to succeed with the levity of

bushwhacking this herd through the art of bamboozlement, via baffling the masses oratorially, in the art of brilliancy, or to sway humanity with a line of bull manure.  The national news media parallels such hypocrisy with journalistic prostitution. The very basis of socio psychological engineering factors into the ideological issue that stolen political and private wealth holders owns and controls police powers. This setup is to actually guard the stolen wealth of the various states in the hand of ruling classes. This cyclorama of plundering society is a tunnel vision into the presidency, in being upheld through political perversion of corruption in gerrymandering the confusion of rule on a platform of lies and perjury. The state becomes of parasitic origin.

                                         Democratic and Republican In-party perjury is pronounced, for sure, when the black-mailed late President Woodrow Wilson was shoveled into office in 1917. Outwardly, his machine was inclined to unravel with foreign affairs. But lo and behold, the optom for Zionism was greased lightning.

The Chief Justice of the supreme court compelled Wilson to lay his left-hand upon the Old Testament. The right-hand was raised aloft. This act clearly demonstrates that the Israeli Sanhedrin really controlled our national judiciary system. This Wilson was a master-liar and mass-murderer, that agreed to make war on Germany causing the youth blood, the flower of America, to be spilled on alien soil. Sworn in via perjury, this schizophrenic induced personality, with Satanic confederation, to obey London’s Lord Balfour’s declaration, that was to set up counterfeit Israel in 1948. This act was put into force by global Zionism. The result consummated WWl.

                                        The high treason was not far-fetched, for we have had two traitors, unelected Presidents, Harry solomon Truman and a Mr. L.B. Johnson. Both of these pro- socialist confidants betrayed this republic -- two different manners. Truman betrayed a country while Johnson betrayed a nation. And how did these two political swindlers commit perjury, in being sworn in, in the name of God. SIMPLE: they were agents of a master-minded international network of communist gangsters. The Council on Foreign relations interveined.

Both of these pro- confidants of dishonesty put Jesus down and delivered our republic into the vials of Bolshevism, betrayed in two different manners.         And how did  these two political swindlers commit perjury in being sworn in, in the name of God. SIMPLE: they were agents of a master-minded international network of communist gangsters.

                                 Correspondingly, Alien spies such as Alger Hiss, Russian spy, and Harry Dexter White, Russian agent, Worked tirelessly with Harry Hopkins, through Truman, in betraying  a country while L.B. Johnson betrayed a nation. And ln what manner did these two political swindlers commit perjury in being sworn in to coy to a network of communist gangsters. Truman betrayed a country while Johnson betrayed a nation. And how did these two political swindlers commit perjury in being sworn in, in the name of God. SIMPLE: they were agents of a master-minded international network of communist gangsters. Truman in the palms of an elite Russian communist oriented aristocracy, forced Truman to atomic bomb two defenceless cities within Japan, composing of women and children. This criminal act completely destroyed America’s fate, as to isolationism. Our governing body now pursues imperialism, as propelled forward in the hands of NATO versus Russia.israelisrael confidents

Nevertheless of presidential misconduct, the matter of perjury is weighed against two naive characters, by way of sworn oath that a specific gang of people were of Jewish ancestry. Laying hands on the Old Testament solidified this artificial presumption.

Their sworn word before God was a broad-faced lie. It was Bolshevism over capital. Leon Trotsky, a Jew by coincidence, in his narrow biography, ( Leon Trotsky ). Trotsky was in alliance with I.V. Lenin and Joseph Stalin in the 1917 communist overthrow of Christian Russia. Trotsky absolutely declares that there is positively no ethnic nation or ethnic race of people known as Jews. Trotsky was an internationally known revolutionary communist. The phony Jews of Russia murdered him in Mexico in 1939. Trotsky is the horse’s mouth.

This band of mixed ancestry took over Palestine seven hundred BC and opted to be called Judeans. Backing up Trotsky is bonafide in that the word Jew did not appear in world literature until after the American Revolution. From Teddy Roosevelt until the present era. Its one presidential liar on the other, all fronted for a counterfeit class of people that have never been a nation. L.B. Johnson betrayed God’s chosen lineage while in congress. He revolutionised mother nature in that the royal seed line is now a rainbow coalition. Yes, organized confusion and perjury is the game.

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                     TURNING OF THE SCREW

In supposition, national government has an unanchored mindset that the present administration is nourishing the theory of absolute isolation. At times, such imagination of political iniquity is not discovered within the Pentagon. The presidency hammers away the fact that imperialism is only a fox-hunt within the Near and Middle East, of which will dissipate when Iran will eventually roll over and play dead. Netanyahu is head hunting for Iran.

Correspondingly, a Combined trio, caucus, Israel, Britain and our grand old republic, America, collusively cultivate global unification of collectivism, to be garnished with an aggregate of cultural, economical and social amenities. international proletarian  motivation to revolt shares a mind-set in line with the universal Marxian concept of a world, one-state utopian spinoff alliance. This  worker’s icon, hammer and sickle, as a Golan monster, to be spiritualised  and globalist political monstrosity representative  is to be visualised   globalist political monstrosity, in line with communism  and I.V.Vladimir Lenin’s premature unveiling of future Bolshevism. The socialists “ First International “ meeting steamed-rolled through decades winding up on the ground floor of

the Eastern End of New York City. Technically, The United Nations                        Organization is a communist front.

The Israel of 1948 is a Counterfeit state. It has become a leech and of a parasite on the back a vultured administration, in league with professional racketeers. Israel is a hock-shop, operation in winding down an impulsive pseudo-intelligent gangsters grip on the back of Uncle Sam. This self-spawning nest of professional criminality palming itself off as a so-called ally of the West, USA, specifically and Indirectly, using congressional panhandlers, in tightening down a pinpointed dedicated drive to destruct Iran through a maze of national news media in the hands of universal printing bandits.  Politico/religious gangsterism urges masses of Americans to approve mental slavery and nihilistic temperaments through ballot-box political surgery, in the hands of Lucifer and his agents of Satan. Our state dept is a caged animal without a growl, while stringing along the Israeli land-poachers and Assyria religious factions. In the name of pseudo democracy a fifty-state mob machine, like a lamb, is led to the slaughter as being fed on the opium of fiat currency. While NATO plants troops into alien soil and the ever expanding free-loading operations here at home, then the conclusion is that illicit invasions and homestead cuddling alien invaders is a revolution on its own. WE have troops in forty lands and fools in national office, in an attempt to ready a civil war,  a revolt throughout the country. The destabilization  of America runs deeper, as to the communist takeover is near completion. Oil is used to manipulate the pro-communist ruling elite in the District of Columbia. This is a special elite of aristocratic putrefaction being alienated from all fifty-states. These scoundrels are the leading proponents in controlling all state offices, including their appointed presidency. All Near and far east nations fear and tremble as drones and stinger-rockets with the inclusion of nuclear weapons hold them in line through fear, while slave-labor and natural resources are imported become ambivalent as to the GNP.The trashing of American production in unleashing poverty is well-lain path into the royal arms of incipient  communism, bolshevism, and a One World confederated nest of anti-christian bastards, of whom nailed our saviour to a tree.

Contrary to belief, pedigreed villainess blood lines are thicker than water. Indeed, an animal cannot change its spots. For sure, multitudes of hybrids, inter-mixtures of multiple gangs of nomads and vagabonds, drifters, swarmed into ancient Judaea, to be hauled off, These people as historicity reveals, were classed as mud-people-- were hauled off into the north into region of Assyria. The council on Foreign Relations satisfies Netanyahu’s religious options encouraging military action against Assyria. This always a pretext in pulling Iraq into the affairs of Iran. This situation has existed for hundreds of years. Several military induced societies are correlated into one grand alliance--one blood line The state Dept is upside-down in that three countries are united with a winner take all. American troops are occupying in and near these nations, for no other reason than a specific religion, oil and sustaining petro-dollar. NATO illegally invades alien territory.

Slandering three associative rebellious patriots with implicated names brings no division amongst one united blood lineage.

The present administration is stagnated with no prospects of military might to pull its chestnuts out of the fire. Over a period of hundreds of years invaders, crawlers from a global sewer of human excrement, have wormed their parasitic venture right into the armpit of western civilization. Their stagnated cultures have politically decimated any nation offering them a seat into civilised western-world pseudo-democracies. China, Assyria, Iran, Iraq will fall in line with all caliphates of Arabia that are not bribed to protect Arabia oil production. The split will remain. The attempt to control the Crimea shows where Russia is committed. The present administration is a bungling tool with no one at the helm of state. Israel, a counterfeit state, being jaw-locked over diverse religious infatuations willingly, as a team, rape, loot and invade governments, of which have ethnic and a prised national inertia of concrete existence, rather  than to serve a future world-state as a cross-road politically designed commercial trading center. NATO and the Pendragon professionals should pull in their claws. Our state department should mull over this. The aristocracy of occult rule via london and the D.C. should be rounded up and imprisoned as to their regard to all children. If not, then America is finished

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Astounding as it may appear, selected souls sit in on judgement of their fellow man. This is a master crime

concocted by political gangsters, in brainwashing innocent citizens to do the dirty-work of low-life bastards.

It is common knowledge that court houses are devil’s lairs, where the excrement of lawyers and judicial parasites wallow in legalized plundering through anti-social dirtbag activities, in humbugging as carried on in  civil roguery-- so-called, as a collective sewage system. God help innocent souls that are legally sucked into any all so-called jury iniquity. Satan has no greater comfort than to enjoy the twelve-victim system, that he he had formerly sat up, in trapping ignorant souls, when sworn into victimized seductiveness as a coma opium covering civil political idolatry. Fools become mesmerised to identify with state police powers.

The National psychiatry industry admits that at least sixty million citizens are actually zombies. The claim is that chemicals in food and water fluoridation has victimized millions, of which are literally ignorant, as to what end is up and have become nihilistic. Within a matter of time, our major republic is being threatened with an inhibited terror that national political whoredom is becoming a well-entrenched nest of confederated fools. Actually, our nation is cursed through the rebellion of the legal syndicate, as criminals are moving into authoritative circles of all states, and suckers on jury call are becoming wise to a nationwide criminal syndicate in the hands of glorified scoundrels. This case can be made when studying WW11, and the Nuremberg judicial claptrap. Further, Waco, Ruby-Ridge, Heaven’s Gate and David Koresh, the Jim  Jones’ cult. Too, if we throw in 911.  Jesus Christ did not face a jury. Christ was tried four times with no jury inclinations. The Sanhedrin that brought Christ down was composed of High Priests. The jury system was  criminally installed in our republic after 1776. This was Satan’s and the bank of England, as allied with Art.6, Sec.6, of the bill of Rights on Treaties.This radicalism was shoved into force after the Constitution was ratified. It is geared to state slavery, for the rotten scoundrels that sucked helpless souls into a life of misery. This was a master crime originating  under the wings international finance. The jury system is a master criminal manufacture of Lucifer and and his family of devils. The American productive industry ( citizens ) are sucked-down as legal parasites drain poor and ignorant souls through control  of their jury systems. Comatosed is the jury’s acclamation.

                               The National Lawyer’s Association has a code “ Never give a sucker an even break, nor a chump another chance” These agents of Satan coin that juries are blockheads. Countering this, the suckered juryman thanks God for a chance to judge fellow beings, in mis-comprehending that complete fools uphold absolute compliance of political banditry, in accepting  class hoodlism. Christ warned, “ Beware of lawyers and Doctors of divinity”. Socrates warned of being comotosed by the agents of Satan

                               Twelve chosen blockheads from the lowest depths of social stagnation receive a form implication them into jury duty. Beforehand, an appointed shyster rides herd on obedient incidentals.

This lackey gets off his binge long enough in attempting  to to dazzle all meatheads with his line of brilliance, if not-- Baffle them them a line of Bull-manure. Lawyers primary responsibility is to guard the fraudulent system of stolen wealth, as garnered  through commercial, industrial, loan-sharking and the trickery of home taxation. Usually, tax collectors are political-dragging burnt-out ex-drunks, with little experience as Notary Publics, and a shyster’s dream of stealing.

                               In proposing that a jury of 12 ingrates have been seated and prepared to exercise  revived brain cells previously put to rest via TV brainwashing, a coma moves in. The state rests its case as to the defendant, drunkard, had been shot in the fracas, in attempting to put the make on a barfly. The jury had been hand-picked, composed by a body of farmers, social engineers and firemen. Democratised, pillars of society, Ballot-box ringers,  in being qualified to rack up an opinion, as to who fired into a defendant’s frakas. The state appointed attorney, Oscar Hammerhead, a free-lance drunk, attempted to  to explain where and what was a fracas, instead of the entrance of a bullet-hole. After two hours, the jury’s eyes became dilated and wobbly.and the the jury falls into a coma. The shyster was surviving on a temporary visa from Hunglo, Poland, and had previously took a six-month crash-course in law. The jury was liberally minded, as beneficiaries of state, in trying to match illegal entries in milking national society in seeking grub by-way of gathering up freebies from the taxpayers hide. Living in some slum-master’s professional clapboard rentals and voting for rights was better than sleeping under bridges or park benches. Jury duty was a dead-end as allied with nursing homes. The jury was queried for two weeks. Back before the judge pronouncing a hung jury verdict.. The fundamental issue was that twelve icons were comatosed. This crew did not know what a fracas was, or is. Questionable intellects had been ignorant  as skeletonized as to human pathology. It seemed that such jurors and a shyster  would learn more about life in some reform school in  attempting understand what was a frakas. The judge happened to be sober, as he too was a quart-day shyster. Calling in professionals in the field of biology, anthropology, pathology, psychiatry and Gypsy fortune tellers-- a well-rounded combination of court-house  interlopers, looking to loot the state treasury in the name of justice. Stepping forth, and under oath an anthropologist of German descent, a frakas lay between the navel and the hip joints.  The ( arse ) was never hit. Thousands of dollars of taxpayers money spent on a barfly and a drunk from a shot in the leg, of which completely missed an arse. It is deemed here that America has too many bastards using the art of legal theft in robbing helpless souls, and of which thrive in their own sanctuary of hell on earth. The mentioned shyster did not know his arse was finished as a state-appointed parasite.

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Motherly love towards a newborn infant is pure and holy in giving thanks to our creator as a newborn soul enters the earthly atmosphere. However, in adulthood the once babe-in arms walks into a little understood world as a blind bat. From the breast of motherly love and childhood attentiveness the band is broken. With hat in hand, such personalities must seek shelter and bread. With no talent for productive inclination the army came to the rescue. Four years of military indoctrination, three-meals a day, roof over his head, with a check and a chick, every month is unbelievable. Surviving off the taxpayers hide while lounging around the post exchange was a genuine paradise, an alcoholic was in the making. After missing roll-call successively and failing the dress-code, a psychiatrist gave this deadbeat an option.

pick up a section eight discharge or wind up to the brigg. We will name him--Hammerhead.

Hammer was 22 with seventh-grade learning, when he was escorted from uncle Sam’s residence in Fort Benning, Ga. in 1940. He actually hated the military’s social conservativism and compliance with organized confusion. Too, his three-sisters and two brothers were still at home in Skidmore, Ga. His father was a terminally disabled alcoholic in  holding down a low-paying deputy sheriff’s job. Hamma ended up in Gluttersville, Ga., Down  

and out. Hamma survived through dumpster-diving. He became friends with a disbarred shyster who stole child-relief funds from city charities.This lawyer, too, was evicted from the military for stealing food from a chow-hall to feed his family of seven. Here we have two loose cannons at the same social bearings prowling the streets at day time and sleeping in alleyways at night. Still, the military GI Bill of Rights was a final hope from taxpayers of whom lived and worked for a decent life, being plundered of their hard-earned cash. We will name the shyster as Slick. Both took a crash-course in law. It was now ( Slick and Hammer law firm.

The hunger avoided, as mutual souls, pick-pocketed the poor and helpless. Time was passed   begging, drunkenness, panhandling, alley-trolling, and fondling garbage containers. Slick would skin his clients from head to toe, while Hamma reversed the act of robbery, from toe to head.  This this sort of legal gangsterism is a byproduct in the name of the National Lawyer’s Guild operates every manner of plundering our national society. These shysters never miss an opportunity in milking hopeless people down, for they say, “ shoot low fellow shyster, for some jerks may be riding shetland ponies”. Slick and Hammerhead edged their way into both previously bought and paid for political parties. One party is a whore and the other a prostitute. Immediately, Slick and Hammer were political whores nesting in between a two-party confederation of inhouse fornication, as masters of deception, in the hands of Beelzebub and his family of devils. Indeed, a specialised confederation of professionally designed dirty bastards, in selling America short. From whence they came is assured.

America has an enemy within. The prevailing threat against our republic is not of stone and shield, such as the federal reserve, the treasury, supreme court, presidency, Council on Foreign Relations, Pentagon, Wall Street, CIA, NATO, IRS, FBI, terrorists or state Dept. All of these state mechanisms are in place as pre-planned elite global aristocracy. National ruling bourgeois, slave masters of criminality, are pawns in the wealthy is a front for Zionism.  For sure, the  middle-class is created as an influential screen, and an opponent of all lower-class productive citizens. From this anti-social class of paranoids and professional parasitism is the federal reserve as allied with sixty global reserve outlets. The actual enemies of all gentile Homo Sapiens is a race of devils in the flesh having no ties to material industries. Their whole global system is held in check through subservient miscreants such as the Slick and Hammerhead think-alikes, a vast watering hole in line with such bastards controlling the District of Columbia.  in corralling  national political whoredom, with its ties to pseudo-religious conflagrations feeding from the trough of the U.S Reserve. In noting that America is nothing more than an island flotilla, as an appendage to to the City of Gold, that rests its monetary tentacles into the world’s fluid money supply in controlling the USA. An alien political inquisition has its awaiting inquisition to politically guillotine any positive individual cuddling conservative options in saving this republic. There will be no Patrick Henrys to warn of the

Satanic driven mobs opting for liberalism, for free speech and liberty has been nailed down, screwed down and rocketed off into infinity.

America has created a leading class kept installed by sustaining a national social sickness bedded down with massive nihilism. Eighty-five percent are propertyless, with the majority held as prisoners by pocket-change ghetto slave masters. Psychiatry, Education,

and cultural affinities are associates in political hock, as aiding in a communist orientated madhouse, functionionally, in the cradle of a doomed western civilization. In total regression back to a neanderthal existence our republic is being leveled, receding, as to the depths of the Grand Canyon. Figurally speaking. Our country can pull our nation should forbid a sub-cultural level in ridding the ever incipient influence of Marxian orientated Zionism---or suck thy thumb daily, as Hammerhead had done at birth.

If we rise again, we must rid America from the the ever influence of Marxian-orientated Zionism---or suck thy thumb daily, as Hammerhead had done at birth.


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    In journalistic trends, the word God begs as to which one. Subjectivity is proclaimed on both ends of the some editor’s desk. This throws up a red flag. Inserted below are ongoing conclusions on both sides of the globe. Strange as to how nations depend on the disinterment of notions previously laid to rest by erecting some exclusive man-made god (G). Naturally, such scheming bolsters an attempting to give clearer vision, on some assertion, to be made with political weight. Factorially, all civil garrisons, mold their own totem-pole ( phallus ) party representative. Collectively, this anti-social gangrene is of schizophrenic origin. Retrogression declares that before mentioned nations has usurped Lucifer’s icon, pole, as symbolic phallus idolatry by way of erecting the Washington Monument. Ironically, the late million-man march gathered near this magnificently erected pillar of stone actually designed by a global elite of whom do the works of beelzebub and his family of devils housed down within the District of Columbia. The phallus god (G) has existed from ancient times. The gang in Washington allies with alien nations with their pole idolatry in not comprehending as to hundreds of pseudo-religions both East and West have joined hands with Satan. This special prince of darkness labors within the souls both parties being held in check through bribery and regulated whoredom. Between the Rock of Gibraltar, a 2500 mountain on the east coast of the Mediterranean sea, Israel, and the City of Gold, located in London. we have an elite class of ruling elements in forming a triangular web of Satanically-inspired devils in the flesh, intending to set up to remake a modern-day Babylonian empire in accordingly to return Western civilization back into the ages when the Hebrew nation had been in physical and mental slavery. Our western world, United States, future is to become a Third World nation. England is a master tool in the arms of a universal financial trust tied in with our federal reserve and the Bank of England. The world’s most powerful web of drug pushing and masquerader. There is evidence that the CIA protects political and social caluminy through
    terrorism and is a front in using the same tactics under the late General Donovan of the OSS. We have the identical political subservience in the CIA as renamed. It just so happens that a well calculated move into the Crimean of Eastern Europe falls in line with pre-Babylonian imperialism. Presently, we have the NATO war machine closely allied with Israel’s military machine. A global Government is galvanized ineluctable eternal hatred of Christianity based upon anti-social perversity and mental degeneracy while dragging along a gutter-god (G) in the service of Lucifer.
    Conclusively, the very root of national government be not hindered through mind altering of associated political gangsterism. Actually, each state is nothing but an organized mob under a single ruler ship of alien conniving carpet baggers via controlled religious foraging. The invisible machine of federalized paupers have arranged that each state should be arranged through governor forgery. Re-enforcing this puppetshop requires the absolute distillation of superficial history in creating zombies. The ultimate will reorganizes nihilistically crippled sorties into public offices. Educational level should be rounded out to the level that civil service has plenty assorted draggers would find employment with police or fire depts. The national Educational System is an aggregate of political lackies associative with the national psychiatry industry. America must be dumbed-down and liberalized as a hoodlum’s mockery of degenerated mummery. As a Frankenstein remake alien insiders have pockets of state destabilizers orientating citizens to become mummies.

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The late Dr. Sigmund Freud diagnosed the American society as paranoid. This diagnosis is in accordance with our national psychiatric institute on behavioural science. Christ dealt with psychopathological miscreants suffering from ineluctable determinism, and of imaginary self-destruction, of whom were vegetating through embittered embellishment in entertaining self-hatred. Of course, Freud would give such imbeciles a couch job with the tag of intellectual neuroticism. Christ noted the actual motive of many hellbent Satan-inspired scoundrels idealistically and subtly served politically devised gods through phallus worship. Our Saviour relieved these sordid-souls in expelling their imaginary spirit of evil into any near-by herd of hogs. Naturally, the swine killed themselves. These creatures, humanoids, individually, had no place for personality fraudulence in palming themselves of as pseudo democrats nor hi bred republicanism. Souls caught in these traps loose self-identity in headed for a madhouse.

                                                   Without question, we have discovered that a major supply of national citizens have become mentally crippled via being dumbed-down via a twin two-party pseudo-democratic republic composed of liberal feces. Naturally, we have the sewer-outlet of republican hustling in order to retain a worn out plumbing system. Both mental cripples and repressed ballot-box dodgers harbor collectively, ( the Personality Suppression Gravitational Syndrome). Dr. Freud dropped his theory of sexual overtones moving into the analytic theory that mankind are socially sick except himself. Irregardless of aping such unimaginary guilt of

this genius, it is true that thousands of zombies are fleeing all state universities. It is an uncomplicated riddle to recognize that we have 50 state mobs. Like common cattle, boundaries are set, and police-powers are armed garrisons. No liberty and free speech means that industrial fascism coupled with an aristocracy elites desire to socialise national productive elements back into serfdom where mankind will be regarded as mere animals as stock in trade. Actually, about 85 percent of national society own no property. Ghetto experts are rental landlords having claws  into all 50 state’s governing elite. With no future in sight, greed, graft, state criminality, corruption and expanding police powers well designs that from personality suppression unto personality depression has brought America to it’s knees

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A pharisee approached Christ in claiming that he ( Pharisee ) was of the seed line of Abraham the patriarch. Christ rebuked this devil in the flesh as a bold-faced liar. This subhuman was persistent that he was of Abrahamic lineage. Christ said: you are not of Abraham's lineage, for your father is the devil and he has murdered all the prophets down through the ages, even killing Zachariah between the wall and the temple. At one time this Pharisee was in the lineage of Abraham, but he had race-mixed into the satanic blood lineage of Esau, God’s worst enemy, into the

Canaanite blood line. Jacob, Esau’s brother, failed to do so, and our Lord named him Israel.  From Mary through her husband, Joseph, the blood line is unpolluted back through Isaac, Abraham , Jacob, Shem, Noah and Seth. There were several nations that were forbidden that Israelites to marry. Today, the mixed lineage of Esau runs through the veins of most rulers of western civilization. These people are known as Edomites. They are God’s enemies. Mongrelism is a crime against God’s decree that mankind must disregard mixing with nations via laws made in the name of liberalism. Liberalism is communism. Communism is Bolshevism, and Bolshevism is an ancient mental disorder of a class hysteria of rogues that actually nailed Christ to a tree. Hollywood is their chief corner stone of sexual perversion, being used to liquidate the various nations of families that comprise America.  The ruling elite that control Hollywood are multiple nationalities, that are not an ethnic race or nation. They are contemporary remnants of ancient Esau’s dominion over Palestine immigrating from the four corners of the earth, nomads and vagabonds.

                                 In the beginning the great serpent was coiled near the throne of Pharaoh. For 400 years Hebrews had men in physical and economic slavery. Moses fought the invisible viper landing up across the Red Sea. Here, again the serpent is resurrected through Esau. So far racial purity remained as ordained by God. After trial and error this tribe ( Israel ), settled down in Palestine. The serpent engineered a Babylonian captivity. Seventy years later, thousands were sent back to Palestine. Prophets corrected genealogical records and cleared its people of miscegenated mankind. Here God’s law was renewed.

                                   Later, ten tribes were unlawfully taken to Syria. A remnant of Israel was left in Palestine. Through miscegenation from Assyria down into Mesopotamia, we find Abraham in a city named Trisk. Egypt ruled this area and Pharaoh's high Priest administered religion. Here, Abraham was called of God as  a special vessel to be later named as a patriarch. Abraham was to be the father of all nations, of which seed lineage descended back to Shem, Noah’s son. Abraham had no dealings with the serpent, lucifer. Israel of today is a whoring after strange flesh. King Solomon made this mistake through violating the law racial purity. This is what led to the fall of Sodom and Gomorrah. Too, the destruction of Babylonia. In regarding God’s racial laws we see how NATO and the Pentagon are trifling into the affairs of Syria, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, the Crimea and Pakistan. Billions of dollars are paying of nations to join in with NATO in its illegal move towards global imperialism. The bottom line is that the serpent raising its head below a 2500 mountain east of the Mediterranean in a city 30 miles from the sea is restless. The serpent seedline is coiled around the Obama,

netanyahu, and Vladimir Putin, with its tail reaching back to Noah through Ham. Here is where the mystery of iniquity began and rumbles through two great powers with a little bird in hand that chirps and intends to roar like a lion. Satan and his gang is using the oil shortage mythology to revolutionise Third World miscegenation, in order to strengthen the lineage of a counterfeit Israel. Oil is the cannon.

                                    Some 350 years BC, Alexander the Great, went into Caucasia near the Black Sea. A native by the name Potus resided. Alexander’s troops married into these people, bringing them along their warring venture. Alexander married a lady in India. We might say that this general was then the  progenitor of mass racial world-wide influence.  In fact, Alex was a tool of finance out of Palestine, to wage destruction on weaker nations. He was the first One Worlder. This man was poisoned through financial oligarchs while in Babylon. He was the tale of a serpent with a its head on a mountain that overlooked struggling mankind below. The place is ancient Canaan.Nothing has changed today

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Our republic has become infested with an alien aristocracy of professional criminals from Asia and Europe. Europe is trapped in between the Baltic and Balkan seas. Literally hundreds of immigrants from the Mediterranean area. Basically, the vast majority are democrats. Taking note that a very minimum of immigrants reaching Ellis Island are from western Europe. Basically, these people are of a republican disposition. Communism is a political flirtation arising from indo-Europe. The Balkan states consists of a hegemony various cultures and religious affiliations. Communism and its bridesmaid, Bolshevism, has a heartbeat resting upon these people’s helpless souls and their nations held in check by Russia and England.

France is England's henchman and anchored ally. Poland is the political median existing between Russia and Germany, From eastern Europe to the English Channel. America is only a dependant of an elite ruling aristocratic class of blood-thirsty tyrants practicing witchcraft and Satanic impulses while considering the lower races of mankind as slaves unfit to actually breathe God’s fresh air while their own kind sliver along surviving on the putrid oxygen that its fumes originating on the threshing floor of Satan and his unembodied devils keeps such dirty low-down bastards alive. Our corrupt elected officials are slave masters of a psychopathological class of disembodied devils in the flesh. The world banking industry is an inroad that such witchcraft, intellectual sedation, sexual perversion as colloidal  systems rerouted through mysterious metaphysics as correlated idolatry revolving thoughts that arise from the  level of cultivated feces.

                                                    Morethnlikely, national  political prostitution is a by-product of

state ineptness to govern by established law. Our republic has no realistic of political or cultural environments that would attest to any trust whatsoever by those to be ruled. All fifty states are merely segregated dependants of the ruling sub elites of London as to the City of Gold, a private landed estate that pays no taxes with a private police protection in being no part of Britain. This is in accordance with the District of Columbia. This is a private landed estate that pays no taxes having no allegiance whatsoever with England. The political bastardization of America has caused old glory to furl. The federal reserve is a private assembly of professional criminals having no allegiance to our national government. By gunpoint and miliary the national population is imprisoned by state boundaries, Sixty global reserves are allied under the guidance of a global elite. When one goes under then like dominos all sink together. The oil glut is a warning that fiat dollars have seen its days. We have a two-party system in the control of universal Zionism. The Obama administration is merely a tool. We have a bunch of dirty bastards stealing the public blind. A criminal syndicate runs the state department. It is a collection of deadbeats that keeps foreign affairs all screwed up. Yes, this is an organized criminal syndicate of fools and parasites. The elites sit back with their whores , licker, house-partying while enjoying cultism and sexual impurities while at times

while fooling around as a pastime with the practice of necrophilism. America has a dead republic. Since live citizens are legally raped through over taxation and robbery by corrupt bank mortgages, raping the dead through necrophia is an elite recognition that these money-hungry bastards happily fall into line with beelzebub and his family of devils in the flesh.From the four-corners of the earth human trash floods our country. Most are professional revolutionaries. These criminals nest in all states. The working force in America are walking the streets in a land built by honest labor. In back of all this is that invisible elite that has no conscious nor collective guilt as legalized criminals. Yes, it Billions for the banksters and debt for the people. In holy writ it reads: no,no, never shall a bastard enter the kingdom of God. Maybe true or not, we have plenty of prisons room once the dirty-bastards in

America are brought to justice.Fifty-state mobs want justice. We do not want a queen Antoinette as head of the state Dept. Swelling patriotic mobs won't fall for crumbs.  

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Putin proclaims orthodoxism in spiritual comprehension, while allying with China. Of course, Confucianism is a bedrock of intellectual astuteness threading back to Gautama. The background global elite  is stacking its deck with the probable assertion that Obama is a useful Moselem plant. All in all, we have the Russian bear, the Chinese dragon, Obama’s eagle. and the EU Golan monster in between. One great power along with the Crimean situation being embattled with the IMF. Putin stares straight ahead and does not know what end is up. Putin needs to employ a Hindu viper handler to set down with he and his fellow colleagues to keep the Rothschilds at bay. The odds are against  Russian bombers flying the Alaska seaboard within a fifty mile distance off shore. It appears that the Pentagon is being taughted.

Two global giants are nearing a showdown. Two monumental goliaths subtly subdued, being caught in the clutches of a one-eyed cyclops as a political correlation consisting of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. This universal financial machine has been hammered-down, re-reorganized, as one mismanaged money-funding financial crisis. America’s wedge through loans has brought the Crimean affair as the major force that has backfired in using the state department as a springboard into the foreign affairs with Moscow.  

Little doubt, as Putin, a former KGB agent, can no way disarm the global ruling elite rulers that Satan is the headmaster. The gang of bastards within the District of Columbia is an independant nest of globe mastering. This conglomeration of monetary swindlers pay no taxes. This machine has no ties to Washington. This set-up has private police officers. Their better-half is the City of Gold as London.  London is their private center of global monetary manipulation. It has no ties to the British empire. This organization pays no taxes and has a private police force. We see that Satan heads such of an apparatus, invisible and devilish intent.

Putin clearly makes it clear, that his government is a state orthodox spirituality.

In essence, the Vatican is a state with no attachment to Italy. It pays no taxes and has a police force and jails. It is one square mile with approximately one thousand residents. Putin has openly denounced Israel. Here, we discover that netanyahu is an elite well-managed tool and hands-down that Putin has averted a third-world war. Israel’s only way out via world opinion is to bring on war somewhere in the middle east, in perpetuating  the ever destabilization of Syria,

Iran, and Iraq. The superstructure of three distinct global ruling elites in the hands of invisible financial moguls fulfills in holy writ, that America with its Babylonian bastardness, and its NATO confederacy, and with a ruling elite’s confidence within congress, has been stalled off, because Near East foreign Relations and the state department have bought and paid for political failures.

Putin wants to save Russia from imperialism. But he needs to take off his blinders. Oil is the chief means in retribution towards any country that does not fall into line with policies of political indoctrination geared towards a NWO. Opec

keeps the oil issue afloat, in order to increase the fiat dollars as a world currency.

The Arabian petro dollar on oil has the US military on stand-by. The Obama administration and Moscow are just spin-offs in covering for the emerging of Zionism. Bolshevism has been a menace to past civilizations and is here to stay.

Our American republic has been overthrown. A pseudo-democracy is the work of dirty bastards within false religions and bribed weaklings of whom parasite off the state. Vladimir Putin has created a viper’s nest along with his league of breakaways from the Rothschild financial industry, that  has blood lineage back to ancient Babylon.

hogorina1 topcommenter


No where in holy writ is it recorded that Christ said any good thing toward his enemies. If so, this would have confused his followers. Our Lord was straight forward in denouncing his social/political opponents as swine, dogs, devils, serpents and Satan’s gang. He never asked his opposition, specifically the pharisees, for nothing, branding them as fools in the service of beezlebub and his family of devils.
Christ never spoke out of his mouth with a twisted tongue. Our Lord knew that a double-minded man was unstable, spiritually, in all his ways. We must digress momentarily, in noticing that both houses of congress fits this observation. Satan has a middle-path ile between both sides of congress leading straight to the speaker’s podium. I know it is disgusting to even associate this double-minded monsters of devils in the flesh with decent mankind, but i had to parallel that Christ was of a singular-minded individual out of order with the worldly consideration of souls standing in line to serve Satan and his temping to drag innocent souls straight to hell.
The Jewish Sanhedrin relished in having our Lord nailed to a tree. Our Lord suffered until blood came forth from his body pores. yet, while in excruciating pain he would not ask his enemies for any sort of help. God’s son preferred to do his father’s will, in opposition to a world filled with evil. Yes, our Lord moaned, I thirst, but he did not want to ask God’s enemies for anything. So animals in the flesh were defeated, for our Savior ignored them in that any help from devils in the flesh that were formerly kicked out from the presence of our creator were null and void, as disembodied spirits here on this earth. Satan tried his best to tempt our Lord on the cross with his powers of darkness, but in agony our Lord humbly nourished, a no thanks !

hogorina1 topcommenter


It seems that a national orgy is taking roots, as to what manner

specific people should practice self-indulgence, in attempting bypass

mother nature. Dr. Sigmund Freud coined the ” Oedipus Complex,” into

play regarding individual repression and regressing as individuals

differ as to the unknown conscious release of erotic inhibitions and

anxiety, long stored away since childhood. During mass hysteria, as we

witness, sublimating intellectual are coming forth, in order to

subconsciously connect with this nationwide release of stored up energy.

Individuals being diverted from memories of infantile fixations, long


desires, shielded via political whoredom arising forth from toddler

insecurity to be loved.

This abnormal courting of a contraceptive guardian brings on post


confrontation, in trying to trick the alter Ego, in abiding with the Id,

to defuse overdue anxiety, of which mentally unstable instincts must take

group satisfaction, in clasping hands, party inclinations, that some way

must be found to thwart massive psychoneurosis, in avoiding all temptations

that has

hounded mankind from the days of Adam and Eve. The National Psychiatric

Association has long ago questioned just how Sigmund Freud designated

regression and repression as tied to individual libido, two-party political


in somewhat altering this observation, and its psychological play on

individual /class neurosis. The late Dr.Judd Marmor, in his ” Psychiatry In

In transition ” disapproves of Freud’s contention that politically inspired


cripples or religious fanatics, reconsider and denounce the personality


schizophrenia, as applied to individuals in public office to be replaced as


The open love affair between both houses of congress in politically


the American hostess, will bring down this gang of open repression, not by

political libido,

or masking schizophrenia, but through the absurd two-party fondling of the


To continue in looting the national intelligence is contrary to a

responsive cliche that, more than likely, actually believes that a flea

would contemplate crawling up an elephant’s leg with rape on its mind. Homo

Sapiens has a class history of impulsive anxieties. Psychiatry is a


But, one must conclude that Freud’s two-party syndrome, the Oedipus

complex, occasionally

comes out of the congressional closet.

question. Yet, the squabble between pro-contraception preservers and

those against this proposal, are in the same in that two classes of

individuals are using public sublimation, as erotic desires still lay

deep within the unknown subconscious– repression and regression.

hogorina1 topcommenter


The biggest threat to Serbia, as to now, and in the past, is  the US state department, the International Monetary Fund, the Council on Foreign Relations, the federal reserve, the United Nations Organization, NATO and the World bank. Thank God, Vladimir Putin of Russia has thrown a wrench into America's move into internationalism via making a move into the Crimea. Putin stands like a brick wall. Russian bombers are now flying off the west coast of California. This is within a fifty mile distance from land. These bombers are in international waters. America is absolutely out of control, as counterfeit dollars, fiat money, has seen its day. Since we face a complete collapse, as  part of a global depression. NATO is in the hands of pro-Bolshevik gangsters. The pentagon cannot take Russia on the ground. Both sides have nuclear weapons, and fear a head-on collision. The federal reserve will finally close down just as the sixty reserves around the world. China, Germany, Iran, Albania, and several other nations are leaving the gold standard, in fighting the loose fiat moneys. Our total collapse  will take place within several months. Our Zionist controlled bastards in congress are preparing for a civil war and have their escape routes planned in advance. The very root and cause of the Putin intrusion into the Crimea was to advert WW111.The rotten bastard, Netanyahu, president of israel, was behind a scheme to start a WW. Lets see what this rat comes up with as Iran and Syria eyeballs this snake's thinking.

hogorina1 topcommenter

Phallus worship is Satan's chief weapon against total morality of western civilization. When Adam and Eve had their eyes opened via taking of the tree of knowledge, Satan then stepped forward with his plan, for the struggle against God's chosen children. If this recognition is only a small part of the demon seed, then what makes you wonder so much about it. This in itself, causes you to ridicule another, for your subconscious harbors repressions, fixation, as the theme of sexual perversity preys so subtly, as entertainment through out our nation, as intertwined with our every-day life, in the name of

freedom of speech. Yes, phallus worship is a deadly menace being ingrained into the soul of every child in America. For you, a good start would to look at the Washington Monument. Satan's work is in the fore thought of perversion,as one gases at this work of Satan.

hogorina1 topcommenter


As an every-day layman with little formal education, i find that Adask law is a God send in sounding off as to society is a composition of numanity caught in a spiritual war—good vs evil. God has given Adask an insiight into a little world, spiritual, that mass humanity is fully unaware of. I’ve been around all walks of civil and political life. This whole sytem is set up on lies and corruption as the legal system is set in place in order to watch over stolen wealth and property from helpless people, of whom live in fear of organized crime, is a mandate in order to labour in the field of civil and legal robbery of the helpless souls depend on God to come to the their aid, when such bastards as mentined rule a nation run by Beezlebub and his family of devils. God bless Adask !

hogorina1 topcommenter


The dirty bunch of bastards runnung the pro-Bolsheviki show in Washinging are not blacks. All major departments are using whites as fronts and stool pidgions. Where ever you get a group of whites you will find squealers, or informers. It’s just one rat on the other. I am a hog and all the so-called rights that i have obtained are through blacks sticking togather. Working for years in watching these pimps blabbing on each other, sycophants, trying to get ahead. This is sickening. For this reason i take the name of Hog. I would rather eat in a trough with my kind rather than associate with skackers using so-called rights, when the blacks came out and denounced the bastards in national government. America’s problem is Netanyahu’s killers of Arabian women and children in the Gaza strip. Don’t fool your selves, he would do the same to blacks if they lived in the Gaza strip. Thank God that the blacks in America do not have to worry about those scoundrels that murder, rape, loot and wipe out people who have been run out of their homes. Our sick bastards in the state department puts up with gang as long as women and whiskey lis loaded down upon all foreign ambassadors. Give one a valise at large ladden down with torts in selling America out and he would marry the devil and kiss any arse to top it off.

hogorina1 topcommenter


I had been talking with a professor of economics. Having little education myself, i asked him what really was economics. He replied. With me it puts bred and whiskey on my table. This startled me, for this individual was a pillar of the university where he taught. Asked him about the national economy and he replied. Tax all the whore houses in Washington, for the last fifty years and our national debt could be paid off. This made me angry, because he knew that i was ignorant.
Generally, i look up to educated people. I asked him was he Jewish. He replied: I am a gypsy from Romania and sent here on a visa. ( whatever that is ). I always thought that gypsies were Jews, because our Lord, not a ghetto expert, Christ, through a prophet, let them go into Egypt to beat the famine in Canaan. They were cursed by God for doing so, in that them and their seed would never set foot in Egypt again. This site dislikes the chosen people, but what about the Gypsies. Since we have had several Jews in the White House why are you folks down on the Gypsies. We are all equal according to social engineering, why not shove a Romanian into the White House or the state Dept. Hillary Clinton could then give good advice, as how to screw up foreign affairs. We need new blood on capital hill. What do you folks think about this?

hogorina1 topcommenter


Where do you get that OUR father, ABRAHAM, is the “father of all nations”? NOAH is the father of all nations, and Jacob/ISRAEL are Gods Chosen, because it is through ISRAEL that the Messiah came, and BLESSED ALL NATIONS! It is also through Jacob/JUDAH that the Rebellion to GOD, by Satan, will be put down once and for all.
It is these kind of ‘comments’ that forced me to stop allowing you to post at my site. OFF topic and so far from giving a FULL/inclusive understanding, only concerned with ONE thing! “PHALLUS WORSHIP! Which is such a small part of the DEMON SEED ‘agenda’.
You do try so hard to provide a “PROFOUND” statement, that you seem to lack understanding of what the “profound” is. SHOCK and AWE is not profound! Phallus Worship is nothing new and is found in the STEEPLES of most of “CHURCHANITY”. To drone on and on about that makes me wonder if you even have ONE!

hogorina1 topcommenter

Hogorina- Says:

January 1st, 2015 at 3:23 pm

There are only two sources of wealth in the world; our abundant resources created and provided to us by our Creator/Savior, and our labor to refine them to suit our needs and desires. The corporate fiction creature image governments of men ultimately evolve into oppressive and tyrannical tools of greedy international “banksters” and our ancient antichrist Edomite/Canaanite adversaries and their puppet political prostitutes to rob us of our wealth, but we cannot blame our antichrist adversaries and their proselytes, we must blame ourselves. Our antichrist Edomite/Canaanite adversaries, said to be “the vessels of wrath fitted for destruction” and “man of sin” in scripture are merely profiting on our own iniquity (lawlessness) by the will and Laws of our Creator/Savior just as He said would happen if and when we, as His covenant people, Israel, now known as Caucasian Christians, would violate His Commandments, statutes, and judgments by bowing in fear, worship, support, and dependence upon other “gods.,” thereby allowing His Laws to be made of no effect, as in protecting the abomination punishable by death according to our Creator/Savior’s Law, homosexuality, and the practice of usury for which our Creator/Savior also prescribes the death penalty.

HOG: When will citizens awaken to the fact that our federal government is in the hands of an invisible syndicate of Marxian orientated confederated operatives laboring in the hands of an elite and invisible global satanically organized gang that is evolving Western Christian civilization right into BOLSHEVISM ?

hogorina1 topcommenter


Satan was compelled to find a way into the souls of earthly beings. He had to seek a manner that would include Homo Sapiens collectively. In the Garden of Eden the master-key was discovered, when this fallen angel had previously been expelled from the presence of God learned about the forbidden tree of knowledge. Eve had taken of this tree, likewise inviting Adam to do so. Readily, this father of all lies and deceptions, Beezlebub, learned the mystery as to the birth all mankind. The beginning was through the intermittentcy of man and woman. Lucifer discovered his weapon that would used against every breathing soul. The weakness and temptation of nature was of a Satanic scheme to destroy the souls of mankind.

                                 In the beginning, one-third of Satan and his devilish followers were cast forth from the presence of our creator. This was because lucifer rebelled against an option that the earth should be filled with free mankind to be responsible for their own thoughts and actions. Jesus approached God in an agreement that his earthly existence would teach that man should cultivate a free-agency earthly existence and given a choice to to do so. In other words, all mankind after death would appear before the judgement seat of God for sinful acts committed during an earthly existence.

                                  Before Satan and his gang entered an earthly atmosphere God brought a spiritual foreclosure on this gang in denying them a body. Thus hell-bound spirits lurk around the most devout God fearing souls, in order to tempt innocent followers into an invisible world of infernal hell in an alliance with liers.

                                  God’s people are inherited with a pro-creative imperative nature to ever fill the earth with mankind, in dedicating Abraham as the father of all nations. However, Lucifer has no control over mother nature. Satan is allowed to tempt God’s children with his unseen family of devils. This spiritual war has existed since Adam and Eve walked the Garden of Eden. In fact, this all historicity of love vs hate hovers over America today. Political syphilis is at the heart of sycophants in national government, of whom cuddles up phallic intrusion as merely  a byproduct of various political reactionaries, for better governmental and its broadening liberal stance towards subversion by perversion. The headstone for such accusation was Al Gore giving Hillary Clinton a well-deserved tongue job via televised nationwide. A previous runner-up to this would be Bill Clinton’s pleasurable incident within the oval office.  Phallus worship is the very seat and fore-running of such actions with public officials.

                                 Absolutely, President Vladimir Putin of Russia has beaten Christian America to the punch. He has declared Russia as an orthodox nation and has declared a national holiday in recognition of Jesus Christ, Also the porn industry was shut down and smut literature burned. As far as the rich children of the devil all were banned from any governmental job. This included civil jobs in all Russian states, The Rothschild bankers were shut down and officials jailed, This news is kept under cover by our communist run news industry within America. And the answer is obvious; The religious empire and Wall Street worship their own gods. There is a reason for the cross being rejected by three major religious functionaries. The conclusion is that many Christians recognize a sort of perverted intellectual comprehension as to the part that phallus worship plays when the idolatry of sexual perversion when sadomasochism was in the living nature of the devils and their ties with the Sanhedrin in nailing Christ to a tree. Our supreme court is an example of Satanic infiltration as based upon masochism of all degrees when oppressing a once free republic.

                                Our national civil industry survives not by vote but by fear of public and private intimidation as to mentioning that phallus worshipers running the show from the halls of congress, state department, federal reserve, NATO united nations, treasury Dept. and the Council on Foreign Relations. Things have not changed only to the obvious that our republic has been overthrown. The real springboard began within the Roosevelt administration. The president has his lovers hanging around his oval office while his wife had hers. Until we break the church/state serpent grip, as feeding from the taxpayer's role in national government via parasitic clergymen, and illicit investors, with pseudo-religious whoredom, an all forgiving God will bring down divine justice on a nation that now follows in the steps of an ancient Babylonian brought down through the idolatry sexual perversion in the name of Phallus worship. The Washington  monument is an exact of the phallic.

hogorina1 topcommenter


The threshing floor of national filth and entertainment comes from the bowels of an alien nomadic tribe of muddle-minded sexually-orientated sub-human gutter dialects, coming out of Eastern Europe, to eventually

buying up Hollywood beginning in the early nineteen twenties. Here the first toilet-bowel intellects began to spread class guttural instincts geared to fathering into an unsuspected nation’s, movie-goers, their ancient worship of phallus orientated, mentally disturbed minds, massively hobbled-down at the beginning of birth and educated into some homemade intellectual feces. Definitely given birth as children of darkness.

Such low-grade world-wanderers practiced penis worship in ancient Sumeria, when Abraham was warned of these dirty-bastards, and left for a city called Haran. Innocent Americans cannot avoid crotch grabbers, for their trickery is unmatched.

                  Ancient historicity on pornagraphy demonstates that such sub-human deviations was a chief antisocial weapon used against unsuspecting progressive civilizations. Proof of this is television and the national news industry. Millions of fools are being sucked into viewing obscene submissions as an eloquent opportunity to test character consciousness as to whether crossing the line of susceptibility can be retarded. Individual psychosexual weakness will prevail, for sublimation places its mark on weak-minded personalities. And then Satan can be blamed as perversion takes over.

President Putin of Russia has rounded up all professional porn industries. No doubt, this filthy gang will show up in New York City. The Waldorf Astoria will be their sleep-over.

                    Politics is schematic in America, as our two-party system is a wild-card, for international financial syndicated scoundrels controlled by an ancient people known as Edomites. Another word is Idumeans. This is a bloodline source of royal criminals that has hounded the semitic nations since the day that Moses dwelt at mount Sinai. America is under the control of Bolshevism. Yes, political rule within America strains back Mount Sinai. Both parties are infested with criminals in the service of Satan’s agents.

                     No doubt about it, we have a religious empire within America. The three main ecclesiastical installations are man-made and sat up by Satan and his pool of devils. This does not apply to followers--only to corrupt clergymen. We have Catholicism, Protestantism, and Judaism. God has one gospel kingdom on this earth, not these three. All three feed from the US treasury. In essence, collectively, all influence congress. Congress has been bastardized through multiple nations. When we see billions of taxpayers money going afloat to alien and enemy countries, then we know that America has fallen into alien religious philosophies. Just follow the money trail to know your enemy. America has made its own enemy and has been overthrown. The nation of original Shem, God’s chosen , are now reaping what has been sown, crime, corruption, poverty and disease. God has turned his back on America !

hogorina1 topcommenter

                           AMERICA HAS BEEN AMBUSHED

The Russian regime under Vladimir Putin has America between a rock and a hard place. The rock is the Crimean situation and the hard place is that Russian bombers are flying along our western seaboard within a fifty mile distance off shore. It appears that the Pentagon is being taunted. Two global giants are nearing a showdown. Two monumental subtly subdued, being caught in the clutches of a one-eyed cyclops as a political correlation consisting of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. This universal financial machine has been hammered-down, re-reorganized, as one mismanaged money-funding financial crisis. America’s wedge through loans has brought the Crimean affair as the major force that has backfired in using the state department as a springboard into the foreign affairs with Moscow.
Little doubt, that the Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu, is hands-down that Putin has averted a third-world war. Israel’s only way out via world opinion is to bring on war somewhere in the middle east in perpetuating the ever destabilization of Syria and Iran. So we must comprehend that Israeli confidence within congress, the Council on Foreign Relations and the state department have bought and paid for political failures as collective sycophants have no option but to be literally, as group-wise have been screwed-down, nailed-down, and weighted-down in an alliance to under rate the White Houses’
option to openly bow-down to oriental affairs of which oppose any treaties originating between EU and the Ukrainian government including the entry of western influence of America’s banking industry. This brings Putin into the forefront the battle of wits denouncing the pull-out of the Kiev government of which the west’s banking cartels will lose billions as already loaned the Kiev government.
With the issue of political surrounding the petro-dollar losing its value as a global trading median the federal reserve currency has lost its standing with the dollar’s decline as less than a sheet of toilet tissue. Germany, China, Russia, and Albania following suit, in dumping the petro dollar in favor of going into bartering with each other with each nation creating a credible currency. The reserves are being closed down as our counterfeit printing
press is questionable. The underlying issue is the oil and gas situation out of Russia that America depends on just as this vital energy system supplies the entire European nations. Much less oil comes out of the middle-east.
All-in-all, the Russian/American conflict is a flip-flop situation
as state religious turnabouts have reversed on opposite sides of the same coin. Putin pulled a rabbit out of the national political trough. His declaration that great Russia has become an orthodox religious empire in uniting Catholicism is a frightful but uncompromising regime that becomes a thorn in the side of western geopolitics in Palestine becoming a statehood, American providence, and as Cuba being umbrellered as catholic colony. There is little ecclesiastical modulation between Netanyahu’s Sanhedrin and Obama’s supreme court. Actually, oil as a western temptation for economic political and social gratification, whereas Asian culture harbors clarification in maintaining various religious fundamentals using energy ( oil / gas ) as a second-handed source in sustaining ancient gods in countering western intrusion into oriental / Asiatic religious fundamentalism.
Contrary to our sub-standard political state dept. is a gobbledygook collection of disorientated fools as pension-grabbing flower-heads. This appointed gang of congressional headhunters are aloof as to Ukrainian Kiev involvement with hand-in-glove World Banking / IMF manufactured fractional counterfeit loaning of worthless fiat currency. As beforehand mentioned, several nations just ain’t going to mess with it. As to America, these chickens have come home to roost, Bankers in conclusion with the federal and treasury Dept. have manipulated the falling dollar into a higher exchange rate by perpetually lowering oil and gas prices. This gives buyers an opinion that the dollar is getting stronger. In fact, the dollar is an absolute dead horse. This mule has already been beaten to death on the global exchange market. The final blow is when the price of oil begins to inflate through the dollar and a world-wide depression opens its doors.
The ambushing of America was final when NATO makes a way into the Crimean affair. This is counter to this organizations own established laws, Much worse is that the commie-run United Nations organization approves such political infidelity. America has become somewhat like the scorpion of which, carries the poison that will eventually kill itself. Within national society this is crime, corruption, poverty and disease. Within a confederated national government abetted high treason is the incipient cancer that has now drug our tottering republic right into the invisible nest of universal Bolshevism. Putin has bounced this machine of organized anti-religious gangsterism concealed under the caps of petty communist humanity as an invisible shaker of which is the prime mover and it has taken full root here in the USA.
Notwithstanding Putin. priest crafts and Obama’s obligations towards individual state affairs, it is ridiculous to disassociate the heavy hand of pseudo-religious infinity’s silent power structure ever reaching into the affairs of state. Karl Marx thought that the theory of spiritually rotating the slaves of state was an opium of sub-intelligence as a bourgeois rule. Without saying, the mental hydraulics of subversive intellect in cohesion with man-made governing and collectively social ambitions becomes one great ward of state. Apparently, many gods cohabitating under the roof of collective one ideal totem-post becomes dangerous so-called spiritually designed syndicated of bible-thumping syndicate. America is in the hands of feeding an ever enlargement of monstrous proportions feeding from the national treasury. As in the past ancient historicity nothing has changed. The major religion within America is Catholicism. From this spiritual foundation as built upon the stone of Peter, Protestantism emerged. The state has become a rock of Gibraltar as combined milk the golden-calf in Washington, as the Mount Sinai golden-cafe brought a nation to ruin.The institution of clergymen within Russia, Israel, and America has religious ambushed the American republic while a chunk of land, the Crimean, is snatched up by Russia, invaded by NATO, and tormented by EU, England,Wall Street, and behind the scenes the mother of hell, Beezlebub and his family of devils have bedded down with congressional banditry upholding a future One World government. Yes, America has been ambushed from within. Bolshevism may be dead in Russia, but is alive and up and running amidst an un-warned national society.

hogorina1 topcommenter


I read that whole thing, Berthania. The whole freaking thing. And that was the biggest bunch of all of the place bullhonkee I've ever read.

You're obviously a full-blown, whole hog, conspiracy theorist in the extreme. There are conspiracies, obviously, and always have been. But not everything is connected with one huge demonic conspiracy.. That's the big problem with conspiracy theorists. You way overshoot their mark. You become obsessed with things that aren't important and totally miss those things that are--because you think you've already got it all figured out. That's a whole new kind of blindness.END

                                     ABRAHAM AND FRAUDULENT SOCIAL SECURITY

Abraham, the father of all nations, was not nailed down with a Social Security number. This holy patriarch took a name-change from Abram to Abraham. Satan’s remarkable manner in numbering down humanity as cataloged slaves of state via serial numbering, is far-fetched to day, in vacating God’s previous will to set precedence, in the unchangeable truth, that a given name is honorable. Our Lord’s chosen people are numbered. Too, Satan’s gang in the political valley of hell, that is the very foundation of iniquity, named the pseudo-democratic party, – include an ever number of corrupt republican exponents of corrupt existence. Jesus was Jesus, one astounding individual of God ship. God commands through individual personalities. The Social security Administration demands and commands through numbers of which brand individuals as mere cattle. To day, ancient Abraham remains an individual recognizable personality. If living within our contemporary commie correlated social act he would become a number. In between Abraham and the daily manipulation of calculus manipulation revelations puts forth 666. Just as 666 accords mankind, social security is patterned.

Peradventure, as prolonged Humanoids become mentally crippled as feeding from state hand- two-party hand-crafted political troughs, individuality is devalued. Here, through the absolute loss of personality inertia dwindles and one becomes a politically devised slave of state. All in the art of calculated iniquity as Satan has his plan for upcoming born humanity to fall into line with a state already previously the Satanic regimentation as throngs for devils in the flesh. In actuality, this declaration of satanic rule by the agents of commie orientated political proclivities have been reversed. The state, USA, has become a victim of its own class rule, in the name of organized criminality, Fifty-state mob orientated trough patrolling are now engaged with various class anti-social Marxian orientated dissidents. mobs of visual supplications is a grave weight hovering over the halls of congress and now have become a Golan Monster with its claws into the literal throat of the supreme court. Only with several devils on the supreme court coinciding with a gang in the White house could the actual overthrow of national government take place.

Without a doubt souls, people, are born, they are given a name. later in life they are compelled to receive a SS number, All through life one is tagged like a swine. Here comes the fraudulence of SS. The name on the card was chosen at birth. A child had no choice within the matter. One was plastered with a name and should have been given a chance to name itself. Even Though the name is hated, it remains. Here the SS card is fraudulent and is a part of a scheme to control and manipulate people against their will. Christ never recognized any state or civil mandate. Since our creator told and shown Abraham the world as then and into the future, he stuck with his God-given name. Social Security is a satanic functionary on the backs of God’s people, for it robs honest investors in feeding idle mankind with services, as as stolen from true beneficiaries. There is more than a name, a true name. Convicts have identity numerals–so does the commie-run gang cuddle the 666. Yes, every patriot in America is a convict of national government. It is a matter of time for humanoids to become mankind and to throw off oppression in God’s name, and to let fraudulence left into the names of scoundrels, of whom take citizens to be fools.         MENTAL CRIPPLES JUST CANNOT HANDLE IT.

hogorina1 topcommenter

    Abraham, the father of all nations, was not nailed down with a Social Security number. This holy patriarch took a name-change from Abram to Abraham. Satan’s remarkable manner in numbering down humanity as cataloged slaves of state via serial numbering, is far-fetched to day, in vacating God’s previous will to set precedence, in the unchangeable truth, that a given name is honorable. Our Lord’s chosen people are numbered. Too, Satan’s gang in the political valley of hell, that is the very foundation of iniquity, named the pseudo-democratic party, – include an ever number of corrupt republican exponents of corrupt existence. Jesus was Jesus, one astounding individual of God ship. God commands through individual personalities. The Social security Administration demands and commands through numbers of which brand individuals as mere cattle. To day, ancient Abraham remains an individual recognizable personality. If living within our contemporary commie correlated social act he would become a number. In between Abraham and the daily manipulation of calculus manipulation revelations puts forth 666. Just as 666 accords mankind, social security is patterned.
    Peradventure, as prolonged Humanoids become mentally crippled as feeding from state hand- two-party hand-crafted political troughs, individuality is devalued. Here, through the absolute loss of personality inertia dwindles and one becomes a politically devised slave of state. All in the art of calculated iniquity as Satan has his plan for upcoming born humanity to fall into line with a state already previously the Satanic regimentation as throngs for devils in the flesh. In actuality, this declaration of satanic rule by the agents of commie orientated political proclivities have been reversed. The state, USA, has become a victim of its own class rule, in the name of organized criminality, Fifty-state mob orientated trough patrolling are now engaged with various class anti-social Marxian orientated dissidents. mobs of visual supplications is a grave weight hovering over the halls of congress and now have become a Golan Monster with its claws into the literal throat of the supreme court. Only with several devils on the supreme court coinciding with a gang in the White house could the actual overthrow of national government take place.
    Without a doubt souls, people, are born, they are given a name. later in life they are compelled to receive a SS number, All through life one is tagged like a swine. Here comes the fraudulence of SS. The name on the card was chosen at birth. A child had no choice within the matter. One was plastered with a name and should have been given a chance to name itself. Even Though the name is hated, it remains. Here the SS card is fraudulent and is a part of a scheme to control and manipulate people against their will. Christ never recognized any state or civil mandate. Since our creator told and shown Abraham the world as then and into the future, he stuck with his God-given name. Social Security is a satanic functionary on the backs of God’s people, for it robs honest investors in feeding idle mankind with services, as as stolen from true beneficiaries. There is more than a name, a true name. Convicts have identity numerals–so does the commie-run gang cuddle the 666. Yes, every patriot in America is a convict of national government. It is a matter of time for humanoids to become mankind and to throw off oppression in God’s name, and to let fraudulence left into the names of scoundrels, of whom take citizens to be fools.

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hogorina1 topcommenter

                                     CHRIST WAS NO MONGREL

Our saviour is our oldest brother as first born in the flesh of God. The enemies of all Western world righteousness carries a bloodline running back to ancient Esau.

Esau had a twin brother named Jacob. God called Jacob Israel. God cursed Esau for intermarrying within the Canaanite race. God says: Jacob have I loved but Esau I have hated. This spiritual war moves along today, There is no such thing as a middle ground. Hundreds of years after Noah’s Ark founded ground it was discovered that the Canaanite race survived the great deluge. Noah’s son, Ham, married into the Canaanite race. Egypt was founded by a hamite pedigree and was the first great country. Nimrod, bloodline of Ham founded Babylon. Jesus Christ’s bloodline was polluted at this beginning from Ham until our present contemporary civilization. Even from the historicity beginning with Adam and Eve Canaanite intermarriage brought down God’s hand upon forbidden racial intermixture and homosexuality, thus the flood came forth from a vengeful almighty.

                                     Noah had two more sons, Japheth and Shem. God chose Shem as the progenitor of a chosen Race. Our Lord decreed that this bloodline should remain unpolluted as long as Shem’s lineage walked this earth. All Western civilizations were set up by this shemitic people through the implications of divine intuition of God-fearing mankind. In fact, eighty percent of Shem lineage came from germany and Western Europe and the Baltic area of Scandinavia. This was in

the cause of the American Revolution of 1776.  In Holy writ a people called the Hyksos crossed the Red Sea and overthrew the Pharaoh of Egypt. This was a nation of Shem--they were known as shepherds. They ruled for one thousand years. The Canaanite rule was quelled, If moses, Joseph, or Abraham had married into the Canaanite Egyptian race neither one could have held the Melchizedek  priesthood that Christ had held.

                                      Japhet was Noah’s son. Japhet married into the Canaanite seedline. And now the Arabic nation is born. The Arabs are first cousins of the so-called Jews. This is a claim that Abraham had married an Egyptian slave girl given to him by the pharaoh of Egypt. This slave was of shemitic lineage. The name Jew was coined into world literature after our revolution of 1776. the name did not exist before that time. The translators come up with the word jew as derived from Judaism. The jews are not an ethnic nor nation for they are world wanderers as nomads.  The Israeli nation sat up in 1948 is fraudulent and are of Eastern European ancestry. Their peers came out of Mongolia.  

                                     During WW11 Russia’s red army invaded east Berlin, This army was made up of uncivilized asiatics out of Mongolia for the most part. In the rear of this devilish band of outlaws Russia had a blocking army in making sure that the Red army would not reverse its attack on Berlin. In the name of God and country shem people of all ages, especially children and women battled the invading asiatic mobs hand-to-hand, home to home, street to street, as all hell was turned a loose against civilized humanity as the enemy of civilization had slain God’s chosen seedline. Several hundred thousands died in Berlins struggle for liberty and justice. All-in-all, it was esau and Jacob, one for the Canaanite blood line, the other for Abraham and god’s unpolluted blood line. During WW1 any and all ruling classes of Shemitic lineage were killed off. As King Solomon observed: there is nothing new under the sun”.

                                     Peradventure, as foreseen, the chickens have come home to roost. As we must understand that our present national leadership along with their foreign allied nations do carry the menacing bloodline that God has denounced through the ages. Since Israel’s president Netanyahu  has failed to drag America into a third world war our commie-controlled national confederation is trying to open doors for him through the illegal use of NATO. Israel monetary infrastructure demands that we have an EU plus ukraine confederacy of economic correlation.

President Putin of Russia has blocked such commie run Western proliferation into the sight of White House Russia. Here, again, Putin has proclaimed white ( Shem ) Russia as an orthodox state religion. Esau and his gang in Washington with generals in the Pentagon cannot take russia on ground fighting. Too, both nations hold nuclear weapons. When nations persecute Abraham’s chosen seed line, Shem, as the obvious ultimate in class political whoredom, then the hand of God steps in. We nestle hope that America will look to God in protecting His children.

hogorina1 topcommenter


Hold on: there are two Israels on the land of America. One as tied to the Israeli sat up in 1948.The LDS church in Utah proclaims to be Israel. We have a toss-up here. You were born into one and i was not. Within 100 years after Christ died all the apostles had passed away.
With no one in authority, the church collapsed. The Catholic church says they are built upon the rock of Peter. This is fraudulent, because that church had no divine authority to preach in the name of God. Yes, you have members in both religions being humbugged, as to your Israel and misled nerds; the other.
In Fact, Netanyahu has come out and proclaimed just as previously stated, that it made no difference as to the khazar people of Eastern Europe coming to your Israel, as long as they stand for the republic of Israel. This is politically humbugging and nothing else.

Remember, i was speaking of Abraham’s tribe, or people, not about your personal perceptions, as to what is right or wrong. In the old Testament, God perpetually condemned His Israel as whore mongering after various alien gods. You cannot change this.
Intelligent people never get mad but do get angry. Angry i do get. Christ has no part within your closed society. He was born in Bethlehem as a citizen in palestine, but he was in the royal lineage of Shem, Jacob’s Israel. It is substantiated that ancient Esau’s generations delved in Jerusalem, Intermarrying into pure-lineage Israelites. Why doesn’t netanyahu tolerate this further, Arabs. first cousins.
I do abhor my own race of people for standing back and using the churches as a front, while their children were used as a pawn in the hands of Eastern world Asian fundamentalism’s religious perceptions importing their gods as a tool to destroy Western civilization. Your Israel used NATO as a tool against Putin of Russia in an aftermath of the Crimean affair. NATO is a political beachhead of supportive imperialism, operating under the influence of Rothschild monetary industries. Russian Bombers are right now zeroing in on America within a 50 mile off shore free international ocean zone.
If i were you, you could do your Israel a great service in letting your colleagues know that Putin has no use for Israeli or American political gangsterism. In essence, pray to your god that the Arabs remain in limbo, for they are your first cousins back to Abraham. Putin is an intelligent and dangerous individual. He once headed the Russian KGB

hogorina1 topcommenter


 Our US state department is a humbugging operation, as a pawn in the hands of Israel. Yes, its billions for an Asian state and billions from banksters, of whom have plundered our national homeowners via an indirect tax increase through hot-money bailouts. The perpetual plundering of honest-working tax payers have leveled off as Wall Street swindlers is swarming with illicit alien investors in, the daily rigging of marketing and and investment engineering into an engagement of petro dollars, in being rigged to counter gold gold reserves of Russia, China, and Germany’s rebellion against Western imperialism. From the West drones and stinger rockets for Eastern states that are aborting the federal reserves’ fiat currency. The petrodollar goes into the dust bin returning home to its founders, Several Western nations in alliance with Asiatic confederations on global monetary standards are going into bartering. The result of this economic intrusion caused by Eastern and Western economic downturns is a war for global markets for both sides. Since President Putin has declared Russia as a Greek Orthodox state, this is a family affair as Catholicism within America has greater influence within the US state Dept. Pseudo democracy will prevail in servicing the state of Israel as sat up in 1948. The end result is that we have several russian long-range bombers now patrolling international waters at fifty miles from our American shores. High treason is the norm in national politics.
During the 1990s, the U.S. imposed an embargo on Iraq to prevent that nation from receiving all of the food and medicines it needed. As a result of that embargo, 500,000 Iraqi children are believed to have died.
During much of that embargo, Medeline Albright was the 64th U.S. Secretary of State. On May 12th, A.D. 1996, Secretary of State Albright appeared on 60 Minutes and was asked if the “price” of the embargo-related deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was “worth it”. Albright replied, “I think that this is a very hard choice, but the price . . . we think the price is worth it.”
The U.S. imposed an embargo on Iraq to prevent that nation from receiving all of the food and medicines it needed. As a result of that embargo, 500,000 Iraqi children are believed to have died.
During much of that embargo, Medeline Albright was the 64th U.S. Secretary of State. On May 12th, A.D. 1996, Secretary of State Albright appeared on 60 Minutes and was asked if the “price” of the embargo-related deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was “worth it”. Albright replied, “I think that this is a very hard choice, but the price . . . we think the price is worth it.” End quote. Six million of Albright’s lineage dies in WW11. No mercy for these children! This is a sample for America’s  white race, If God don’t help us, who will?

hogorina1 topcommenter


Your mail was carefully considered and read with great interest, There is 
no way that i can counter your views. As far as Mr. Jones goes i have 
nothing personal against him. Only when he used the butt word was he 
actually sublimating without meaning so. Hundreds of perverts patrol these 
sites to enjoy the fact that millions of people do not comprehend 
sublimation. This is a master tool of Hollywood and their masters of 
deception in promoting language designed to arouse and open up listener’s, 
or reader’s minds, to unconsciously 
dwell upon erotically repressed sexual desires. Here, Jones is doing the 
work of his invisible handlers–radio and national news industry owners and 
investors. This method of perversity that has a foundation back to Adam 
and Eve, when a ( viper ) talked with Eve, in a warning that their would be 
a war between his seed and her seed’ Mind you,this so called viper might 
have been a man in a spiritual body or an apparition, for Christ called his 
enemies dogs, vipers, etc .In several hundred years Noah constructed his 
Ark. Phallus worship was the going thing until the almighty reacted in 
drowning the then mankind that loved perversion, lowering the natural man 
more than the good life that was given to our former Mother and Father. 
Today, phallus worshipers control America. These are the contemporary 
descendants ancient Esau, God’s worst enemies. The late President Herbert 
Hoover, a Quaker, warned in his biography in 1947 that the American people 
were following the ways of ancient Esau. It is obvious that this is now 
going on. God’s hates this crowd, a gang of loosened devils in the flesh. 
The enemy that brought down God’s people at the great Deluge is bringing 
our nation into a national gutter of intellectual prostitution enshrouded 
with wide-open erotic temptations, infatuations of souls headed for hell. I 
want you to consider this, because Jones has fallen into this trap 
innocently ! 

hogorina1 topcommenter


A police officer's primary duty is to guard the stolen wealth of the various fifty state ruling classes. Since the state is a master parasitic machine of professional bandits lawyers are needed in order 

to front and to secure the blood-sucking bastards that poach from mobs, of whom as cattle, kneel down to legal vipers, of which are legalized criminals to maintain as a back-up through judge-ships with the authority to jail helpless citizens that had been formerly brain-washed in that the state is a god-send in protecting any and all provinces of rule, cities, that has been allotted to them through the ballot box scheme or politically gerrymandered through landed encroachment of political gangsters favored by specific ruling elements having such robbery theoretically given power under some fraudulent opinion that the national constitution is a document that guaranteed theft by those of whom seek protection by theft as parasites via police state measures. The state is a parasite as lawyers are parasites feeding on parasites.

hogorina1 topcommenter


In early 1920 the international optimist club sent out representatives to European nations. This was to spread Esperanto as a form speech. Esperanto came into use around 300 BC. Its roots came out of Rome. Esperanto was a corruption of Spanish. In this language the number 666 consists of each numeral having a specific count adding up to 666. Historically, it appears that this language has petered out. However, America is being flooded with aliens of Spanish origin. The question remains: is there an unknown world of humanity trained subtly to invade North America? Certainly, this is in the field of politics, for the majority immigrants flooding America are Catholics. The democratic party has become a haunting political issue, that we most probably have a one-party system. As King Solomon opted: there is nothing new under the sun".  From Adam and Eve Satan carries his political baggage in the name of Christianity. Alexander entered Gordia with a sword and quelled all opposition. A word to the wise should be sufficient here.

hogorina1 topcommenter

                                        POTUS FOR PRESIDENT

All ARE aware that POTUS is a Muslim, a Socialist, and a Communist rolled into one chain smoking, beer guzzling, golf club swinging, vacationing package, and democrat. Potus is from Romania and a Gypsy. America needs new blood in the White House.There are Hispanics, Chinese, Japanese, Jews, African Americans, Christians, atheists, agnostics, Catholics, Protestants, etc. in Congress. So tell me just who or what screwed-up patriotics are biased against, because God does not operate in social or political confusion. Wrong! national government is a god of organized confusion.
We need Potus in congress. Since Potus harbors a mob mentality that fits right into that gloating bag  controlling congress. We need King Kong for secretary of state. Godzilla should be the attorney general. Bozo the clown should be speaker of the house. America needs new talent to serve the dumbed-down masses of whom crawl over each other like rats in a barn to knaw on the few commie slices of bread in hard times. Collectively, Potus is the man who knows how to mix a good-ole political grunion stew to fatten up the held in check mobs that are awaiting the ripe moment to literally pull America into line with our communist run national rat-hole.

hogorina1 topcommenter

                                     TOOLS OF LIBERALISM

and he said unto me ( Lord ) Behold there are two churches only, one is the church of the lamb of God, and the other is the church of the Devil, wherefore,whoso belongeth not to the church of the lamb of God belongeth to that great church, which is the mother of abominations; and she is the whore of all the earth. 
         This the universal Catholic church. ll Protestant churches originated from the Catholic church. Therefore, they are man-made. That great church had no authority to preach the gospel on this earth--neither did protestantism, for did not have the authority.Billy Graham and John Hagee are tools of the Israel that was set up in 1948. This gang has nothing to do with Lord.

hogorina1 topcommenter

America is a state established via revolution as a break off from mother England. Actually, America is a tool as tied to universal Zionism. All through ancient history ancient Esau has managed to break Israel into segments. The fifty segments are fifty disunited States of Amerika. The chosen race is to be mongrelized. This is being accomplished now. Cuba is now recognized. This is under an umbrella of universal Marxian Bolshevism. America now practices emperialism. This is following ancient Nimrod’s first movement towards imperialism. Only through our pseudo-religious empire is this taking shape. Satan is at the helm of state.

hogorina1 topcommenter

As all religions are man-made, any progressive lier can fundle along as a prince of God, in duping innocent and honest people. Billy Graham and John Hagee were and are agents of Satan. Study both of these characters background and their instructions about God and readily recognise that Lucifer gives revelations too. I am not speaking ill against any followers, for i was duped over the years, and listened to bastardised fools milk the souls of unsuspected beings, pawning themselves off as God's representitives. I would llike to reiterate, Billy Graham has done his part for Satan, and now is bedded-down with a conscious that Satan is well satisfied with. And now, this Hagee is a most dangerous minister within America, for he is in hock with professional revoliutionaries of oriental fundmenralism's anti-Christ renegades. Christ was never a Jew,  but Hagee was born into that cast via the mystery of birth.

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                                THE SKY IS FALLING DOWN

Did you ever think thank that the above American manhood were an enemy unto themselves, when the dirty bastard Eisenhower sent paratroopers into Little Rock Arkansas and shoved bayonets into the backs of school children, as they were compelled to march to school under martial law? Since that generation have died out their contemporary descendants, manhood, have become a race of cowards,
Cannot these dumbed-down freaks of nature realize that America is now under the political control with an infestation of alien cutthroats that harbor sexual degeneration as phallus worshipers, in corrupting helpless school children now under the incipient shell of universal Bolshevism. Bolshevism is a mental disorder moving across the globe in various political fashions, in watering down a criminal nation’s disgust with western civilization. These outcast being being run out of Asia are moving into America from eastern Europe. And how are they pulling this off. Simple! idle and simple-minded mobs plenty of sports and sexual degeneration.
Yes, indeed, uncle Sam is put away into the wood shed and sleeps with contempt and self-hatred, with little resistance as to the alien invasion of global revolutionaries, as international proletarians in an alliance with oriental fundamentalism’s rebounding from America’s gradual expansion, as ingrained gradual imperialism has taken roots in rerouting a once free nation, America, right into the ancient Babylonian imperialist plunder, of which was the intention as ham’s descendants with their anti-semitic spiritual inclinations to make war on God’s chosen seed, the Israelite nation, as derived from the nation of Shem. No doubt about it: the democratic/republican machine has become one gargantuan monster of oppression and a seat of double-dealing scoundrels being housed under the shed of a commie-guild-ed nest of political gangsters in hock to a national machine of pro-Bolsheviks, while America dashes headlong into an ever incipient expansion of universal social

hogorina1 topcommenter


One cannot prove a truth. Truth stands on its own Merritt. A lie can be corrected only after a truth comes to light. Both are opposites. Pseudo-intellectual exhibitionist are usually hampered as split personalities. All mankind harbor suppressed ambitions through life from the womb to the tomb. Dr. Sigmund Freud coined, ” Civilization And It’s Discontents”.
Correspondingly, Freud was inherently a victim of intellectual hysteria.
This massive contemporary civilization, especially within a pseudo democracy, as civilly pronounced within our USA, consists of repressed personalities. The late philosopher, Socrates openly denounced such false pretension of state rule. Naturally, this wise man was put to death. Within our so-called Christian temperament, in such cases as mentioned, any and all of whom rebels at political rule or of Christian inflexibility, are ostracized or starved into submission. Here, the state becomes a double-decked bastard through class division. In no way can anyone counter religious beliefs with a basis, comprehension, if not steeped into the very depths, as to how America’s rule rolls forth on the wheel of our national religious empire, reaching back into the ancient Chaldean era wherein Abraham, the father of all nations, lived in a town known as Kish.
Coherently, As King Solomon surmised: ” There is nothing new under the
sun “. As to an individual confronting , ( her ), as to a Mormon church, this is somewhat patronizing the once imaginary Don Quixote in battle with envisioned windmills. Mr. Mormon was an historian on ancient South American anthropology and geology. If any dissatisfied personalty intends to openly destruct an organization, religious or invisible, in this case, get the name first. In this matter it is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints. This organization has no roots to any and all man-made religions, as established within these united States, past or present. This church was not founded on contemporary religious fundamentalism. In order to unwind Mr. Mormon a somewhat elevated education is required. Here again, demanding ignorance so gracefully abides time along with the ignorant, the super ignorant, and the ulterior ignorant. Such nerds would come out better in romancing some stone.

hogorina1 topcommenter

                                               LAYMAN’S OBSERVATION







hogorina1 topcommenter

        A product of Harvard, Lillian Flooken, of Poland, attacks Hogorina for questioning the upside, downside, hand-clasping back-slapping congressional upstarts, in becoming a watering hole, as an orchestrated machine of collectivized melancholia, in giving Potus, ( patriot ), a shot as a paid seat warmer. Here we have Dr. Flooken as a Jackal and Hyde nestling, saddling, a mind-set, of social elephantiasis between Israel and Arabia, addressed an opponent as an anti-Semite. It has become an alien unfortunate religious misgivings, for any upright citizen to question many socialist revolutionaries, of whom now have pretty well bedded-down with Uncle Sam. Drag one out into the light of scrutiny and hell breaks loose.
        Name-calling in America is a political device out of liberal whoredom. Lillian Flooken sits on her arse in the service of Bolshevism/Zionism.

        So you’re saying that you’re anti-Semitic? Who are you ranting about and against?

        You ARE aware that POTUS is a Muslim, a Socialist, and a Communist rolled into one chain smoking, beer guzzling, golf club swinging, vacationing package, right?

        There are Hispanics, Chinese, Japanese, Jews, African Americans, Christians, atheists, agnostics, Catholics, Protestants, etc. in Congress. So tell me just who or what you are biased against.
        Let one who reads this please take stock as to how our country has been Marxianized !

hogorina1 topcommenter


WE have a race of devils ruling America. Their descendants reach back before the Great deluge, ( the flood ), in Noah's day. That people was separated from God' s people Their modern contemporary descendants are known as Edomites. King David was warned of then, when he was the the first king to rule over Israel in Palestine Their original home was in Asia. they were ran out of Asia into the Black sea area. Today. they call themselves Zionist. These global roamers claim to be an ethnic and linguistic class of people, which is incorrect. Their hatred of Christ reaches to absolute insanity. It is a major question as to their seed line had anything as pertaining to Adam and Eve. These people control the treasury, and the federal reserve. Their intention is world rule. As of global plunderers, this ungodly gang wants to have another WW. Yes, they want to wipe out our Lord's chosen seed line. We are fighting an uphill battle with Beelzebub and his family of devils, Our Lord addresses these mongols as as swine and dogs. Their chief weapon in fighting Christians is obscene sex and child molestation.

hogorina1 topcommenter

                           THE PERSONALITY OF JESUS

Our Lord was specific and straightforward in speech and thought. His body language was perfected as unapproachable as to be indictable of any manner of physical or mental instability. Here this background perception of a perfected soul in the image of God. Our Holy scriptures indicate that our creator has brought forth both good and evil for His own purposes. Evil spirits do rule over flesh and bones of worldly-claimed possessed  individuals. Obviously, the late psychoanalysts Dr. Sigmund Freud, has always reversed the Goya humanity as sub-human, nothing more that less, of a Neanderthal nomads, contemporary paranoids, with a club on shoulder searching for food, socially unstable, and weighed down with mental inferiority, being controlled as mere cattle from the womb to the tomb. Dr. Freud appeared to be mentally handicapped with an inborn incapability to rid himself of an unholy anal fixation. To socially annihilate this mental disease would be to completely destroy Beelzebub and his family devils in the flesh. Obviously, this anti-social malignant disorder would pull Freud and his fellow travelers bank onto the universal  sewer from whence they sprang. The personality of Jesus is an opposition to any man that loves this world. Lucifer is the prince of this world.

              Condescending as to what God intones into the soul of mankind, and as to Freud’s analytic conscription of humanity, Satan inspires wicked dispositions of weak and adverse opponents.  It is divinely decreed that mercy cannot rob justice. One might consider the Great Deluge, flood, in witnessing that Jesus and His creator’s commands never waver in one degree.

All in all, we have a web of Gordian complicity leveling down within the most elevated echelons of national government. Biblical implication here is that Israel has become converse and taken hold of in a whoring after a two-party ruling class of which has a hold upon innocent Christianity through the religious/state political idolatry. The Israel as established in 1948 has nothing to do with our Lord’s ministry here on earth. True Israel was never established via drones, cannon, bombs, and murder as financed by Christians within America. The most dangerous and a grave danger is the controlled pulpits across America committing high treason against our American nation and the very flower of our native youth going to their graves while unwillingly unlawfully being forced to fight orientalism’s spiritual wars of whom struggle against international Bolshevism and of which now has our national two-party nests of political gangsterism.

               Universal Bolshevism is a deadly menace to any civilization being established upon christian principles. And astounding as it is, the amalgamation of fraudulent religious enterprises have created an arch enemy of all freedom loving Americans of whom do not comprehend the dark-side of legalized political banditry and its close association with pseudo-religious whoredom. The National Educational Association in an alliance with the programmed national psychiatry industry, as a ream, have unlearned and hampered the future of leaders of America right into the paws of an ever incipient stage of a one-world state of socialism.

               In countermanding  the ever expanding social and political corrosion that is eating the guts out of simple-minded fools of whom have individual tow lines feeding from Hollywood and the national news industry as mental cripples; we must break this controlling Gordian Knot, not as Napoleon did, but pay attention to what a multiplicity of communist-controlled pulpits in the hands of alien spies Marxian orientated liberalism. An astounding inquiry as to why some churches glory in the cross while others do not declare the cross? Within this inquiry one will discover as to how Satan needles thoughtless souls into the whims of approaching Bolshevism. One side of the mystery of iniquity is that is that there is a split between Christ and the cross. In mid-religious scheming we discover the Devil’s work shop.

              In comprehensively one becomes amazed to discover the outright religious diversion via the cross. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints have little regard for the cross. The Jehovah’s Witnesses have no regard for the cross. The Jewish religious philosophy holds little regard for the cross. Herein is a mystery. The cross has twisted meanings as to varied religious functionaries. None of these religions tamper with this cross subject. And for this reason monies are funneled into the national religious industry. God reveals His intentions to his chosen few. John Hagee, Billy Graham, and well =heeled ministers will not bite the hand that they feed upon. Hagee and Graham has the master key to the mystery of iniquity. These two individual are wire-pullers for national socialism. Karl Marx might quip: Religion is an opium for the masses. Hagee and Graham appear to be mouth-pieces for Zionism.