Book Review: The Essential Scratch & Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert

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Lauren Mowery
Richard Betts, one of few Master Sommeliers in the world -- and one of even fewer to pass the rigorous exam on the first go-around -- has quite impressive credentials. So one might expect his literary efforts to produce something in the vein of a tome dedicated to the distinctions between Grand Cru Bordeaux, for example. Instead, however, his latest book represents a complete 180 in wine snobbery -- he's crafted a children's book for adults on how to smell your way to wine expertise.

Proving wine books by definition need not be boring, this coffee-table appropriate conversation starter utilizes clever scratch-and-sniff stickers adhered to the pages inside to guide your nose to a better understanding of what to expect from the stuff in your glass. The complementary prose provides an intelligent but easy-to-understand framework for navigating the seemingly subtle differences in grape variety, oak, and even cork taint. A helpful "map to your desires" features a wheel of likes and dislikes that purports to lead you to the promised vinous land of a better drinking experience.

Of course, you won't actually become a wine expert reading this book. To do that, you need proper coursework. But you wouldn't expect to extract a tooth without attending dental school first, either. For most people, becoming a wine professional isn't the goal; rather, a basic understanding of wine is. That's where this book succeeds: It breaks down concepts such as terroir, old world v. new world, or why wine smells funky or butter flavor shows up in Chardonnay, so that anybody can understand and ultimately have a more nuanced appreciation of the wines they taste and decide to drink. The book makes for an amusing, interactive gift, yet it also proselytizes Betts' more serious message: Wine isn't a luxury, it's a grocery, and it's only good if YOU like it. A vital message, indeed.

Lauren Mowery writes the Unscrewed column for Fork in the Road. Visit her blog, Chasing the Vine, for more on wine, drinks and travel.


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hogorina1 topcommenter



1991, PUB. N.Y. “TENTS OF KEDAR “.

In quote: ” Take recent history, for example. There is an

immutable and rigidly-dogma, dogma, taught to all the people through the

land, that the Germans were uniquely and sole

responsible for starting World War11. Thus, the unspeakable disastrous

political results of that war–the rise of COMMUNISM and the destruction

of Europe as a world force, as well as infinite human suffering both

during and after the war: 50 million lives lost, an ultimate financial

cost of 25 trillion dollars or more–can be comfortably blamed on the

Nazi devils without pain of having to examine the possibility that

Britain, America and our ” noble ally “, the Soviet Union, were not

entirely blameless. Another subject which has been completely removed

from the realm of national, open discussion by the repressive effects of

the myth is that mysterious international force known as Zionism Just

what is the true extent of the power that this shadowy force exerts over

all of governments of the West? Do Zionism and COMMUNISM and Zionism

spring from the same origins, and are they still interconnected today?

Were the only two victors of the war ZIONISM and COMMUNISM? If so, what

part did they play in its incitement? What is the connection of Zionism

with the news media and with those very practical and profit-minded men

who control our money system? What are the real aims of Zionism? End


Decades past, Congressman Adam clayton Powell, Jr. of Harlem, N.Y. appeared on national television nestling this proclaimed remark:  “ We have the white man on the run, lets keep on the run” This burnt out alcoholic represented his black constituents, and was a hybrid, neither black  nor white. He was a self-suffering psychoneurotic bottle-chaser, blasting away at taxpayers of whom support such rubbish as a representatives.

In retrospect, Assayid Issa Al Haddi, Arabian, spoke of the real issues confronting the East and Wests political philosophy and not his racial origin back to Jacob’s son, Haggia. It seem that politicians like Powell  are more self-expressive with his own conduct, Nevertheless, Mr. Powell left for a drinking spiel in some Mediterranean tourist trap to return back to the states in a pine  box. When death comes knocking at political whoredom’s door its cares less about such baggage. Yet, beware when turning on your own tutors. Powell was a democrat.

hogorina1 topcommenter


America is composed of various nations all throttled down with diverse and adverse cultural and religious convictions. This interwoven mesh of humanity

is politically correlated intellectually and becomes one nation. This anti-social

hypocrisy creates an national melting-pot, of which individual identity.                         Mind-bending is a trick in bamboozling individual perception in serving a national, and collective pseudo-democracy. Definitely,  through the maze of ballot-box enslavement an embedded national enemy screens its appearance through an unlawful illegal influence in countering a constitutional mandate, that a complete separation of state and federal government is a valued legal testament against any sovereign fifty-state political machine, in weighing in on any select religious movement holding citizenry in religious bondage. This is an irrational conjecture.

              Countering fifty-state rule via obligated politically diversity, mental perversion persisted in a shadow, but invisible pro-religious syndicated alien obligations weighing down upon the shoulders of the late president Woodrow Wilson. This conned individual sent millions to their death in WWl. This treason was in serving a pseudo-religious gang with its spiritual insanity ruling over massive congressional mental subservience to an alien religious movement.

             Our national government now functions under Machiavellian interpreted,

as the stepson of pseudo-republican allies with devils in the flesh, the late Harry Solomon Truman, president, was a party and part in deceiving this nation into allying our republic in furthering our connections with Red Russia in 1945. Harry was surrounded by spies. The high treason was to drop atomic bombs on Japan in slaughtering women and children, The highest echelons of pentagon begged Harry not to commit this crime for,  Japan tried to end the war but to no avail. Harry’s servitude was in the interest of a future state of Israel, as established in 1948. Mental slavery and high-treason was the path from Wilson to Truman.

            Without a doubt, the question as to this politically devised and encrypted national rule of alien religious gangsterism has created a police state. Congress is intertwined with near eastern political affairs not in the interest of America’s internal unrest. This alien situation is an attempt to pull the West into a third WW.

             Once again, we regress right back into the state of multi-religious domination by an alien world movement disguised political movement, of which as as an anti-social antagonism-- by nature is in opposition to Western humanity. In actuality, our nation, God’s people, are encroached upon and blinded in the jaws of international Oriental fundamentalism vs Western religious occidental-ism.

            The nest of Christ-hating universal nomads are grounded with a collectivized gang of ruling financial engineers. Their final link of hell on earth is to illegally use NATO as a tool to invade alien Third World nations in criminality.

hogorina1 topcommenter

LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THY Self              

          Aggression is evil
We should not hate political whores.We should not hate pseudo liberals.We should not hate parasites.we should not hate the haters.We should hate our selves.We should not hate slum masters.We should not hate loan sharks.We should hate illicit investors.We should not hate used-car dealers.We should not hate dog catchers.We should not hate gutter snipers.We should not hate bill collectors.We should hate the master-criminal industry controlling America.We should not hate ghetto masters.We should hate the press network.We should not hate FEMA and SWAT as professional criminals.We should not hate perverts controlling education.We should not hate unscrupulous corrupt judges.We should not hate commies in national affairs.We should not hate for God making the rainbow coalition.We should not hate spies in the State Department.We should not hate the Edomite control of free speech.We should not hate Marx for formulating communism.We should not hate the fools in Congress.We should not hate the wrecking of America by Bolshevism.We should not hate the growing wealth of religions.

hogorina1 topcommenter


The option to Christianity was originally established when the Sanhedrin, supreme court in Jerusalem, opposed the teachings of Christ. The orient consist of lands east and south east of the Mediterranean sea.
          Remember,  presidents lay their left hands on the old testament. Here lies the trickery of leaving Christ out the picture. The new testament was not included, and this left Christ out. The majority of Christians in America don't comprehend that Christ is working with his people in all areas of holy intervention, while under the direction of his father, the creator. Actually, the swearing in is before a God and leaving Christ out. Satan's agents pull the wool over innocent people's eyes.
       Consider that after our Lord was put to death, within one-hundred years our Lord and his apostles were deceased. There was no authority, or divine intervention, as the gospel had been taken off this earth. We go into revelations and John declares this--frightening !
        The teachings of Christ had slowly waned, as oriental nations brought forth being spiritually corrupted, in establishing new gods. For instance consider Mohammed, as Allah their god.There are hundreds of oriental gods all over Asia. These worshipers deny that Christ is a God, but that he was a good man,  in falling into the hands of state hierarchies aiding via funding their people's ability in per-suing such idolatry. These so-called gods are circumvented into oriental thought structure and of which a culture desires. Religion and physical slavery the psychology of ultimate rule. This eastern-world philosophy is counter to western civilization.
          Actually, fundamentalism is a basic orientation of the eastern way of life. America has been flooded since 1812 with most emigres from eastern Europe. Communism took root in the eastern end of New York City. This gang was funded by Rocker feller and Rothschild. 
           No doubt about it, all religious organizations in America are man-made. All we have rt do is to listen to their spiritual oratory, in order to discover another world of alien investments out of Asia. Think of it. These tutored ministries receive tax-free immensities from the federal reserve, Yes, bought and sold by honorable citizens, as to the methods of Satan, as well-planned in advance. The religious formality within America has been sealed, covered over, screwed down, nailed down, and burried.

Twisted and simple-minded souls are suckered into following the new version of the bible without comprehending that Christ dealt with his kinship all through the old testament, 
             Yes, every president yields to the old testament God, while disregarding Christ. Of course, the state of Israel agrees-one God only.

hogorina1 topcommenter


Absolutely, this pseudo democracy has been perpetually enlarged since the era of the late president Woodrow Wilson. The present administration is a dyed-in-the-wool, upgraded political organ, in committing acts against innocent, tax-paying patriots, being gerrymandered into fifty states, through an ever enlargement of scoundrels, in concealing their global railroading, glorying in a universal Satanic scheme, in order to drag western christianity into a hell on earth. Circumventing the state/religion matrix is crystal clear, for fools of whom live a daily life as communist mental cripples. Communal unity is pure and holy but, Marxian socialism is anti-sociological criminalised, sub-human despondency, degenerating in a vegetable state of national nihilism. The gang in national office, as grouped, squeal like pigs, when patriots pulls these hoods under the scope.

        The yesteryears of past presidents when being sworn in were compelled to lay their left-hand on the Old Testament-a specific scripture of a familia prophet. With the right hand raised, an oath is taken to protect one pool of eastern Europe’s most outrageous anti-social ruffians of which were formerly ran out of Asia. This same gang overthrew christian Russia in nineteen seventeen. Believe it or not, the late president Franklin D. Roosevelt gleefully took his oath, yes, indeed, in 1933 this certified criminal recognized the communist state of Red Russia. In that day, the gradual  decline of this American republic declined into the dreadful police state in the hands of corporate network asian countries of which all hallow the ancient Esau-our Lord’s deadliest enemy.

         Definitely, the spiritual dynamics of Oriental fundamentalism’s network has encased themselves within the halls of congress. Money is obviously the god of a liberalized America, The above average in-office political prostitute is a mental pervert and will roll-over into a whip when ever is bribed to commit treason against our republic. Truman and Eisenhower betrayed America. INDEED !

hogorina1 topcommenter


America is being ambushed via a one-man dictatorship with contrary power, authority, over the Supreme Court. Allied with this infernal corrupt politically intoxicated set-up is presidential excutive authority. An ace in the two-party political gangsterism's shadow government cliche in guranteed by Artcle 6, Sec. 6 of the constitution on treaties. 
            Peradventure, with only several years existent, storm troopers will be policiing the streets throughout our national nation. The psycology of mob control is armed force and perfected brutality. The proof of this already exists. The Waco affair was a grave warning as SWAT teams, FEMA, state police and professional sharp shooters made war on innocent men, women and children. This our nation's first military geared holocaust as instituted through Janet Reno. Attorney 
General working hand-in-hand with the Clinton administration.
              Beforehand, three major departments of political confederation 
violated Texas state and federal constitutional mandated laws as set forth  under civil governice. The crime at Waco was one of the gravest criminal acts ever activated against a religious an innocent people and their God of choice. This crime originated through a pseudo religious functionary ruling congress. 
               In regrouping the state/religion connection is manifested via thought control being diverted the field of sports, alien wars, and the ever enlarging national tourist industry. Through this maze of planned sociological psychological warfare the public is subtly geared into accepting an ever incipient police state.
               Countermanding this uncontrolling Golan Monster out of eastern Europe and Asia is useless, because both iles of congress
has come down with  elephantisis. In bibical lore Samson brought down the godless philistines with  arows and stones. Goliath received one stone to the head. Napoleon took the world. Yet, three statuated violated federal agences illegally makes war illegally upon two hundred fifty million citizens in the name of a shadowed and invisible alien religious movement hovering in the heme sphere as wire-pulled by the Rothschild monetary influence with its geared trek towards a One World rule as a blood lineage back to ancient Esau, the Red, who God hates, and his contemporaries whom perpetually  intend to drag America into an international confederated state to be ruled by a satanically inspired race of professional criminals on a war on our
creator. America is at a pivital point at this moment !


hogorina1 topcommenter


Congress should hold a liar's reunion every year on the White House lawn. This is where Satan gathers teams of professional political whores, in order to keep this gang in collusion to plan robbery, plunder, murder, and a standard road to hell with their fellow travelers.

       This country, America, nation, was not sat up as a christian nation, but by men as proponents of Christianity. However, various people follow our God's rulings in various manners and fashions. Yes, Jewish influence was at the helm of leadership through the Rothschild banking industry. This monetary influence was tied directly to the Bank of England. An example of Jewish influence was through a Mr. Cohen, who lost one million dollars in backing George Washington.

           America was not sat up as a christian nation. In fact, the movement was of a revolutionary decree against mother England. Today, our country is an appendage and dependent of the British empire. Look at the Crimean affair, Soviet Russia has ties to this Ukrainian impediment as a  state appendage.

            We could talk for ever as to the awaiting fate of our republic and not realize the secluded Marxian orientated rebellion against the reverse of absolute capitalism into the hands of loan-sharking interest.Karl Marx was an economist and hated his Jewish background. He claimed that Jewish money lovers practiced self-hatred. This opinion has been around since the days of Christ. However, our republic has fallen down into the hands of universal monetary financial racketeers backing a future One World government.

             Astounding, but true, every president from Teddy Roosevelt until the present administration has supported international religious rustlers working along with the Rothschild banking industry and its worldwide network  as ruled by a satanic objection to any and all christian values that any any nation welcomed the influence of Jesus Christ.

hogorina1 topcommenter


Our nation, in the past, America, and symbolically, was in comparison to the ancient Egyptian pyramid, Giza, towering, and looked upon as a magnificent political structure ever conceived in the minds of mankind, as far as a contemporary civilization. This nation has been led astray by

alien ideals via a pseudo-democracy. Our republic now hangs by a thread. This system once

had a base that had rested on the four-corners of this globe. This symbolic structure of freedom and strength has been inverted with its apex driven straight into the hearts and souls of a once-free America. Politically, this nation is doomed !

This is the time that will try man's souls. Liberty, justice, and the national cohesion of our great state is in danger of being over run with the globes so-called proletarians. The lower climbing middle-class is washed up. Our upper-class is on the run for fear that our nation is being destabilized through an invisible society of global inclinations through a spiritually- minded group of evil-minded devils, that hates Western civilization; and our nation is going through a mirror of multiple problems, returning to a home base of scoundrels holding power over the people, of whom have become nihilistic in being programed to fall into line of a democratic social machine prevailing over all citizens high and low, that has lost all direction in loosing the police state grip, of which has throttled liberty and justice that no longer has a place in society, in order to retaliate against regementated globally trained professional revolutionaries under marxist economics and Ferdinand Lassale's intellectual ball-park communism. Thomas Paine warned of this in his CRISIS papers. Our state has withered away just as Marx proclaimed. Our State is full of Red cells in all national offices of any influence. A may be a little too late to rebel. God help America if we throw up our hands in the face of an ever expanding political system constructed upon open tyranny.

hogorina1 topcommenter

                                    FREE SPEECH IS A DAMNED LIE

The most outstanding and informed intellectuals within America are actually hog-tied, as to the suppression of free speech. This is the greatest crime against being perpetuated against our grand old republic. When and where will our nation recover from political gangsterism, that has complete control over both houses of congress. Our nation has been ambushed from within. It is only a matter of time, before innocent patriots will be rounded up and hauled off to ready-made army camps, to hold anti-communist officials via being rounded up by FEMA and SWAT gestapo squads, as trained agents, in servitude, as allied with the alien revolutionary forces now holding our national government at bay, as this post pro-political proletarian constructed machine of alien terrorism, has a stranglehold on the throat of a once free republic.

    Correspondingly, the gang in national office, the state  Dept., Pentagon, FBI, attorney general, federal reserve, treasury Dept. Council on Foreign Nations, supreme court, IRS, national news media, National Educational Educational Association, Department of Justice, presidential advisors, and collectively, all universities of  elevated education, and various fifty-state governments, are loaded with self and national nihilism, in falling in line, as being guilty in betraying this once designated United States. Actually, and collectively, we have the lap-dog manifestation of ambitious sycophants, of whom kneel-down as boot-lickers, in disregarding any honorable respect towards constituents, of whom were tricked by dirty bastards that fail to protect and guard the people’s rights as loyal citizens.

     Absolutely, our republic hangs by a thread. The global land-grabbers, elite invisible ruling machine, is using NATO in illegally invading alien helpless nations. As a team, the United Nations unifies America’s doom, in affiliation with armed force. This is to spread pseudo-democracy, of which now is a dictatorship holding America into political bondage. Both Bush administrations persued this course.

hogorina1 topcommenter

                                                        BARKING AT THE MOON


We have a mania spreading out through America tied to the craze in owning dogs. Searching back in the past to Vienna, Austria in the mid eighteen hundreds, one meets with the identical situation surrounding, the dangers of these animals, as being used for various personalities, for transitional implications of individual anti-social inadequacies. The Late Doctor Sigmund Freud and cohort, Carl Jung, along with Max Nordau, made lengthy studies of split personalities and their relationships with specific canines.

In the last several decades hundreds of dog fighting clubs were abundant i America. Psychiatrist long ago persisted that individual masochism was the actual reason for collective canine fighting. Masochism is discovered throughout humanoids as natural outlet for the release of pent up anti-social repressions. In itself, man instinctually harbored aggression as a survival weapon against weaker individuals, to obtain food and shelter. With contemporary existence, a concealed anti-social predisposition to literally satisfy mental instability, through torturing others, or the self, by civilized means, in a legal manner, masochism, self-hatred and getting artificial sexual highs

Considering the love for canines in normal family life is not categorised, as some what mentally suffering from a personality suppression complex syndrome. Self-abasement in being surrounded by one or several barking dogs gradually stamps out any noticeable impediment, distractions that might thwart opposing the subconscious release of hidden sexual inhibitions.

Considering the love for canines in normal family life is not categorised, as some what mentally suffering from a personality suppression complex syndrome. Self-abasement in being surrounded by one or several barking dogs gradually stamps out any noticeable impediment, distractions that might thwart opposing the subconscious release of hidden sexual intuitions, that are needed for an artificial high. This sudden release of forbidden sexual infatuation qualms a disturbed mind, reversed back into the real world, until masochism is to be daily released by Hollyweird sublimation flicks.

The dog-loving masochists cleaves to have several dogs and their racket for long periods at night, and By indirect satisfaction, to worry neighbors, that brings on self-torture of reverberating masochism. This self-indictment is a crucification through psychoneurotics.

hogorina1 topcommenter


Shamefully, man-made religions are open to so-called inquiry, as these many self-serving

saving machines, so often front for a national empire of wealth being tied directly to the IRS.

Here the innocent worshiper is lulled into a network, where souls are to be saved, as these flocks

of believers put forth money, and guaranteed a future in the heart in after, which is just as

solid as the Rock of Gibraltar sits. A spiritual being [ DEMON ] described as the Serpent, has

its coils over the globe. Its final resting place is right here in the midst of America. The tool of

this [ LUCIFER ] is to play to play the race card and to fermate racial disparity.

Do doubt about it, Racial misunderstandings is getting the best of, and all people, of whom have

been deceived by man-made religious functionaries from the ground up. America is a combination

of many individuals of multiple cultures. Imposters of eastern Europe. Floods of Asiatics formerly

sat up a system of a one-class imperialism, This took years before Russia was a state. This tribe

of people were formerly known as [ Mongols ],or Khazars, before the Russian state originated.

Without a question. this tribe aided in the Russian Revolution of nineteen seventeen. Being unhampered by western European countries, After several hundred years their secretive societies and subversive customs formed confederations between each state with political whores for hire.

Eventually, through their wealth being allied to all man-made religions of state being tied to each religious, that had previously prevailed nationally. Finally, through their globalized wealth and influence through control of America’s legal industry, especially the Supreme Court of The Disunited States of Amerika . The weapon of these Khazars is the infected National Bar Association.

This bar association actually appoints all Presidents. This final straw in breaking the back of Old Glory under the Bolsheviki sat up known as the United Nations Organization, with its tie in with

League of Nations. Two political tools in supporting the Khazar movement was the late Woodrow Wilson and Harry Solomon Truman. The very evil , collectively, within America is class antagonism

through racial motivation coming from Red cells spread throughout our fifty states. The pro commies in legal and educational facilities have taken the bait-liberalism today, mental and physical slavery tomorrow.

For those of whom are to be ensnared by the poppy-LOT of a metaphysical bipolarism of two

pseudo and corrupt political parties is latching onto a lie. There is no in between. These political

gangsters are in control in being aided through ministers in pulpits across America. If the truth was to be known, in all, thousands have come to America, as professional revolutionaries. Our nations, collectively, are being hunkered down through race baiting. This is a pro Marxist format under

the banner of universal communism.

Forthright. it will be wise for those to search their ancestry back to Noah. This man had three sons,

Ham, Japheth, and Shem. All mankind are descendants of this Divine ingenuity. Racial hatred is

a weapon of Satan, and is intended to enslave all mankind spiritually that dwell under the doctrine

of the Constitution. Apostle Paul said: Beware of the workers of iniquity, and those of wolves sheep in clothing; for they are devils in the flesh. [ DEMONS ].

hogorina1 topcommenter


WOW; A national syndicate of social engineering financial
racketeers have finally accomplished a natural and long depressed
disposition to drag the civilization of our Republic into the well lain
fangs of an international monetary octopus, slivering among pre-bought
political panhandlers,scheming behind an inbred psychologically
self-implanted nature, in concealing just what money is and its origin.

Theoretically, currency expressed through paper, silver or coupons,
credit cards or gold is worthless other than commercial use. However,
for thousands of years gold was the most precious in controlling various
nations and societies. In fact. the power of currency, as to fueling the
movement of goods and services world-wide is unique, in that world
nations can be controlled through financial marketeers, of whom
collaborate with the some what newly established International Monetary
Fund, in conniving various international exchange rates weekly,in
pricing gold, as professional swindlers, by being governed by several
financial agents, being subjected to agents of the Bank of England and
the U.S. Federal Reserve.

This vast one-eyed banksters cyclopean corporation oration keeps helpless
in prevailing poverty via the interest ( USURY ) form of unproductive leeches.These professional loan sharks, through cashiering productive
states, have erected the city/county mode of plunder, in order to loot and rob consciously,with an absolute artificial perception of
counterfeit FIAT species. America is being crucified upon a literal cross of fiat tissue paper. These certified barbarians of lusting on others labors holds
our nation in financial bondage. Of course, any state under the management system is cemented with organized dictatorial gangsters in robbery by taxation of personal property. With pen and pencil, fiat moneys and gold has no ties when a gun offers up another’s wealth through plunder through taxation.

Reiterating that fiat moneys have no precious metal value at all, and the
conclusion supposedly trusts American Primarily, the globe’s gold supply,
over all, rests in peace at Fort Knox, KN. Gold backs up the American
and British empire, in renting out their military deployment world
wide. All countries accept goods and services in trading with various
nations. Fiat moneys originated with our Congress and Britain’s
Parliament. Gold is being hoarded in both America and England via the
Rothschild banking networks. Together, both civilized nations have
turned to imperialism. Rothschild is a pseudo paternal name. For sure,
these collective revenue scavengers consider the above average
individual, not in the house of their blood-sucking covey. to be
nothing less that ( cattle ). In cahoots with these conscienceless
financiers ( usurers ), as all America is driven like one vast horde
of wild animals under stress, to pay through the interest system,
Organized usury.The banking system originated to control progressive
civilizations through specific self-serving sycophants, in the field of
political whoredom.
Still, we are unable to establish when gold took over the ancient
bartering nations of past millennials. But it is obvious ( FIAT ) moneys
must be backed up. IT IS ! because citizens own homes and other
property. Believe it or not, your fixed and fluid wealth is being stolen
through outrageous taxation. This ownership is stolen from criminal
taxation. It doesn’t take a robber to take property dishonestly, for tax
collections are running them out of business. Any nation not falling in
line with fiat currency is invaded and starved into submission.
America has become a sewer for the globe’s humanoidistic revolutionary
driftwood and from the pale of eastern Europe. The banking
intelligentsia brings up the rear, in formatting ethnic dissension, and
community solvency, through control of all and any press, or news
outlet. We might say that the gold owners are forerunners of universal
This ancient pseudo religious movement basis its
ineluctable determination to sit
up a so called ONE WORLD government. In essence, gold is only a means
to an end. Absolutely, money lenders correlate ethnic-metro tranquility, as
a network for financial entrenchment,in setting up the so-called city and
county manager system. Here citizens are merely mobs, ( CATTLE ), in the
hands of socializing specific areas of America, in furthering incipient
socialism, by bringing into poverty well established middle-class
productive elements via taxes, with inflationary funds to keep such
subservients, peons, gradually dragging any elevated class into a state that has
ties to international finance.

The unlawful to tax is the power to destroy a nation. Gleaning back
into the latter eighteen hundreds, we discover that the globe’s chief
banksters met in Vienna, Austria. Here these agents of universal finance
of global significance decided to bring Europe under the scope, in
buying up France, Germany, the Netherlands and colonial assets of the
British empire, in congealing the world’s gold supply.This gang brought
America under its wings in the latter eighteen hundreds. And today, over
taxed Americans have their heads in the ground, by supporting usury in a
mad rush to finally wind up in a future that heralds a home-made guillotine.
PS- Socialism is a bi-product used in the passive to appeal to blockheads of higher education, as a shield in showering Marxism’s intellectual schismatics.

hogorina1 topcommenter

                                    TO HELL AND BACK

This is a spiritual war between ancient Esau the ( Red ), and his twin brother Jacob. God named Jacob ( Israel ). This spiritual struggle was revealed in the Garden of Eden. The serpent, Lucifer, in agreement with Eve, that this earthly struggle would be between his, (Satan's’ ) seed line and Eve’s. Please notice that this motivational conversation via Adam and the serpent was not recorded!

     Shockingly, and little noticed, all presidents in the past, willingly or not, were compelled to lay their left hand upon the Old Testament, upon a specific prophetic nurture,  while holding their right hand into the air, when taking an oath. This actually gives a very subtle warning that Christ as the New Testament is of no avail. To day, since our republic is held aloft via a machine of global criminals, all pseudo man-made religions, primarily, are held in check with tax freebies from the IRS. Agents of Satan using individual greed has full control over a nation, America, through the art of diabetes in bringing a people down to the level many dumb, fat, stupid humanoids. The late dirty bastard, Ike Eisenhower, took that oath unto Satan and and gave his soul via murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent Christians of Berlin in 1945. Just as this hour, Eisenhower served the gods of Moloch and Baal, as these ancient gods now rule us in bringing into

the forefront ISIS. NATO is illegally involved in a global conquest under Zionist adventurism. How many

Christians will die under another Eisenhower. This whole gang in congress are unified souls.

          America has become a melting pot for pseudo religious movements, of Oriental fundamentalism’s in an attempt to destroy what's left of christian Western civilization. Our Republic is now in the hands and influence of Idumea. This nation is of the roots of ancient Esau, the Red, Red Russia, –Bolshevism, is locked with horns between Obama and Premier Putin. Putin is attempting to stay away from pseudo democracy, as being spread worldwide by the loans to Third- World nations through the International Monetary Fund. This machine is a tool of the United Nations Organization.

          So we learn that we are in a spiritual war, not materialist conception. War and political whoredom are methods to carry on ancient Esau’s determination to make war upon any nation or religious promulgation, that brings to light God’s worst enemy. God says: I loved Jacob, but I have hated Esau! In the last days God implies that this gang of satanic misgivings with be burned as a stubble!

God says that his seed line is of Shem, oldest son of Noah–He, God, knows His children, and no one cannot pluck them from his hands. The United Nations Organizations is an opponent of God. All is huff and bluff, when mud people, globalized financial gangsters, in the spirit of looting the world’s helpless populations, seek revelation from the depths of hell in order to grind down God’s people in carrying on a spirit of hatred, for taking a stand in order to drag the globe’s inarticulate herds down a global road of darkness, right into the arms of international socialism!

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                                                      FOX IN THE HEN HOUSE

Betwixt President Vladimir Putin’s Russian reformation towards an orthodox Christianity, in weighing the question, as to the west’s, and particularly our Disunited States of Amerika’s  disposition being  held at bay through drastic social obligations, and as to the influential  political alliances imposed upon our federal institution via the state of Israel, and its political

opportunist, Zionism. It appears that our elected republican senate will, as a God sent jump start, weigh in on native considerations as a major consideration. These two global giants has a problem in attempting to clear up political tragedies of official  prostitution between two global powers. Where will the White House of Moscow and the tragic affairs of America’s State Department, and collective congressional indifference, discover intelligent resources to unwind the state’s path towards universal socialism. Both world powers should grovel up upon the Crimean ordeal as possibly a twist of political dynamics

the song, “ As Time Goes by “  may be sublimated, as two giants are gerrymandered. Nothing is positive, as to whether the universal monetary gender have their future One World scheme, turning the screws on Russian and American Wall Street insiders, in supposedly, using Putin’s Crimean intentions as a primary act blocking WW111.

“ Little Red Riding Hood “ of earlier second-grade school day  pablum, is not is not food for thought, in unwinding a two-party political idealization, of pseudo/republican belly-wash,

based upon attacking the federal reserve, the treasury dept. state dept, Bank of England, euro reserves, and the International Monetary Fund, and the  State Department, and collective congressional indifference, to discover intelligent resources to unwind the state’s path towards universal socialism. This is well-organized confusion as the world banking aggregate compelling the private banking networks to fall in line with the federal reserve system. Recent. Bernanke of the federal reserve actually lied before congress, as to the debt and its adverse connections to the world banking industry. Our nation is being blinded

by political double speak, by Russian and American news media. Interest capitalism is at the end of its road, with no intelligent personality at the helm of state. This sorted machine of political gangsterism brings our republic's demise. Raw capitalism , original capital. passed its days long ago. Marxian economics has poisoned a nation, that now has evolved into a Gordian halfway-house, that Napoleon’s sword could not sever.

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to be cashiered

There are only two classes of societies within America-FIRST CLASS-NO 
CLASS. In between this herd instinct dwells peons running to and fro 
trying to make bread. The problem is we have only one cow for the feds 
to milk-four teats running dry, because political hay is being shipped 
to alien third world political bandits being forced into dictatorships 
running on empty tanks-. Apparently, all classes are on the skids 
towards Global depression. Political sycophants, middle class, should 
take the cow by the tail and to look the situation square into its 
face-take a look into mirror.

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We survive in a retooled school bus. I have eight children under the age of 14. My wife is an ex-pole dancer and bar fly.  She drifted off with a cab driver. I am

on medicaid for being too nervous to work. Medicaid keeps my outfit together. Dumpster diving at Wal-marts helps out with needed items. My favorite pastime is fish’n and drinking. We truly support our boys overseas, for we love America. Incidentally, my wife was expecting triplets, when she left me broken hearted.I am a certified democrat.

            My head shrink said that i am a mental cripple and that Watching commercials on telvision and Jerry Springer, my idol. elevates my culture. Viewing Mad Magazine turns me on. Shuffle-boarding gives me time to concentrate. I have four dogs, one hog, a pet roach and adore the international Red Cross for what it does for it's own gang. I am all the way with LBJ. I found that voting as a democrat qualified my family a free ride into future prosperity. 

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Hogorina, how dare you be so comprehensive and accurate in your responses !  What are you trying to do?  Placing an accurate focus on the basic values that have developed mankind to the current position of stagnated progress, by revealing a few persons who have been major de-railers along the train tracks, via their distorted value systems, and whose progeny continue their inhumane behaviors, might enlighten a few people.  However sadly, too few. 

Shenonymous, there is come accuracy in your synthesis of the two basic “schools” of hypotheses regarding the topic, “schizophrenia”.  Simply marvelous, how medicine has developed psychiatry into such a large industry that employs so many people.  With a few accidental successes, the drugs prescribed by this group reap billions in annual profits for the pharma industry.  While, the side-effects of the artificial, crude-oil extracts that are prescribed, provide a multitude of patients for their colleagues, who hold only the MD degree.  Whose prescriptions of artificial preparations perpetuates the income of the pharma industry – and its employees.  Then, there is the oncology industry, with its many thousands of employees around the world.  My statistics indicated that the failure rate for chemotherapy hovered around 92%.  However, a world-famous physician recently published the figure of 98%.  He also clarified that most of the victims do not die of cancer, but rather from organ failure generated by the poisons that oncology injects into the bodies of its victims, under the guise of “chemotherapy.”  Genuinely weird.  Nitrogen extracts of mustard gas, and other poisons, are supposed to cure cancer, which chemicals have been used for a hundred years or longer to kill people?  And the citizenry does not notice the disparity?

Just look at the profits generated by oncology, and the hundreds of thousands of corpses sent annually to the undertaking industry, increasing its business.  And, is it not wonderful, the pharma industry has isolated and extracted one element in a natural tree-bark that, it alleges might be useful in cancer treatment but which of course, “requires additional research,” and will not hit the market for several years.  Meanwhile, the native population has used tea from this bark to cure cancer and a host of other illnesses for a couple thousand years.  Is it not wonderful how psychiatry, allopathic medicine and the pharmacy industry provide so much employment around the world, while pursuing the habit of killing off its victim-patients under the guise of “medicine” ? 

NO.  Quite the opposite !
All are simply additional frauds of mankind heaped onto the pile clarified by Hogorina.

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    God has always been intolerant towards pseudo-
    religious philosophies, based upon man’s self-opinionated needs. Most people do not explain
    as to what deity being referred to in the singular.
    In most cases to believe is only allying with Satan and his gang; for even the devils believe. fear and tremble! From Gautama through Protestantism, one major religious empire thrown
    together with fear. Pull the money rug from be-
    neath and all crumble, into the ancient man-made
    temples of lust and gain.
    Naturally, the temple was destroyed in
    70 AD. Apparently, Something had gone wrong. God said that his personal temple would be destroyed and resurrected in 3 days. Ignorant and super ignorant, collectively, had been clinging to
    spiritual stagnation after returning from Babylon.
    America has become a modern day Babylon. Most
    likely God is rejecting America,as in the past, for his nation,and children, are now whoring

    In the final days ( 100-170 ) that total
    collapse of God’s church, which began at Antioch,
    lost all contact with his people; God withdrew his divine messages through prophets and Apostles.
    To even imply that God has no body, parts or passion, in implying that intolerance is
    not love, is to subtly spread open rebellion
    rebellion against anyone searching for truth.
    The glory of God is intelligence. God actually hates ignorance! One cannot be schooled
    while under the influence of spiritual pablum in the hands of hundreds of gods now flooding America. Look how Israel is treated today. The God
    of Israel is now at the mercies of pseudo oriental
    religious functionaries. Israel tries to practice
    tolerance, while intolerance is preached from every house top.
    Let me add: God is intolerant of every
    device of pseudo religious prostituion and its political power that feeds from the national
    treasury, Thank God for being intolerant.

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It happens every day, The military attempts to remake down and out pavement pounders, but fights a losing battle. This is a crime against humanoids. We discover individuals, many, that have given over to drugs. These unsettled and misunderstood souls never had a chance.This element originally hung on street corners, pool halls and etc., sleeping in dumpsters, at times, having been in prison and no friends. This life had been an avenue of ghetto existence.

However, a bright future is in sight, when the military is to be a way out for a bum to become something. It offers three meals per day, a place to sleep and a monthly check. With caps in hand, usually, these types of individuals pleads with a judge, or probationary officer, to swipe their record clean, for the military will now take them off the streets. Too, and the city gets rid of side-walk pounding ravagers.

Here, after settling down with multiple groups of men, friends are made. Yes, it is thought that new fair-weather pals brings on a some what elevated life. It is great to be accepted for an unknown out sider. What a life. There is a lot of drinking, friendly arguing, paling around and hand shaking, and usually playing up to some superior, as a certified sycophant. Wow, its’ a wonderful life. All of a sudden, after amounting to something, getting under the wings of Uncle Sam, a shallow world falls apart. The military gets smart. Out of no where,a psychiatrist holds a conference. This imposing misfit is presented with a section eight discharge, as unfit for military life. And now, this loner is back on the streets from whence he sprang.

From nothing to the top, its back to street corners and dumpsters. All of his former military buddies are left behind. No one, takes up time nor notices a distraught personality, who all of a sudden, became nothing again, no peers, no nothing, no free liquor nor cigarette bumming, and from the top back to the bottom. Here we blame judges, and probation officers, for palming off a misfits onto the taxpayers responsibilities.

The lesson to be taught here is that the military has indirectly contributed to men being discharged with mental disabilities, that should have never entered any service in the beginning. Once more, political whoredom has produced double-decker schizophrenics,returning home to roam the streets in America. And time marches on, the constructing of so-called half-way houses continues, in order to harbor hand-me-down paranoids. And the circus moves on. There is only one last try for such vagabonds, and that is to become a lawyer or a politician. As King Solomon surmised, “All is vanity”. It is best to stay away from those of whom seek unlikely pathways that eventually  leads to an ugly ending.

The military is a great experience for young men to build character. However, all rabble rousers should be avoided that prefer to bum the streets. One last hope is to become a used-car salesman or insurance peddler.

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A                                          AMERICA UNDER ALIEN OCCUPATION

” The ultimate goal today in the One World Luciferan Conspiracy Government Conspiracy is too take the weapons away from the citizens of the world so they will have no problem exterminating those who will not bow to their God. This is to be done by conditioning the gullible world into accepting the phony peace plan which is to set up the United Nations as policemen of the world. Under the plan, the United Nations would discipline any nation that would try to start a war, by threatening that nation with nuclear weapons, which the nations were to hand over to them.”

Information retrieved via translation by Sayyid Issa al Hah Mahdi–THE BOOK OF REVELATION 1991 A.D
Here we have the Occidental world and the Oriental empire attempting to break from the contemporary descendants of ancient Esau and his brethren, the Jebusites, of whom work as fellow demons to destroy Western and Eastern civilizations. Hogorina’s opinion. Man is allowed to worship any God of his choice. Staying within these bounds will all nations live together with peace on the earth! The ancient Edomites, ( Idumeans ), continue to make war upon the Israelite nation today.

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Yes, indeed, our public nationwide loves responsible and brave police officers, of whom serve well and are dedicated towards their duties as servants of the people. This is all good and well; however, commies in national government are making changes via internalizing an absolute ruling element, all forms of police brutality being enforced with clubs and beatings.

Apparently, people Across America are facing a growing dilemma of law enforcement,  as to various personalities entering the new gendarme enforcement industry. Like any profession, lunatics and neurotics of psychic instability as bad apples, will appear. This is nothing new in national police work. It just so seems that when FEMA and SWAT opened their doors as gestapo simpletons,  bullies began to wear badges--bastion of criminals.

Man’s brutality can be harnessed so much under civil laws. Yet, pinning a badge upon a psycho neurological disturbed personality is questionable. Further, having disordered minds behind a cam to literally rip off the public is nothing but legalized banditry. When some work of mechanical technology snatches money from homo sapiens with a flick of a switch, then it will be more worthy to return to the cave-man era, and to club thy neighbor as usual, rather than railroading him with an unseen beam. Why not put cash registers in all road-side speed traps, police cars, and save the labor of switching on a cam.

Naturally, civil jobs in police activities are unproductive and do not create any wealth. This, of course, applies to city and county managers who turn their heads, in pulling money into their coffers, Public servants that fit into the subject in question, including SWAT and FEMA, should seek membership into the national IWW–I won’t work union, or join the military.

But below and behold, the pentagon and its troops create no wealth. Many FEMA and SWAT cannot join the military due to low IQS. It takes an average of 76 for uncle am’s bread line. Goon squads, as police lackeys, are great with cams and billy clubs.

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The previous researcher seemed to be upset regarding religions and their so-called incomprehensible beliefs. Also disgustingly, the gentleman questioned in referring to America as a chunk of rock, and as to it’s political origin. Further, it is demonstrated as to the extent that a massive psychoneurosis has nesting grounds within America. The late Dr. Sigmund Freud, would have more than likely coined this mass hysteria of groping manifestations as masochistically inclination within the roots of personality suppression complex syndrome. Such humanoids are lacking in self-trust and lost in complete ignorance of the world around them. Indeed, we nurture an ever spreading situation. Actually, hundreds of honest thinking individuals are harboring this malady, of indifference in every day of life. Investigating the concreteness of what seems to be a puzzle, the truth, leaving out abstractions, as a front for acceptive ignorance, is a word for the wise. Long ago, Karl Marx, in one of his diatribes / critique on the theory of religion, as tied to his self-recognized materialistic inclinations, made it clear. No religion, meaning the religions of nations, would ever, presently, in the future, while visualizing over the treasure of gold in not assimilating with fellow beings. Historicity proclaims that Dr. Freud and Karl Marx were Talmudists. As to Lenin, this is unclear. in his materialists conception of history Marx sat religion aside. Nevertheless, Marx’s and Lenin’s anti-capitalism works viewed a futuristic pleasure for the world to revel in communism. Marx, definitely and subtly sheilded his desire for a universal religion.Momentarily, lets digress in professing that Dr. Freud was a Talmudist. ” Psychiatry In Transition “, by Judd Marmor,M.D. pub. 1974In essence, pg. 228 of Dr. Marmor’s vulume–is proclaimed that Dr. Freud had influenced followers into the field of psychodynamics as being in tune with Talmudic history. This may intensify that most likely Lenin, Freud, and Marx had a religion. For one particular global religious empire, Marx remarked that gold was a god, and such of whom believed this actually deemed the common toilet to be the representation of a worldly God, particular. Astounding, but true, Shakespeare, proclaimed, ” Oh truth, where is thy sting? First of all, the mentioned poster had little knowledge of the American religious empire. Too, that tax-free freebies are received from the Internal Revenue Service. We must remember that who ever dances to a tune, must please the band leader. Now with this information, the investigator of any religious affiliation with political whoredom, is to take off blinds that have been installed in earlier life! In exploring the Old Testament, many are deluded that two so-called classes of Israelites existed. This is contrary to intelligent research. Both cannot be true, for the scriptures make it clear that no one can serve two masters. Further, a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. And now the master key, to those of whom are rebelling today, just as thousands of years past, are openly moving into their most concealed tool, phallus worship. Scheming pseudo religious intellectuals, in absolute control of national news and television, are promoting sexual deviation via so-called free speech. Looking at various magazine publications, movies, talk shows, and intelligent news casters, and so-called Christians are led into the trap of phallus worship. One can see where this leads to. Some where amidst society, a scheme is at large to drag various personalities into a trap of inhibited thoughts, to be released through unsuspecting entertainment. This same sort of perversion was the cause of the Great Deluge in Noah’s day. Excessive exposure to the words, F…., P…, D…, are the opening doors to individual deprivation! This is the purposely aimed for the eventual decline of Western Civilization. So be it! Now the mentioned poster mentioned earth. Most likely, he proclaims to be an American, when questioned about his origins. Since America is only a chunk of rock, a geological position on the face of earth. No man is a rock by lineage. It would be wise for one to consider the three sons of Noah, on the ark. The so named poster traces his ancestry back to one of the three sons. And this is the problem with the Muslims and Israeli conflict. Both are first cousins back to Ismael, son of Jacob, who is Israel. It would be a good idea for anyone to turn off the juice box, television, and search the Old Testament in tracing out their identity. Phallus worshipers tried to kill the Patriarch, Abraham, some several thousand years past. This form of perversity came from ancient Sumeria or Damascus, going into Babylon, thus into Palestine, as finding a place in ancient Egypt. For sure, the truth is out there. But we discover it between a rock and a hard place. God never sat up a religion. All religions are man-made. We trace Protestantism back through Catholicism to Buddha / Gautama, with ancient muslin belief originating earlier through the universal kingdom known as Catholicism. Yes, a specific pseudo religious belief is a pro-future scheme, to socialize America with a mechanism held in place as a subterranean movement, in closing down free enterprise, in destabilizing herd intelligence, to evolve into a Third-World Banana Republic tied to universal Bolshevism. One should put their brain into gear before making any open observation. AMERICA IS ABSOLUTELY COMMIE CONTROLLED! And Communism is nothing more, nor less, than thought control!

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                                         ORIGIN OF MUD PEOPLE

                                FOXI ORGANIZATION

The John Birch Society was, and is now, an organization that neutralizes any member that condemns or spotlights the communist movement within the USA. Robert Welch was a retired candy maker. This political system was founded in honor of a deceased individual named  John Birch,  a missionary who was slain in China. Several decades past, one discovers that the Birchers had infiltrated numerous religious functionaries, churches, in denouncing  that the United Nations Organization was a front for radicalized communist agents. For the most part, this presumption appears to be true. Yet, with elevated religious fervor literally hundreds of thousands of honest souls would listen to two-hour tapes and would immediately joined up.Undoubtedly, twisted minds temporarily replaced their temporal God and listened to the Oracle, Robert Welch, founder of the Birch society. To disagree with any deceived member called for complete rationalization, in the name of their Lord. A new God had moved in. Most positive concerning the very roots of this so-called patriotic organization is its open hands inclusion of members of any religious outlet in America. Actually, it coincided with Billy Graham’s catchall theory, of converting lost souls, of whom happened to stumble into the spiritual providence of pseudo intellectual craftsmanship, fronting for a Divine theocracy. But Mr. Graham’s God was recognized as the one and only creator-all of this well and good.

But lo and behold, the birches were in complete opposition to Graham’s belief in a Supreme being, for in the ( The Blue Book ), the so-called bible of the ( John Birch Society ), pgs. 143 - 146,  Welch proclaims that mankind-washed forth from the ancient swamp lands, as slobs of muck and mire, of which and gradually evolved into apes-anthropoids. Here we are at loggerheads between Graham and Welch, in bringing simple-minded people into the twin nets of two ambitious souls, Graham and Welch, letting their imaginary screens of religion and anthropology wobble along the treacherous path of baiting innocent souls through national politics and the church/state connection. It is an actual truth that innocent souls have been excommunicated from churches for questioning the MUD theory.

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                           MUD SLAPPERS AGENTS OF BOLSHEVISM

Mud slappers flood America from the four corners of the earth. These peculiar people are born devils in the flesh. The late Dr. Sigmund Freud characterised such infidels as discontented subnormal personages laboring under an ingrained self-hatred of massive hysteria. Characteristically, this loose hoard of global  underlings made up the Red Army, of which invaded eastern Germany during WW11. Yes, out of the swamps of Asia, Joseph Stalin of Red Russia, collected degenerated infidels to destroy western christian civilization. At that time, this wave of socially and politically orientated mass of murderers were, so-called revolutionaries, composed the state of Communist philosophy. Bolshevism is based upon a massive tribal, nation of anti-social misgiving as correlated nomads. Contradictory to the brainwashing of pseudo religions,

a commie orientated news industry and congressional political rape, plus organized  brutality in the gestapo tactics of FEMA, SWAT and various states ATFs, pro mud-slinging is dumpster-diving adverse intelligence.

Undoubtedly, all  American citizenry are mentally chained and hammered down through an invisible shadow of pro-globalizing elite financiers have absolutely worked themselves into a corner of absolute galvanized wealth being anti-socially intoxicated in not recognizing an unseen hand of Satanic disposition ruling the near and far eastern nations with limited vision has joined collective political forces of evil and a gullible perception in supporting an alien doctrine that counters western civilization. The media has been duped with an idle perception that a future One World  rule will politically reconnoiter occidental orientalism through  allied  western religious industries into a web of a satanically inspired international global unity, geared to world domination. Most political idiotics refer to this mysterious sub-human of destructive renegades as One Worlders. From the late President Teddy Roosevelt unto our contemporary political existence. TREASON !

Without a doubt, both political parties as a master political tool Walk, talk, sleep, with the mother of all lies

in covering up the global machine of wealth, that pulls off dirty engineering through the IMF and the United Nations, while enslaving helpless Third World nations.  Collectively, such fools have been bribed, and the major majority saddle the same ass and ideal donkey, in willingly, or ignorance, into a mysterious syndicate of universal financial industrialists harboring a complicated reversal of an incident that had taken place several thousands of years in past history. Primarily, it has always been a One World scheme.

For sure, the global political centerfold has broadened its wing. The West is being confronted with Vladimir Putin of the Soviet Union. Countering this is NATO, On one side of this earth, particular America and England, have become offensively intimidated. The Crimean affair was proclaimed as being offensive by way of President Putin’s remarkable geopolitical instincts, in failing to fall in line with a well-planned third world war, of which was fore-planned by a remarkable ability of America’s invisible invaders, mud slappers , who worked their way into America in the eighteen hundreds--at Ellis Island we had the good, the bad, and the ugly. Remarkably, we the border affair with Mexico. Here we a class of drug-pushers controlling the the underworld drug industry in our country, America. This element can be controlled while the mud-people has infected our whole national political system. The question is why and how?

Evidently, we are in a massive turmoil in comprehending homeland security. Mainly, no child is safe on the streets of America. Yet we send drones and stinger rockets into asian countries, of which usually wind up in a specific countries enemy hands. All in all, the west will never solve asian and Near East religious philosophies--they are pleased with their own gods, In no way will any of these nations will accept a pseudo democracy, as witnessed within America. Basically, the political and social correlation between church and state is our countries major asset, rather than mud people destabilizing alien Third-World nations. America is in a wedge between who controls NATO and the United Nations Organizations. Obviously, it is that unseen and un-declared invisible financial operatives of whom murdered the truth in ancient days.

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                         Five Grades

One race of devils

one race of proud citizens

one race of parasites

one race of political bastards

one race of mud slappers

      It takes a dirty bastard to turn against his nation and

his family in allowing the United Nations Organization to

literally drag our republic into the claws of Lucifer.

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Our pseudo democratic national government went belly-up within

the last decade. Both houses of congress have fallen into alien states’ affairs, which are under professional dictatorships. Caught

between the jaws of a fiat currency and trillions in debt., and failing to weigh the scales of economic equilibrium, a Golan Monster  has  arisen from the depths of joint political iniquity. The state, the people, suffer from massive nihilism. Through political gangrene; in authority political gangsters, as a whole, labor under an invisible

oppressive ruling elite. Psychotics under an inlaid abnormal neurosis harbor guilt complexes.

                  Nothing is more observable than human nature, when one is caught in any difficult situation. Governmental officials now

suffer from the Personality Suppression Complex Syndrome. It is evident that professional politicians are more prone to divert attention from themselves by converting a known truth as a reversed lie. Under public pressure along with party oppression in maintaining outright lies, mass neurosis erupts into uncontrolled

anxiety. The late Dr. Sigmund Freud clarifies such mental disturbances as the “ The Personality  Complex syndrome.

                    Peradventure an implosion will come to light, when both houses of congress, the state Dept., federal reserve, and all political hanger-oners visit individual psychiatrists, for an oppressive inability to fix a problem that will allow one to think for themselves. Otherwise, America will still paddle down to a benevolent Marxian orientated river of no return. Approaching socialism is the aim of that notorious invisible ruling elite, that has decades in the past, brought on governmental oppressive rule, by way of suppressive thought, towards an enemy within  from speaking the truth.

hogorina1 topcommenter


children in danger

Politicians are a very clever in their research regarding mental
disturbances. Debating you would be foolish, because it is
impossible to change another mind; however, education opens up individual perception and conception, in every direction of newly discovered pathways, to merge in the future.

Bringing up Dr. Freud’s Oedipus syndrome, we must conclude that a specific and particular tribal psychoneurosis is being repressed, within the very depths of this man’s [ his [ known inhibitions, of which forces having a tribal related international hysteria.
This psychoanalyst in the early twenties toured America outwardly proclaiming that all citizens in this state
were paranoid. But then again, being suspicious of strangers is a class perception.

We know that Dr. Sigmund Freud, just as Dr. Albert Einstein and Theodore Hershel, so-called founder of Zionism, has been co-collaborators as contemporary partisans, while residing in Vienna during the early eighteen-hundreds. Several of Freud’s co-workers went their ways, because they realized that Oedipus complex
had rested upon sex. The late Dr. Ben Friedman declared
phallus worship covers thousands of years from the past. And began to research into Freud’s ancestry to discover
the nature as one being absolutely spell-bound by some sort emotional fixation being tied to individual erotic desires. In essence, this bright man [ Freud , was actually using specific by-words to cover his own religion.

Please allow me to reiterate that the National Psychiatric Association has gotten away from the tag of
schizophrenia as a catchall to cover specific mental disorders not understood. The late Dr. Judd Marmor in
his ” Psychiatry In Transition ” and the late Dr. Karl
Mennenger in his ” A Psychiatrist’s World ” will support the death of schizophrenic pandering.

Actually, the psychiatric world has dropped the word schizophrenic from its nomenclature on mental instability. Decades past, a radio personality, Major Bows, came on line with the words: ” Round and round she goes, and where she stops nobody knows.” Generally, this applies to our national citizens for sure, when anxiety steps forward before Congress, unannounced, in exploring the public utility of conquoring mother nature.

Yes, indeed, when an erotically inspired suppressed
individual takes a public stand in trying to shield repressed and socially unacceptable
uncontrolled inhibitions of personal proclivity to wander the psychoanalyitic path ” The Personality Suppression complex Syndrome.” When individuals use a
political front, audience, democrat/republican, this is a pure herd instinct, in seeking some pleasure principle.

Getting back to Major Bows; he was a spy, but the people could care less; for he too, said just what they wanted
to hear. nothing! This man was a walking contraceptive in
that he was inhibited with repressing untruths, self-induced masochism or the magnetic public venture of
spouting the greatness of contraceptive safety in attempting to shield suppressed erotic desires of bought into anxiety.

Further.Dr Freud’s social and political contraceptive
is sounding off through specific individuals, in
demanding that their next door neighbors, tax payers,
should pay for the good times ahead. Maybe tax payers do not want to abort mother nature in releasing pent up
erotic specifics, rather revealing a guilt complex in
keeping in harmony the daily routine of public exhibitionist demanding via touting. For anyone to lead their case for contraceptives actually opens a door to
an earlier childhood that might fall into the realm of Freud’s Oedipus syndrome. But this identification with at totler birth is lake a lead balloon that will never fly. We must conclude that pro-contraceptive advocates,
now fit into Fred’s perception of whom suffer from ” The Personality Suppression Gravitational Syndrome.” All in
all, individual guilt and erotic repressions use the mother nature block.

hogorina1 topcommenter


                                                                 Egyptian God
One nation, Originally the12 tribes of Israel. These people consisted of 600.000 that lived in Egypt for 400 years. One man was named Jacob. Jacob was re-named Israel by God. This is God's chosen seed lineage, blood line.
Taken as a whole, one can say tribe, Abraham
had 4 wives that peopled the whole earth. Abraham was the father of all nations. It is proper to call them a tribe, for it is the same un-polluted blood line that Christ was born.
         As stated, a tribe is one nation with the same blood lineage. Now, here is the catch. There were many gods within Egypt in those days. Egypt was a black country ruled by Pharoahs. These Pharoahs ruled under some manner of devine intervention, however they could not hold thre Melcheszedek Priesthood.
This is the same Priesthood that Christ held.
          Not only was there an Isis but an Osiris also. These were man-made gods sat up the state in order to rule the people. Under Moses
Gods rule prevailed. In America we have hundreds of man-made churches, or religions,
Herein are mixrures of various nations, tribal affialiations, of mixed lineages. God's chosen people are cross-breeding with various people from the eastern Europe. Here, in the Crimea and Russia we run across the Isis people combining a blood lineage composing a self-made tribe--one blood lineage, supposedly. But these people, as a whole, are composed of various nationalities with nlood lines crossing via mixing with our Lord's chosen tribes.
Take America for instance. Our country
is composed of 50 states but, these entities have various lineages. Putting  things togather, the tribe of ancient Israel, Jacob's seed line by intermrriage, have fallen in line with God's most hated people, the Idumeans.
The Idumeans have a corrupt blood line through Esau, Jacob's brother, mixing his blood with the Canaanite nations, and he, Esau, being rejected  by his tribal nation; the 12 tribes hated him and his polluted lineage.

Israel's 12 tribes is one nation and tribe through a pure blood lineage back through Abraham and to Shem, Noah's son. Isis is one of the hundreds of gods that came into existence several thousands of years past. Yes, Isis is a false tribal god, because blood pollution through people whom chose
 the invisible Isis in order to fight and inspire the near and middle east nations, tribes, to hate western civilization.

hogorina1 topcommenter

                                   WHEN GODS COLLIDE

Isis is an ancient Egyption God. It’s all over religions. The The isis tribe will never accept the west’s commercial god of pseudo democracy and its bill of goods, love thy neighbors. What a joke. The commercial trash is sent to foreign countries to feast upon. Cheating and swindling, and making war, is where the profits are. Isis says, go straight to hell you wall street parasites !

One hundred years after Christ and the apostles passed away, the ancient creed of the Egyptian god Isis slowly creeped into indo Europe.

This religious creed has become openly in attempting

to drive out Wall Street Parasites and the monetary owners of the federal reserve. And first of all, is to reach back into ancient years to openly attack any

and all cultural and economic ties to the state of Israel

established in 1948, of which a self-nominative Zionism. All third-world nations are up for grabs as investors rub their greedy paws to gather, awaiting to share blood monies on both sides of the earth. This

option is a lead balloon that will not fly !

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Isis is an ancient Egyption God. It's all over religions. The Isis tribe will

never accept the west's commercial god of pseudo democracy and its bill of goods, love thy neighbors. What a joke. The commercial trash is sent to foreign countries to feast upon. Cheating and swindling, and making war, is where the profits are. Isis says, go straight to hell you wall street parasites !

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It is imperative that level-headed individuals should reform psychically

( 1 ) Bastards are mother nature’s gift rather than a sign of liberalism

( 2 ) Democratic infrastructure is mob brilliance vs blockhead rule

( 3 ) Marxian economics is genuine mental gymnastics for laboring poor

(4 ) Corporations functions ideally as marks of individual ingenuity

( 5 ) America is bound with a Constitution and is absolutely infallible

( 6 ) Congress represents the people and is under a sworn oath

( 7 ) Not all politicians steal, take a bribe, violate oath of office

( 8 ) All human nuts and bolts are significant and should count as a vote

( 9 ) America should be reformed as a basket-case for incipient socialism

( 10 ) Politicians make mistakes by theft but none of us are real honest

( 11 ) When a political gangster takes an on his mother’s grave he is honest

( 12 America is not being invaded because people want freedom

( 13 ) Bastards controlling our country were bastards art birth and remain as such. A leopard cannot change its spots; but this class of political dumpster
divers can be trusted in a public outhouse, while not wearing a muzzle.

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Yes, indeed,  and the NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANIZATION  was initiated in 1945, basically through the then President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill of England. The ultimate plan to rule the world, when these two political gangsters made a deal with Satan's
war lords, took on credibility in 1941 off the coast of Canada. As of this  moment,  western christian civilization, as equated with basic freedoms, privilege and spiritual charity has lost a nation's political liability through high treason;  as NATO is geared to save the global wealth of which is now, and has been,  a correlated  nest of invisible swindlers operating through the federal Reserve and  the Bank of England. In order for The United States Federal Reserve to stay a float
as an alliance with universal banking moguls, the Rothschild family must
have a third world war. The whole threat to the banking system within America is that the reserve is privately owned. This hi-bred NATO hirelings have met their match in that Vladimir Putin has taken a stand
and has thrown a wrench into the side of absolute finance to enslave the American republic. Christ perpetually dressed down His and all man kind's enemy, as Satan's gang ruled and gold was their god. In order to cover that our nation has been over thrown, political charlatans have
created a full-blown police state.

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America is a fools paradise


Accept the fact. Ronald Reagan classed Russia as an evil empire. We have an opposition on this earth regarding the future destiny of our families being in political debt. and religiously forced to bed-down culturally with a race of devils in the flesh. The late President Franklin D. Roosevelt

allied with Red Russia in aiding England’s possible surrender to Germany. Today, Americans  labor under two long-gone operators, a pair of twin political gangsters. Reagan being tainted

with commie surroundings through the Screen Actors Guild while Roosevelt addressed Joseph Stalin as Uncle Joe. Harry Truman followed Stalin as a lost dog. All three of these mentioned

sycophants were privatized through universal Jewish and gentile financiers. FINALITY;

                  our republic presently, sits on its laurels, while in the hands of these rotten bastards, as a well coined race, devils, and sexually depraved,  without fear of legal or social retaliation, with open contempt for any and all civilizations on this globe where such mud-slappers wallow in muck and mire with agonized natural-born organized inhumanity is counter to western

civilization. This perpetually rolling forth machine of organic depletion is a grave threat against all global nations.

Nevertheless, this gang houses a self-induced desire to muzzle free speech, in concealing their well laid plan to serve an invisible master, that has led this [ evil ] spiritual nest of spirits to further enlarge their grasp of the minds of mankind, through importing and exporting a pseudo

democracy to further a desire of which will bring any civilization under thought control,

and of which has already bridled the national news media in their

houses of a self-induced desire to muzzle free speech, in concealing their well laid plan

to serve an unknown master, that has led this [ evil ] inspired spirit to further enlarge

their grasp of the minds of mankind, through importing and exporting a pseudo

democracy to further a desire of which will bring any civilization under thought control

and of which has already bridled the national news media in their

houses an self-induced desire to muzzle free speech, in concealing their well laid plan

to serve an unknown master, that has led this [ evil ] inspired spirit to further enlarge

to serve an unknown master, that has led this [ evil ] inspired spirit to further enlarge

their grasp of the minds of mankind, through importing and exporting a pseudo

Democracy to further a desire of which will bring any civilization under thought control

and of which has already bridled the national news media in their

houses an self-induced desire to muzzle free speech, in concealing their well laid plan

to serve an unknown master, that has led this [ evil ] inspired spirit to further enlarge

their grasp of the minds of mankind, through importing and exporting a pseudo

Democracy to further a desire of which will bring any civilization under thought control

and of which has already bridled the national news media in their grip !

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                   AMERICA HAS GONE BELLY UP

We have a tremendous gang on every site with

individuals sprouting as to what’s wrong with a nation of men, that have fallen into a state

of collective nihilism. Generally, some of these

rascals go for the religious way out. Many turn-

coats grab hold of sports. And for the most part,

heads are usually babbling over insignificant grab

all escape routes, through animal idolatry. All in all,

the female population has little manhood protection.

      Take a look at college female students that are snatched up and to be slaughtered at will, and little is said about it, other than a good drawing card for the

television industry. No one cares for the sorrow of

helpless parents. No college student or women are

safe on the streets America. No child can play in front

of their homes, because of perverts seem to enjoy

snatching up children in open rages to commit the most heinous crimes against some mother’s child.

         Ever since the commies have gotten control of

education in our national educational industry, it has brought hell on earth for school teachers and parents,

because responsible mankind are using football and soccer games as an escape from protecting their nation. We should hang all child snatchers !

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THE THREE POLITICAL MUSKETEERS With great pleasure in regards to this contemporary generation, one must not past muster respecting our deceased militants against Marxist Red cells well entrenched within the highest echelons of the State, a network of trained Soviet revolutionaries struggling for a future worker’s peasent’s collectivation, in the withering away of the state. So far, the struggled against incipient socialism under the guise of communism, in furthering Bolshevism, has developed a dictatorial political machine sprading nationwide. This organ, syetem, is infilterated with pro-Red totterings, liberals, are enemies of the state. Apparently, these sorted gangs, collectively, follow that path, unconsciously with selfless love, for political slavery, in furthering universal scientific socialism. The ever expanding amti-social system under the umbrella of the, ” CITY-COUNTY MANAGEMENT ” operation. Nevertheless, contemporary descendants of poliical gangsterism in years past are coming out of the wood work of all fifty states. we should remember at least three outstanding political deviatators , beneficiaries, of pro-Red totism, whom played a major influence in the apparent political design to wrestle our Western civilization into the occidental collectivists of eastern world nationalistic despotism. This new world reorganization is to be composed of what I.V. Lenin normalizes a universal Worker’s-Peasents regimentation of global revolutionaries being inspired with the economic theory of Dialectical Materialism. Karl Marx was V.I. Lenin’s alter ego through the latter eighteen hundreds in coordination with emigres and locals, in establishing Bolshevism In the latter years. Russia became Soviet Russia. All-in-all, Soviet is the invisible fly in the ointment, and no simile, holding a heavy-hand over the United Nations Organization. Implanted Red revolutionaries has coined our pseudo democracy into a Disunited States of America. Without further ado, we bring to light Harry Solomon Truman, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin. This trio so lawfully served masters from behind a cutain in creating in part to our nation’s self-destruct through working hand-in-glove through alien influences that now control our pseudo Democratic-Republican in functioning openly in the hands of the Federal Reserve via cooporate rule and Wall Street. Fredrick Engels, a London industrialists, was Karl Marx’s ideological companion, in laying out socialism in the Western hemisphere, was a master in wrecking the family relationship as an institution supporting a pure capitalistic system based upon individual entrepreneurship under a Constitution. Obviously, this is where our supposed once free capitalism rested its basis i sbeinf scaled down in truncating into an ever flowing sewer of Red revolutionaries now nesting in all levels of national governmt-specifically Wall Street.The family institution, of elite social standing has been railoaded into liberalism’s circle to hold to their wealth. The weak-minded middle class liberals have degenerated into mid-stream political postitution. Naturally, this anti-social perception aided in swallowing up political inneptness, while deciding what buoy of politcal option, left or right, in trying to maintain an idle existence to survive a well-planned global depression. Since 1945 to the present era the State Department had been laboring in alliance with a Red tinged Stock exchange and treasury Dept. to further the political, social, and culture perspectives of universal socialism, while being blinded by the politically misled into social engineering renegades, of whom have reordered America into a well planned police state. America has a Third Rail social movement built in Congress. This artificial system of communist emancipation allies its self with Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg, Va. address. The Communist Manifesto is home-made aside this politician’s rambling speech to hoards of inarticulate beings inability to comprehend man’s rightful life through Divine intervention. No government on earth has ever given a nation of mankind any rights. Governments give privileges. Under implanted Eastern world ideological fundamentalism, Asian despots use the iron law of rule through open fear. As before mentioned, we must remember that Truman, Churchill and Stalin’s theory of one-world rule through a global machine held in place by the so-called people’s- worker’s rule is just a myth, evolving from the depths of Jewish-gentile financial interests under ancient Esau’s diabolical scheme to influence the driving force hrough masters of deception now well ingrained into both political parties of invisability. has created two divided nations of which at this very moment Congress is serving two masters. One is of Beezlebub and his family of devils and the other international Bolshevism. We can think the three musketeers of past political prostitution of which has it’s fangs right into our national throat of a two-party leadership in the hands of oriental occidentalism with the aid of the Soviet Union.Originally, America’s decline into the net of post socialism had a jump-start bginning with The Late woodrow Wilson-Franklin Rosevelt-Harry Solomon Truman, Winston Churchill and Joseph stalin, This republic’s gradual decline into a one-party rule is cancer-like expansion through the World Bank-The International Monetary fund- Federal Reserve-Wall Street-collectivised coorporate potinates-The State Dept-The national Lawyer’s guild-The council of Foeign Relations; None of these mentioned structures are free from alien spies and some sort of counterfeit operation that will eventually destruct a once free nation in furling old glory and the pall-bearing of our Declaration of Independence. Thomas Paine in collaboration with George Washington spouted: when mankind perpetually declare that have absolutel freedom, then mental slavery is in full measure. God help our commie inspired country ! Our First choice is to bow down to the God of Israel. Show less

hogorina from United States

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T                           HE HAMMERHEAD WATCH HEAD COMMITTEE
                               HE NERD MACHINE ON ORGANIZED CRIME
                                   OPEN WARNING TO PRESIDENT PUTIN
Mr. President: Basically, mankind are more prone to plunder surrounding neighbors, the Crimean, so-to speak, heavy-handedly  backed by the Bourgeois instinct to destabilize inarticulate mob political disorientation harboring a class disposition to plunder the weaker, in one great land grab via military rape with the use of tanks and stinger rockets.
No question about it,  The Kremlin has reconnoitered its approach towards Western civilization in assuming the that America has degenerated- political gravitated into a Third World Banana Republic.
                          Our global foundling in this Disunited United States of
Americka has chosen an option to get its chestnuts out of a nest of Middle Eastern confederated states, ( nations  ), of oriental, Asian confederated of princes, monarchs and caliphates. On two sides of this earth two  worlds are being unflinchingly lulled into a universal machine of pseudo democracy. This is absolutely a machine of Satanic impetuosity in alliance with the hundreds of man-made religious syndicates being bribed by the internal revenue service.
Honesty is the best policy. 
      Please accept this humble warning that  liberal-thinking  universal Red-baiting
proletarians have invaded our national government  to get their hands on public funds to control all fifty states. Actually, the Crimean situation is a blind while NATO follows
the ever incipient spread of international Bolshevism ushering in the fallacy of a forth
coming of a Third WW. In the wake of this political masquerade 
dictatorial movement towering above our two-party an organized Mafia. Indeed, 
wherever the CITY/ COUNTY management system takes over, then woe unto the deceived taxpayers of whom are bled by utilitarian options, that are compelled to be ruled over by a loathing class of professional sycophants. 

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In considering the question as to phallus worship and so-called Jews; we must take into consideration just who assume to be Jewish and those that are counterfeit Jews. There are several sects involved here. 

It is incorrect to condemn a class of people because of the actions of a select margin of diverts, from an original state of ancient existence. It is much more easily to pose a question, rather than to answer one. I have little formal education; but truth is not always garnished from controlled higher education. We educate our selves in observing others holding various opinions. One picture is worth tens of books. 

We hatch up what our souls feed upon,lies begat lies, and truth stings to the heart. Putting things together we discover an unknown world. Once this strange vision is opened up no one can take it from who ever discovered this mystery . I have my own world and i go in there in order to get away from the mass stupidity of the various mobs that make up our national community. Would you, reader,  want to still have your answer as to phallus worshipers?

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SUPREME COURT SATAN’S HANG OUT. Naturally, all presidents are sworn in by the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, while pressing down their left hands upon the Old Testament. A specific passage of one specific prophet reads beneath the palm, in taking an oath in swearing before God. Conclusion is that the New Testament is completely ignored. If this is true, then what God is being referred to, as there are numbers of {gods} referenced to in the Old Testament. There are many {gods} and numerous religions today. Looking at this political procedure in rescuing the highest position of state brings out attentiveness back to the late Presidential Eisenhower’s Era. During WW11, this sycophant was in Berlin Germany. Jehovah Witnesses had been interned in Germanic with-holding camps during the conflict. It is well known that these individuals were given special treatment and free run in prison camps. General Eisenhower parents were Jehovah’s Witnesses. It is not known that Ike was a witness or not, but remember, known prison camp witnesses have said very little of these confinement camps. And here is the riddle: Why do ignorant clergymen in Protestant and Catholic residency still attach themselves to the cross. The Pauline Gospel is locked in between modern day Babylonian religious pied piper’s totem pole, in the mystery of iniquity. The truth will make one free with the truth. First one must compel

self-study of God’s doctrine honestly, rather than ravishing through books in the commercial industries.

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                           POLITICS- LANGUAGE- CULTURE

Figuratively speaking the Eastern world, specifically Russia,will never slip  into a linguistic trap of universal financial engagement via the world international finance, in order to push any political philosophy that will go against the nation's religion of Greek Orthodoxism. I

The late Priest Rasputin, under the  Czar, saw that  heads would roll. Vladimir Putin is blocking  heads instead, in sustaining orthodox Christianity as culture.  Political gangsters within  the NATO combination has failed to unite bribed nations to completely  cripple  Russian influence and culture, to be extinguished for global conquest! Liberal prostitution to mother nature is freakiest and will eventually step in and reverse  Babylonian inspired American political prostitution of  Left wingers to  reverse in righting a  magnificent wrong to be launched against helpless Third World nations.  Nimrod was the first imperialists. Congressional handlers have become a political cyclops for global expansion. Hopefully, mother nature will eventually step in to turn Babylonian inspired American political gangsterism to square a magnificent wrong without drones and stinger rockets  concerning the Crimean affair, where land grabbing should  be extinguished for world  conquest, in the interest of quelling Western world imperialism and Russian provincialism is the new order global rejuvenation

Contrary to the Crimean conflict one must examine America’s gradual decline as a super government with global military and monetary influence. This nations declination has been well planned for years beforehand. Through the infiltration of alien language and and culture our original republic has been politically decimated and doomed. It is no coincidence nor miscarriage of honest rule that has caused our way of life ro roll over become a dust of past dead civilizations. The vast majority of imported revolutionaries have brought tue Americans down to a minority. Mob rule is the master key used to whip dumbed-down Americans in line. Communism is plundering America. In 1917 American Optimist clubs began to spread to European nations.  After 1917 Our American Optimist Clubs traveled across Western Europe in spreading ESPERADO as a future One World language. Today, our English language has about ten per cent Spanish. Esperado is a bastardised corruption of the Spanish language that was established 300 B.C. In LATIN each letter has a number that equals 666.  A blind hog can see an acorn in the dark.

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                           SUPREME COURT SANHEDRIN         

The original beginning point for the so named Gulag, that most people

are caught in, is because well informed citizens have no comprehension

of Article 6, Sec, 6 of the Constitution. Clearly, this section makes it

plain that all fifty states are nothing less than provinces of mother

England’s indirect rule under treaty obligations. The Rothschild’s

worked behind the scenes with specific founding fathers, in planting the

Treaty clause, with both Tories and Whigs. The overthrow of our

Republic was well thought of in advance. International financiers wire

pulled this deal off after the Constitution was ratified, and the treaty

weapon was inserted. We can scream Gulag as we please, but a global

religious war is the third rail that political ****** avoid, Adding to

this insult, was creating a nine justice membership to the Supreme

Court. In essence, one plant like Kagan can break a tie, and compel

three hundred million Americans what to do. Communism is thought

control. Gulags are adjuncts of pseudo political ******. One never bites

the hand that feeds them. Bread from a two-party feeding trough is

better than plowing some field through sweat and brawn, while using a

mule’s behind as a compass. Shakespeare and Machiavelli were never

proclaimed patriots. Both pseudo political whoring parties and their

being controlled by a national syndicate of prospective social

engineering have be -damned America, to the point of no return. The mass

media is in alliance with traitors within the highest echelons of

national government. The only real Gulag is the invisible rule through a

Congress that has no gall to break with the approaching collectivism,

of an ever encroaching national nihilism, that has been subconsciously

ingrained via alien invasion, through higher education. We have may

horses in waiting, but not one Patrick Henry to spread an alarm, nor

Thomas Paine to openly pulpit the rights and duties of the elected, to

proclaim freedom for America, and to hell with any Oriental perceptions

that manage to spread openly amongst a people of whom are blinded by

political traps, to lead men back into mental slavery–THOUGHT CONTROL


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                        YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED
America is now headed into a planned global depression–no recession. Office holding and appointed political whores kneel down to international 
banksters, and a network of organized investors of criminal back grounds. This allied gang rob and plunder every nation, East and West, are that falling under their global plundering, by way of establishing pseudo democracies, with the aid of the International Monetary Fund. This is an anti West satanically inspired operation, infesting the upper most echelons of our national government. This has increased state and federal criminality. Financial greediness runs through out fifty states, as the opted plants known as the City and County Management system. Human robots blindly follow instructions blatantly and, ignorantly, in making time, for a future pension, and to hell with society. Citizens run to and fro, robbed of their property illegally through over taxation and dodging federal auditing.
Astounding, America has been transformed into a commie run nationwide metropolitan sewer. This outlet is partly composed of imported thugs that swamp our shores from Eastern Europe via entering our country through the border crossing from Mexico. In essence, America is under a well-planned invasion of Marxianized revolutionaries. Innocent and duped Americans are being sold a bill of goods, that appeal to mobs of ignorant citizens, that are in gross ignorance as to the County/state management dictatorship.
 Most of this incipient scheme in dismantling our republican/democratic system has infected all of the professions in the field of practical medicine and psychiatry. Mob
control is the chief weapon of the City/County connivance through humanitarianism
and pseudo religious functionaries, as tax free institutions preach communism from Red-infected pulpits across the country. Indeed, the national news media is in the hands of liberalism. Mind benders in the publishing field of every state intellectually railroad the upper classes with the scare of enemies from abroad, as a ruse in allowing pulp mills to subtly railroad organized herds, (reds ), consisting of the ignorant and the super ignorant, being led with the progressive mob like mentality. And the pulp mills and commie fed religions doom America. The bitter truth is that our people have been mentally hijacked and socially unfit, as a whole, to arrest and regain privilegesand liberties already lost. scheme in dismantling our republican/democratic system has infected all religious functionaries, as tax free institutions preach communism from Red-infected pulpits across the country. Indeed, the national news media  ln the hands of liberalism. Mind benders in the publishing field of every state intellectually railroad the upper classes with the scare of enemies from abroad, as a ruse in allowing pulp mills to subtly railroad organized herds, (reds ), consisting of the ignorant and the super ignorant, being led with the progressive mob like mentality. And the pulp mills and commie fed religions doom America. The bitter truth is that our people have been mentally hijacked and socially unfit, as a whole, to arrest and retain liberties already lost. 

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                           STRANGE E-MAIL TO HOGORINA

Methinks that the mastermind behind Patton’s assassination was the work of Eisenhower, not Truman. There was no love lost between Patton and MacArthhur, Of course, Truman didn’t rate MacArthur too highly, either.
Truman had asked Eisenhower to run for president as a Democrat. Eisenhower then ran as a Republican. Truman felt betrayed. Their animosity boiled over at Eisenhower’s Presidential inauguration, when Eisenhower refused to get out of the car to meet Truman, and Truman refused to come out and meet Eisenhower.
Eisenhower knew that Patton knew too much about his continual pandering to the British. Patton’s hands were repeatedly tied by Supreme Command while Montgomery received support at the 7th Army’s and 3rd Armiy’s expense.
Patton also knew that the war could have been brought to an earlier conclusion, had it not been for Ike’s pandering caused by his political ambitions. Of course, Patton readily recognized that the conclusion of WWll was simply setting the stage for our conflicts with the Russians.
Eisenhower needed Patton taken out.

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These people have suffered in trying to warn the world before and after

WW 11, William Joyce, school teacher in London. Jokingly, his London commie

sympathizers labeled Joyce as Lord Ha Ha. Even though Joyce was not of

British citizenship, he was tried and hanged as such. Mr. joyce was a

united States citizen. Britain lost all of its colonies. She has been,

London, is now being flooded with the trash from four corners of the globe.

Mr. Joyce did not die in vain.

General George Mosely, citizen, lived in London. This man warned Londoners

day after day, the dangers of Bolshevism. He comprehended the brutish

nature of this eastern world anti-social movement, like a slow cancer, that

had moved into a land not known as Russia then. This happened around 200

A.D.—- out of Asia, roaming nomads settled between the Caspian and Black

seas. As Mosley warned, not only England, but America, was in his time,

Mosley’s, then ruled with alien visionaries spreading universal socialism.

Mr. Mosley expired peacefully, but not in vain. Socialism in America took

root from the ground up at the turn of the 18th century. This anti-social

incipient communism’s adapters bedded down within the eastern end of New

York , York’s ghetto community.

Less we forget Ezra pound, this poetical visionary had been our

contemporary world’s most outstanding poet. It had taken him 40 years

to compose his ” Cantos ” No, he did not die in vain .Mr. Pound was an

American citizen. His propaganda was via radio during WW11. He

broadcasted from Italy. Like others, he warned of international financial

engineers bringing on a useless war, that was in nature, an an

advancement arm instigated war for industrial expansion . His premise was

that war was a racket. Pound new that Bolshevism was the very root to

entrench the United states and England within the global spread of

international Bolshevism. He did not die in vain. In 1945 Pound was put

away via the St. Elizabeth’s mental institution in Washington, D.C.

Pro-commie Roosevelt would not give Pound a court hearing. Pound,urged a

trial for treason.A well known lawyer by the name of Klein of Jewish

Extraction, took pound’s case and lain out the fundamentals of basic

communism’s it had taken root in New York, City. Klein was hounded to death

by hundreds of red-cell societies nationwide.

This information accuses our national administration as being

allied with an invisible government of worldwide proportions, and

glove-in-hand with a machine of political prostitution being engaged to bring

down our western society, America, right into the arms of a world order

based upon an ancient political philosophy known as a confederated pseudo

democracy based upon political anarchy.

hogorina1 topcommenter



We survive in retooled school bus. I have eight children under

the age of 14. My wife is an ex-pole dancer. She ran off with a fireman.

I am on medicaid for being too nervous to work. Medicaid keeps my

family together. Dumpster diving at Walmarts helps out with needed

items. My favorite pastime is fishing and drinking. We truly support our

boys overseas, for we love America. Incidentally, my wife was expecting

triplets when she left me with a broken heart. I am a certified

democrat. I opposed political oppression and wound up voting for the

late LBJ, my alter ego. After stacking ballot boxes for Johnson, in

taking names from tomb stones, it seemed more logical to get in on the

going gravy train while it lasts. To march for bread is much better than

slinging hamburgers at some McDonald’s hangout. God bless America!

hogorina1 topcommenter



Quite a post on how not to become a lunatic. One uppermost

consideration in sustaining a normal disposition is to stay away from

lawyers, and any atmospheric condition that smells of these legal body

snatchers. Collectively, this profession is a mental disorder housed

within the bodies of the living dead. Their prolonged disposition is to

attach individual desires, in procreating, transposing, nature into a

look-a-like, corpses, hustling along with valises, filled with torts

that guarantee outright robbery of helpless souls. Socrates, ( 382 BC ),

denounced these vipers, as plagues of society and idle vampires.

The late, Clarence Darrow, internationally known criminal trial lawyer,

noted: Never trust a lawyer! The most upper thought of these body

snatchers is to never give a sucker an even break, nor a chump another


One must inquire as to the relationship of demons,  and this shabby class

of professional liars have in common with national organized crime.

While supposedly protecting  clients in, general too, health departments  

should monitor these symbolically dilapidated souls ,as the walking dead.     

An old maxim, ‘ the dead know nothing’, is contrary to reasonable

attention. A soul dead in heart and consciousness is a walking zombie.

Observe many of these creatures slurking from bar to bar thirsting for

alcohol. The above average lawyer, and eventually to become judges, are

known as a quart-a-day shysters. The only contribution to the living is

to literally suck the blood from the ignorant and super ignorant and the


It is pertinent that level-headed citizens be forewarned of this

legalized iniquity out of hell, thrust upon any civilization. Some years

past, a celluloid flick was on the market, ‘ The Walking Dead’. It was

well known that no lawyers would be hired as stand ins. NO STIFFS.

The producers wanted people acting as they were dead, not actually

deceased individuals, of whom were spiritually dead already. Stick to


mother nature’s eloquent advice, as to a healthy life via dodging

scoundrels in pinstriped suits. Most congressmen are Ambulance


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That Christ was of Jewish lineage

That Christ laughed

That Christ kissed people

That  Christ hugged people

That  Christ did not hate

That Christ  smiled

That Christ did not come on earth for a specific nation

That Christ never spoke anger against anyone

That Christ never said a single good word for his enemies

That all Churches are authorised to spread the gospel

That all religious organizations are of any divine ordination

That Christ was crucified by the Roman officials

That Christ was not tried for treason

That mass whoredom was the leading cause of idolatry through the old testament

That two Jewish Rabbis aided Martin Luther in writing the Old Testament

That there are more than a number of churches within America sat up by Satan

That there are only two churches; and one by Satan and one by Christ

That the pseudo democratic party is ruled by demons

That the pseudo republican party consists of certified sycophants

That a global machine of political hyenas in cahoots with demons have Satan for a God

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Why should we let the dead legislate to the living. Three political gangsters in 1945 sat up The North Atlantic Treaty Organization--Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin, and Winston Churchill. Of course, 
this brought in other nations of Europe. Small-fry Third World nations
are a combination of banana republics. Opposite red-neck liberals shaded via Marxian intellectual mind juggling grab hold of the  Constitution as a first resort in opposition when the NATO gang moves towards global imperialism, as Vladimir Putin has stalled such intentions by moving into the Crimea. Israel hates Netanyahu as an anti-social gangster. This mad-man is glorying in the Gaza strip affair, in that his scheme for a third WW is in line with NATO illegally interferes with specific Middle Eastern states. Somewhere within this twisted situation
Unified pall bearers will be needed on both sides and the dead will remain without a voice against war crimes being committed against innocent nations.

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WE have  a race of devils ruling America. Their descendants  reach back before the Great deluge, ( the flood ), in Noah's day. That people was separated from God' s  people Their modern contemporary descendants are known as Edomites. King David was  warned of then, when  he was the  the first king to rule over Israel in Palestine Their original home was in Asia. they were ran out of Asia into the Black sea area. Today. they call themselves Zionist. These global roamers claim to be an ethnic and linguistic class of people, which is incorrect. Their hatred of Christ reaches to absolute insanity. It is a major question as to their seed line had anything as pertaining to Adam and Eve. These people control the treasury, and the federal reserve. Their intention is world rule. As of global plunderers, this ungodly gang wants to have another WW. Yes, they want to wipe out our Lord's chosen seed line. We are fighting an uphill battle with Beelzebub and his family of devils, Our Lord addresses these mongols as as swine and dogs. Their chief weapon in fighting Christians is obscene sex and child molestation.

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One wonders how, if the National Education Association is so 
uber-competent that they can secretly run the entire country while 
appearing to be a bunch of teachers and petty bureaucrats without anyone 
but +Bertharina Rina noticing, they’re so bad at, y’know, educating 
children. Maybe they’re too busy secretly running the country and erasing 
all the evidence! (Yeah, right.) 

We must back up for just a moment. Foundations pay little taxes. To 
hold this position requires that such tax-free institutions must show some 
physical input in supporting social engineering. Tax-free charities are in 
collusion as another avenue . In short, a collective cult of liberal gang 
raping through pseudo democracy/ republican shed of the capitalistic 
interest robbery system under the pretense of supporting national 
government. As Marx and Engels purposed that the family must be destroyed 
is clearly recognized through thought control now rearing its head in 
nationwide education. 

Factually, pick up any college curriculum on economics and social 
studies we will discover a concealed field of sublimated intellectuality 
that leads back through any social engineering right into socialists social 
engineering. The late Mary and Charles Beard, historians, claimed that no 
one in national government knows why this country is always involved in 
foreign wars and political devised obscene treaties.. 

Getting back to foundations and charitable institutions: one is used to 
control of both parties subtly mislead stupid elected officials, of an 
underground assembly of universal Jewish and gentile banksters, for a total 
globalists invisible pseudo-religious scheme, in order to drag America into 
a third WW, in furthering the state of Israel as the center of a universal 
commercial exchange. Presently, our communist orientated government has run 
into a road block: people are waking up! 

Without a doubt, the foundation machine is in collusion with the 
Council on Foreign Relations and the National Lawyers Guild. Our national 
legal machinery of lawyers has an option through the president to pick 
party speculators for the Supreme Court. Most of all, the State Department 
is a major watering hole for spies and tied to areas of all foundations. 
The national commie machine is well greased with their subversive cells all 
through national l government. only a damned uninformed fool would cater to 
either Red controlled cell that lurks amongst the highest realm of national 

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                                            POLITICS AND RELIGION

King David had two  wives, and the lord parted this association. His son, king Solomon, had many wives, names on political documents declaring 
that specific foreign nations were  in alliance with specific states of Israel.
          Lets take a look at his wife, when she comes forth in support of her husband. Both essentially back each other on  what they claim to be the
truth about former relations with the LDS church. Christ never unconsciously made use of body language, in order to assure his unconscious aggression against mankind's evil associations, in dealing with fellow beings. Looking into another's eyes and noticing body language
gives much evidence against two individuals that are apostates from what they formally accepted to be our Lord's word to his earthly children.
           Primarily, we well understand that the field of psycho analysis  had
originated with  with Dr. Sigmund Freud,  in his historical study of a 
a skeletonized  study, of ancient human reactions towards one another.
             It is readily recognized that both man and wife, as a team, uses religion as a front for releasing past political and social obligations, that
had been legally suppressed and collectively repressed. This contemporary social engineering proclaims mob control under our so-called pseudo democracy. These two spokesmen, humanoids, are in line
with Freud's tools of dealing with humans. But, we must realize that Freud was a disciple of Satan. Too, that Dr. Karl Jung broke from Freud because 
Freud had a personal fixation sexual deviation. Basically, sexual proclivities is the seat of all activities of which mankind grapples with.
              In reference to the two speaking individuals is discovered a ridiculous misunderstanding, in the art of bamboozling the stupid, ignorant, and super ignorant.  All in all, Christ sat up no religion. All religious movements were sat up by mankind with the least divine intervention.
Our western world is spiritually based upon Catholicism, Protestantism,
and Judaism. Why not attacking them. The speakers in question are self-
promoters. The late Socrates proclaims, " Know thy self ".
                 In conclusion: these two masters of whim-some intellect suffer
from the Personality Suppression Gravitational syndrome. These souls
have created a conjunction leading to a heartless end of tiresome toil,
in attempting to disarray mother nature via following passions rather than 
the law, that holds all souls in line with  divine intuition.