Valentine's Day (or Friend Date) Special: 10 Great Dishes For Two

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Cape Cod clam bake at Extra Fancy
When your dinner party sees a bigger dish variety and a smaller tab, it's hard to argue against shared plates (sorry, solo dish devotees). And while you'll have to be on board with your dining partner's food tastes, these medium-format offerings carry perks -- especially romantic ones. The one-dish-two-fork alternative might alleviate menu decision time (leaving more minutes for that vital first date banter), and the math associated with going Dutch is easier. Plus -- has Lady and the Tramp taught us anything? For Valentine's Day (or not), here are 10 great dishes built for two.

Jake Lindeman
Rabbit at Glasserie

10. Rabbit, Glasserie, 95 Commercial Street, Brooklyn, 718-389-0640
At this Greenpoint glass factory-turned-restaurant, chef Sara Kramer uses a medley of preparations to maximize the entire three-pound rabbit ($72) required for this double serving. Paprika-fueled marinade gears loins for grilling, legs are crisped in a duck fat and turmeric root confit, and a spice-packed stew salvages bellies and trimmings.

Crispy whole snapper at CATCH

9. Crispy Whole Snapper, CATCH, 21 Ninth Avenue, 212-392-5978
Pre-clubbing crowds congregate for Top Chef alum fare at this bi-level Meatpacking destination, where a clamorous open kitchen only adds to space's vibrant energy. A blatant reminder of the restaurant's seafood focus is unveiled in the show-stopping crispy whole snapper ($76), which is covered in chili and garlic before being deep fried and accompanied by a slew of peppers and oyster mushrooms.

Porterhouse at Commerce

8. Porterhouse, Commerce, 50 Commerce Street, 212-524-2301
The menu at this modern American restaurant is about as expansive as its history (the space once housed a prohibition-era speakeasy and beloved Grange Hall), with a focus on French technique-driven sizable portions. A T-bone equally divides a lofty porterhouse ($62 per person) into "his" and "hers" portions, while solo servings of creamed spinach and a red wine shallot steak sauce might require more of a fight.

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