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For this week's review, Hannah Palmer Egan heads to Piora (430 Hudson Street, 212-960-3801), the Hudson Street restaurant from Chris Cipollone and Simon Kim that's rooted in Italian fare and injected with Korean influence. "[Cipollone's] food is elemental and comforting, but don't call it comfort food -- if Piora serves mindfully sourced, seasonal dishes, it's not chasing trends," Egan writes. "The restaurant claims some Korean heritage (part of a new wave of culinary mashups -- infusing rather than fusing cuisines), but Italian cookery is the base note. Simon Kim's Far East floats through in fleeting whispers..."

Photographer Bradley Hawks shot a number of Piora's dishes; take a look at his photos, then read Egan's full review to understand exactly how that culinary mashup plays out on the plate.





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