Cochon 555 Pigs Out in New Pork City (PHOTOS)

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All photos by Hannah Palmer Egan
The Meat Hook's Sara Bigelow set up shop at the head of the room and broke down a whole pig by herself, barely breaking a sweat. How long did this take? Just about an hour.
SUNDAY FUNDAY: Last night, hundreds of guests converged upon the Battery Park Ritz Carlton for a the New York edition of Cochon 555, an annual touring event focused on bringing heritage pig to the masses. And despite the cold, the masses came out en force to gorge themselves on pig and vine.

It was a veritable porcine feeding frenzy, albeit a delicious one, and on the menu were pigs aplenty (several breeds of hog, including Mulefoot, Old Spot, Large Black, and Red Wattle were represented), but there were also duck products from Hudson Valley Fois Gras and cheeses from Beecher's.

On the boozy side, Goose Island, Breckenridge Distillery, Four Roses Bourbon and many, many others, kept the sauce coming.

Take a gander at this visual feast, which recaps the highlights of the event.

Nice racks at Seamus Mullen's station. Mullen was also serving up some bangin' pork sausage with truffled lentils.

Crispy belly from Market Table. And a bit of shredded kale greenage on the side because why not?

The Prosciutto di Parma guys were shaving the ham, and doing it with the widest smiles in the room...

...Although the Perla crowd gave them a run for the title...

Next up, fun with ducks, swine, and more swine!

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