Warm up With Hot Cocktails at Loreley (or Make Them at Home)

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German Christmas Market
While the holiday season has come and gone, the bitter cold, it seems, is here to stay. To stave off the chilly nights and the inevitable sniffles that will accompany this wacky weather, there's nothing better than a boozy tea-like dram to sooth your throat and mind.

One of the best places in the city to head to for these spiced cocktails is German beer garden, Loreley (7 Rivington Street, 212-253-7077), on the Lower East Side. There, patrons can find restorative German mulled wines and a riff on the flu-antidote hot toddy.

Try the Glühwein, a mulled red wine made with cloves, cinnamon, brandy, and sugar. "All the German vendors sell it at Christmas markets," Loreley General Manager Doug Jacobson says -- and it's now the bar's number one winter tipple seller. The biergarten also tries out the white wine equivalent, Heisser Seehund -- literally translated as "hot seal" -- simmered with lemon, raisins and almonds. For the American hot toddy, Jacobson and the bar crew decided to incorporate Barenjäger Honey Liqueur and Jägermeister Spice to update the classic with a German twist. The Barenjäger Honey Liqueur is so good, Jacobson notes, that "some people just want a shot of that."

Here we've provided a few recipes to either inspire you to go out and brave the cold, or enjoy a few spicy libations couch-side.

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