Five Features of a Great Break-Up Restaurant

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Margaritas and dark lighting means it's break up time
I dropped my list of the 10 best restaurants for break-ups in NYC earlier this week, and on Tuesday, I dished out a few tips for finding a break-up restaurant on The Ride Home with Pat Kiernan.

Breaking up is never easy, and finding the right venue for the occasion is important. Here's what I considered when I formed my list.

1. The restaurant should be crowded

Though you may have an inclination to find a quiet hole-in-the-wall where only the waiter can hear your conversation, don't give in to the impulse. A busy restaurant means there's a lot going on, lots of background noise to fill the air, and a strong chance your server will be checking up on you less frequently. Plus, public blow-ups are embarrassing for everyone, so with more people around, the more likely it is the person getting dumped will swallow the rage-filled shouting match. And martinis only get thrown in people's faces in movies, right?

2. The restaurant should require a flashlight or candle to read the menu

Sometimes there's just no stopping the floodgates from opening, sending forth a river of salty tears. Seek shelter in a place where no one can see you, and look for a dim spot that's not depressing.

3. The restaurant should have no emotional importance to you

Choosing a place that you visit frequently to drop the phrase "I don't love you anymore" is a bad call. In fact, any restaurant you've ever been to with your partner should probably be crossed off the list immediately -- too much potential for wistful nostalgia.

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