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Laura Shunk
Oda House's khachapuri
As we count the days to Choice Eats -- now just a week away -- we're unveiling some of the dishes we'll be eating at the fete. We gave you a preview of a dozen tastes last week, and now we're dishing up a dozen more.

Oda House, 76 Avenue B, 212-353-3838
This East Village Georgian restaurant will serve khachapuri, a traditional Georgian cheese bread; prasis pkhali, which combines boiled leeks with chopped walnuts, herbs, Georgian spices, and pomegranate seeds; badrijani nigvzit (baked eggplant rolls); lobio, a pinto bean stew; chakhokhbili, a chicken stew; and pelamushi, a Georgian dessert.

Spicy Bampa, 6920 18th Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-236-8088
Line up for Spicy Bampa's dan dan noodles, and be sure to sample the tea smoked turkey, too.

Fonda, 434 Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-369-3144
Fonda will bring one of our favorite dishes to the table, the cochinita pibil: Yucatan-style, achiote-marinated, slow-baked pork shoulder with oregano and pickled onions.

Tabata Noodle Restaurant, multiple locations
One of our perennial favorites for ramen, Tabata plans to serve dark ramen, a black sesame paste noodle soup with spicy ground pork.

Martha, 184 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn
Chef Andres Valbuena will showcase his unique take on Asian cuisine via Berkshire pork ribs with ginger glaze over jasmine rice.

Telepan Local, 329 Greenwich Street, 212-966-9255
Bill Telepan's newest venture will trot out broccoli rabe with white anchovies, egg yolk purée, and Parmesan.

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