$1 Oysters and Vegan Cookies: Dishes We're Digging This Week

Desnuda via Facebook
Another week, another round-up of dishes we think you should go eat right now. Set out for some $1 oysters, a killer stracciatella, or a shockingly good vegan cookie.

Sacchetti Al Peperoncino, La Nonna, 184 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-302-1100
Chef Cono Morena is known for putting together an Italian menu you won't find at your typical red sauce joint, and one incredibly tasty example is the sacchetti. A tightly packed pocket of pasta bursts with spicy ground sausage, Calabrian chili, and pancetta, and a tequila pink cream sauce brings the ala vodka taste just south of the border. It's hearty enough to serve as an entire meal -- especially if you've saved some bread for dipping. Just be sure you have a beer or glass of wine handy to wash down each bite. -- Billy Lyons

Oysters at Desnuda, multiple locations
While you can get a well-shucked oyster at a number of places in this city, Desnuda offers a particularly compelling reason to find a seat at its bar: On Sundays and Mondays, the shellfish are buck each all day. Pair your briny dozens to a spicy michelada -- the version here is the best in the city. -- Laura Shunk

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