$1 Oysters and Vegan Cookies: Dishes We're Digging This Week

Sun in Bloom via Facebook
Stracciatella at Roberta's, 261 Moore Street, Brooklyn, 718-417-1118
We're not sure how we overlooked this simple house made cheese over many treks to Roberta's, but we've seen the error of our ways, and we'll never order another pie here without accompanying it with the stracciatella. Stretchy yet creamy, it arrives speckled with pepper and sided with a hunk of grilled bread. This is comfort food at its finest. -- Laura Shunk

Whitefish sandwich at Barney Greengrass, 541 Amsterdam Avenue, 212-724-4707
If you've been to Barney Greengrass even once, you probably have a regular order -- and you probably make it without even glancing at your menu. If you feel like branching out -- or you need a little guidance -- try our favorite, the whitefish sandwich, wherein a fat mound of the fish salad is scooped onto an everything bagel and topped with a couple of thin slices of tomato. Breakfast of champions, that. -- Laura Shunk

Chocolate chip cookie sandwiches from Sun in Bloom, 460 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, 718-622-4303
This Prospect Heights cafe attracts the health-conscious thanks to its raft of gluten-free vegan options (many of which are also raw). We like the salads for detox, but it's the pastries that really impress us (we love us some plant matter, but when it comes to baking, we have a hard time getting behind butter substitutions). The chocolate chip cookie sandwich was our favorite in a recent sampling: Chewy cookies came glued together with a sweet substance we would have sworn was buttercream. -- Laura Shunk

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