Eat Cheaply: Fried Chicken, Bánh Tét, and Pasta

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It can be extraordinarily expensive to eat out in this town, yet most of us head to a restaurant (or online to Seamless) for every meal. Save a few pennies with this week's round-up of cheap eats, which includes Korean fried chicken, a cheap plate of pasta, and a Vietnamese delicacy.

Tasty Dumpling, 42 Mulberry Street, 212-349-0070
You can get a veritable feast at this Chinatown takeout counter for a measly five bucks, and you'd be well advised to do so -- a better Beijing-style (read: crescent-shaped, scalloped at the edge) dumpling you'll rarely find. Get them fried (excellent) or boiled (very good) and stuffed with pork and scallion, cabbage, or mushrooms and chicken. Prices hover around $1 for five dumplings, and for variety's sake, throw in a scallion pancake to round out the meal. Bonus points if you see Law and Order filming nearby, since it's a stone's throw from the courts. -- Hannah Palmer Egan

Mad for Chicken/Turntable, 314 Fifth Avenue, 212-714-9700
Six fried chicken drums and wings are enough to fill a hungry person, and you can find such a combo -- imbued with hot pepper or slicked in soy-garlic sauce -- for just shy of ten bucks at this Koreatown fried poultry lair. But the deals get better when you dine with a group. Twenty pieces of bird will run you $22.95; split between four, you should each have enough cash left over for a beer. -- Laura Shunk

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