Eye Candy From Lachlan, This Week's Reviewed Restaurant

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All photos by Bradley Hawks
Hannah Palmer Egan heads to Lachlan (312 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn, 347-889-7002) for this week's review, checking in on the concept that replaced Graham Avenue's critical darling Gwynnett St. after owner Carl McCoy's arrest on drug charges last fall sent his kitchen packing. "He returned in January, flanked by chef Alexis Krisel (formerly of Allswell)," Egan writes. "They rechristened the kingdom Lachlan, and Krisel leads the charge with a sharp new menu. Gone is Gwynnett's acclaimed $120 tasting option, replaced with smart pub finery that's nuanced and affordable."

Photographer Bradley Hawks captures some of Krisel's new fare here; check out his photos then read the rest of Egan's review.





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312 Graham Ave., Brooklyn, NY

Category: Restaurant

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