How to Make Sarge's Deli's Blintzes

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Caryn Ganeles
Two weeks ago, we broke the news about the return of Sarge's Deli (548 Third Avenue, 212-679-0442), the Murray Hill neighborhood favorite deli-diner that nearly burned down in a fire in November 2012.

This week, we hung out in the kitchen with Sarge's owner Andrew Wengrover, general manager David DePrima, and former manager Lenny Katz, the son of Sarge's original owner Abe Katz. They showed us how they make our favorite Sarge's dish, the classic cheese blintz.

Sarge's blintzes start with the shell. Leonard Katz the recipe comes from his great-grandmother. "The key in those days was how thin you could make the shell. The thinner the better." The batter is a simple milk, flour, and water mixture.

Caryn Ganeles

Once the pan is steaming hot, the cook pours the batter in and swishes it around the edges so the shell takes form of the pan.

Caryn Ganeles

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Sarge's New York Delicatessen

548 Third Ave., New York, NY

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Jordan Tishler
Jordan Tishler

Does anyone else think that the Village Voice ought to be able to write English?

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Aron Brondo

yum.... potcheese, cream cheese, and ricotta mixx

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