The Five Best Things We Ate This Week

Zachary Feldman
As you ponder your weekend dining plans, consider these dishes, a round-up of the very best things the Fork in the Road team ate this week. Our list includes a honey-topped pizza, a 70 cent bakery treat, and a snack ideal for fueling up for a long night of drinking.

Sponge cakes from New Kam Hing bakery, 119 Baxter Street, 212-925-0425
For over 30 years, this miniscule coffee shop -- really more of an indoor kiosk -- has served some of Chinatown's best sweet treats. You won't find egg custard tarts or crullers here. It's the unassuming sponge cake that reigns supreme. Occasionally flavored with chocolate or cinnamon, it's the green tea cake, with its mossy green interior and near cotton candy-like fluffiness, that has made us loyal customers. The coffee's nothing special, but at 70 cents per cake, you can stock up and pair them with your favorite artisanal brand. -- Zachary Feldman

Hellboy at Paulie Gee's, 60 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, 347-987-3747
Honey has become one of our favorite pizza toppings, and that's especially true here, where the sweet syrup has a kick of palate-tickling heat. This pie comes topped with mozz, tomatoes, and slices of spicy sopressata plus a drizzle of Mike's Hot Honey, which adds a nectar balance to all that salt. We like to pair this pizza to one of the restaurant's cold tap beers. -- Laura Shunk

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Paulie Gee's

60 Greenpoint Ave., Brooklyn, NY

Category: Restaurant


John F. Kennedy International Airport, Terminal 5, Jamaica, NY

Category: Restaurant

One Mile House

10 Delancey St., New York, NY

Category: Restaurant

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