Our Five Best Cheap Eats in NYC This Week

Pinch your pennies this week by feasting on pho, Portuguese sandwiches, and huevos rotos at a new bakery. Not a single dish on this list will cost you more than $10.

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Parm, 248 Mulberry Street, 212-993-7189
The Major Food Group has built a veritable Italian kingdom with Torrisi, Carbone, and ZZ's Clams, and you'll have to part with a few clams yourself if you'd like to partake. But there is a way to experience this quintessential New York restaurant group for less than $10, and that's at Parm. The sandwich shop still serves a variety of sandwiches for $9 (so long as you order your chicken or meatball parm on a roll), and they make a reasonable lunch. Come dinner, you'll likely be tempted to fill out your order with appetizers, salads, and potatoes. -- Laura Shunk

Omelet at La Toulousaine, 942 Amsterdam Avenue, 212-866-2253
These aren't the best omelets you've ever had, but the folded beauties at this Manhattanville bakery are a pleasing combination of dense and fluffy. What makes them all the more worthwhile, though, is their price: $7.75. In a town where lesser breakfasts cost considerably more, these eggy dishes -- with tony fillings like zucchini and goat cheese -- are all the more special. Add a few slices of the airy house baguette and you're in business. -- Zachary Feldman

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248 Mulberry St., New York, NY

Category: Restaurant

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