Ogle This Cocktail Porn From Three MCC Events

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All photos by Adam Robb
Last night at Angel's Share, Manubu Ohtake of Tokyo's Palace Hotel Royal Bar spoke of how Japanese bartenders place a premium on offering quiet comfort over entertainment. Be that as it may, the crowds at this weekend's Manhattan Cocktail Classic have grown clamorous for Japanese spirits since Thursday night, when Hidetsugu Ueno, owner of Tokyo's High Five Bar, started hand-carving 24-sided ice cubes at a sneak preview of Suntory import Hibiki's premium whiskies.

That same enthusiasm for eastern flavor was apparent Saturday night on Hudson Street, where RedFarm owner Ed Schoenfeld's newly opened Decoy welcomed diners downstairs to a five-course pairing of Midnight Classic Cocktails & Peking Duck.

Check out these photos from the three MCC events.






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