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All photos: Hannah Palmer Egan
Tacos! From the Taco Truck

Last week, food returned to the High Line for the fourth season; we moseyed over for a leisurely look, and found many familiar bites: frozen paletas from Fany Gerson's La Newyorkina, ice pops from People's pops, brisket and pickles from Delaney Barbecue, and Mexican fare from The Taco Truck. "We want New Yorkers to know they can always come back for their favorite things," said Melina Shannon Dipietro, Friends of the High Line's food director, and with excellent choices like the ones available, why change?

But there are new wonders to behold. At Terroir, located a few steps down on the porch near 15th Street, draft lines mean crisp poured pints; at Delaney's Smoke Line, have your meat three ways: on a bun, in a bowl, or over salad. At Taco Truck, look for quesadillas and new types of tacos, and for the frozen snacks, find an ever-changing array as fruits rotate in and out of season. "We asked our vendors how they could source sustainably," Dipietro said, encouraging vendors to deal locally as much as possible. So Francesco Realmuto, at L'Arte del Gelato now sources milk from around here instead of Wisconsin, and High Line chefs are increasingly foraging the greenmarket instead of ordering from large purveyors.

"We wanted to make sure the food added something -- improved -- the High Line experience," Dipietro said. And, lucky for all of us, fantastic food carts have a way of doing just that.

Check out these photos of this season's eats.

At Terroir, drink from a New York centric wine and beer selection; dry, Gotham project Riesling from the Finger Lakes pairs beautifully with berry and/or lemon freezes from L'Arte del Gelato...

...Or, for a savory snack, crispy fried lamb sausage, pungent and flecked with fennel...

...Or a hearty meatball sub.

Melt Bakery's red velvet/cream cheese ice cream sandwiches were a favorite last year; the vendor will also be debuting new choices all season long.

Crisp black bean quesadillas at the Taco Truck

Delaney Barbecue's Smoke Line is back with chopped brisket, pulled, pork, and smoked chicken, with a variety of pickeled condiments; get your meat in a bowl, on a sandwich, or over greens.

Josh Beckerman, AKA "The Foodie Magician," has himself a Newyorkina paleta, courtesy Fany Gerson and company

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