Five Restaurants That Opened In NYC This Week

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Meat Hook Sandwich Shop, 495 Lorimer Street, Brooklyn, 718-302-4665

Meat Hook's Tom Mylan has opened the long-awaited Meat Hook Sandwich Shop. A recent enticing tweet: "Have you ever had hash browns on a roast beef sandwich? We didn't think so. Let's Party."

The Black Ant, 60 Second Avenue, 212-598-0300

The Ofrenda Team brings us The Black Ant, a contemporary Mexican restaurant now open in the East Village. Chef Mario Hernandez is offering a menu that includes blood clams, grilled cactus pad, braised rabbit, and more. Expect to see a lot of mescal- and tequila-based cocktails on the drink menu, which was created by partner Jorge Guzman. During the summer, the garden will be open for dining.

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